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Sometimes I write up some tips or hints. I've collected some here for your amusement.

Here are some hints

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Your friend got Cloned

So, you're cruising Facebook and you notice a Friend Request from someone you know. You may think "Oh. She restored her account". Maybe some other reason why she's asking (again) to be your friend. The initial impulse is to hit "OK".

That may not be a good idea. Your "New" friend then starts telling you about all the great work at home things she's found ($10,000/day). They may also send you links that lead to malicious websites that could install malware of other bad things. Something's fishy. Most people say "She got hacked". Nope. She got Cloned. How did this happen?

First of all, "Hacking" refers to someone coming in and taking your credentials. Like a burglar breaking into your house. 99.999% of "Hacking" is you giving away your credentials. More like leaving your garage door open and saying someone robbed you.

Cloning, however, is also the result of carelessness. Here's how it works.

I go cruising along looking for people who leave everything in the open. For instance, on my Buy/Sell/Trade group, I get 30-40 requests/day to join. It's a local group and I try to make sure the people aren't spammers from Nigeria. When I click on their profile, I usually see all their friends, all their photos and all their information.

If I want to clone them, I simply create a NEW Facebook account with their name. Whereas my account may be "JohnKelly", this will be "JohnKelly1". Then I download their profile picture, cover photo and information for my cloned account. I send friend requests to all their friends. If I'm accepted, I have a new friend to Spam.

How do you prevent this? Simple. First, make your Friends List available to "Friends Only". Navigate to your Timeline and click the link to your friends list. Next, click the ‘Edit’ icon located on the far right below your cover photo. Finally, click the ‘Edit Privacy’ option and set the Friend List option to “Only Me.”

To change the audience of photos, go to your profile and click Photos. You can change who sees each album. Except! Photos in Profile Pictures, Cover Photos, Mobile Uploads and Timeline Photos have to be changed with each photo. Open an album. Then click the photo to open it. You can then change who sees it. What a pain if you have a million photos there.

To check out how well you're hidden, you can see what others (not friends) see. Go to your page (click your name) then choose View As. You'll see your profile as a stranger sees it. Anything you don't want the world to see, disable it.

One final note. You also need to look at all those fun apps you might run. For instance, one app tells you who your wacky friends are. Silly, but I see it all the time. To let that app randomly pull three or four friends, the victim allows that app to access all their friends, all their photos, your email! and lots of other "Private" things. Running this app opens you wide up for abuse.

Be careful. It's a jungle out there.