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Sometimes I write up some tips or hints. I've collected some here for your amusement.

Here are some hints

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Sharing Google Calendars

If you use Google Calendar for your busy schedule, you may already know that the same calendar can also be used on your phone. That's really great. You can also share your calendar with your family. If you enter an appointment like a doctor visit your spouse can instantly (kinda) see that on his or her phone. Very handy.

To enter a new calendar, you go to Google Calendar on your PC. On the left side you should see some options. If you don't, click the thing in the top left with all the bars. One of the options is "Add a Friend's Calendar". Click it.

When you click that, you'll have more choices.

  • New calendar - lets you create one from scratch
  • Browser calendars of interest - you can look at the public calendars out there (kinda fun)
  • From URL - From a web address. This is the one you want
  • Import - Not this time
Choose "From URL". The calendar you're adding has a web address. Whoever is sharing it with you has given you this address. It'll be a long address. Paste (or type) this address in the URL box and choose to Add Calendar.

That, as they say, is it. Your friend's calendar should appear along with your own if you have an Android (Android uses Google Calendar). For an iPhone, you'll have to add that same URL to the iPhone calendar.

Here are some calendars you may find interesting. You can copy the URLs right from here.

Kings Point Events
Fly the Flag
Christian Holidays

There are lots of others that are easy to add. Check this link for weather, sports teams and even TV shows.


Enjoy your calendar. It's free :-)