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Sometimes I write up some tips or hints. I've collected some here for your amusement.

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Using Evernote to save Facebook Info

OK, here's a great way to save your recipes (or whatever) online. The site's called Evernote. You make notes of anything, including, perhaps, Facebook recipes.

Now get this. Evernote is NOT a "Cookbook" program. You can't use it to make shopping lists, change serving sizes, store nutrition or all those goodies Cookbook programs do.

However, it's great at saving notes and messages. I use it for everything from shoe sizes to computer info to jokes. It's also where I keep genealogical notes.

I use it for everything from my home network information to how much mulch I bought last year. There are a couple of neat features. My notes are stored in the Cloud (on Evernote's servers). Therefore I can access them from my PC, my phone (via an app), my laptop or anything else where I can Log In to Evernote.com. Also, since they're stored there, they're instantly synced. If I add a note at 10 am on my PC, I can see it at 10:01 with my phone.

Evernote has a cool tool that adds to your browser. It lets you clip text/pics from any web page and stash that clipped stuff directly to a note. That's where the recipe stuff comes in. So, if you want to try it out, here's what you do.

Create an account on Evernote.com. If you let me refer you, I'll get points. Just Click Here.

Fill in your name, user name and password. Obviously, you use your own email and pick your own Username.

Evernote will email you a confirmation code. Either click the link or enter the code in the email. Your account is now available.

You can, at this point, continue just using Evernote on the web. However, to get the most out of it, you'll want it on your PC. Go ahead and download/install the Evernote app. 

Now, on the download screen, you can go ahead with the install. You'll also see an option to get the Web Clipper.

This is important. It'll add a tool to your web browser that will let you highlight text/pictures on a web page and send this directly to a note. Go ahead and install the Add-On. I use Firefox so that's the add-on being installed. Whichever browser you use, the appropriate add-on should show up. After you install the add-on, you may have to shutdown and restart your web browser. All these downloads should have opened in new windows. You can close them to get back to your Evernote window or just close everything and log in to Evernote. However you do it, you should get to the main Evernote Screen.

Now, let's add a Notebook just for Recipes. In the top left, click the dropdown arrow under Notebooks and click New Notebook. Name the new notebook Recipes (or Christmas Recipes or whatever).

Good. Now we have Evernote and it has a notebook for Recipes.

It's time to start capturing. Go to Facebook and find a recipe you want. Expand the recipe so you see all the text and use your mouse to highlight (drag the cursor) the entire recipe including the photo(s). Like this:

Now, this may be tricky. For this one, I had to start at the bottom and highlight what fit on the screen. Then I scrolled up, held the shift key and clicked higher. The shift key "adds" to what I've highlighted. Eventually, I got to the top, Shift Click and the whole thing was highlighted.

Now, let's get it into Evernote. When you installed the Add-On, you got a new Tools option:

Use it. Add your selected text/photo to Evernote. If you're not logged in, you will be prompted to do so. You'll see and Evernote Window asking for some info.

You can just save As Is and edit later, or you can do what I did and change the first line to the recipe name and choose which notebook (Recipes) to put it in. Then hit the button for Clip Selection. To see your recipe, go to Evernote and with log in or reload your page. Under Recipes you should now see a (1). Click it and there's your recipe.

That's it. You've added it. OK,it took some time because you're just starting. However, the next recipe will be a breeze. Once you have the recipe in Evernote, you can Edit/Send/Trash or Print using the buttons on top of the recipe.

That's not all. Install Evernote on your phone and you can pull up your recipes while you're in the grocery store or at a friend's house. Evernote can be used for any type of note at all. Add a List for grandkids' birthdays, vet records, goat sacrifices, whatever you want.