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Sometimes I write up some tips or hints. I've collected some here for your amusement.

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Check Your Phone

When buying or selling a phone, it's important to check the phone's ESN (or IMEI) number. That's the phone's unique serial number. There are a number of reasons to do thing but the most important is to be sure you'll be able to use the new phone. Here's a real case I heard of. Nobody in the transaction was trying to sell a bum phone but that's the way it turned out.

Member A offered a phone for sale. Member B bought it. Member B took it to Wal-Mart and got it on one of those pay as you go subscriptions. He used it for a couple of years and decided to sell it. Member C bought it. When Member C took the phone to AT&T to be activated, they told him there was an outstanding balance. To get it activate he'd have to pay off more than $300. He tried to get a refund but Member B wouldn't do it saying the phone worked fine.

It really wasn't Member B's fault. Since he used a pay as you go plan, he had no idea there was a bill.

If Member C had checked the IMEI, he'd have found that the phone wasn't clear to activate and saved himself much hassle as well as $300.

Here's how to do this. If you're the seller, put the IMEI number in your ad. If you're the buyer ask for it. You retrieve it by dialing in *#06# . That'll show you the number. Then go to a site that looks it up. I like Swappa.com. You'll see if it's OK to activate. If the phone has been reported stolen, you'll see it show up on the Blacklist.

Better safe than sorry.