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Password Managers

Everyone knows we should have a different password for every site. Way back when, that wasn't a problem. We logged in to, maybe, 10 sites. We wrote down the passwords and stuck them to our monitor.

Those days are gone. On any given day, some of us will visit 30 or more sites that require a password. The only way to keep up is to use a password manager. These guys will watch where you visit and offer to fill your password field for you. They will also fill most other forms. For instance, if I'm checking out from an online store, I just click a button and my name, address, phone, credit card info and anything else I need fills in instantly.

There are many password managers around. I, however, use Roboform. I've used it for years. In fact, when I first installed it, it was the only one around.

My passwords are strongly encrypted and stored on their server. Even if the bad guys get my data, they can't read it. It appears as a toolbar in my browser. I also have it on my phone and tablet. Same information (passwords, name, address, credit cards etc.

It makes it easy to change passwords too. For instance, recently Netflix lost many passwords. Mine wasn't one but I needed to change it anyhow. When I logged in (by clicking the "Newflix" button), I went to Change Password. I told Roboform to generate a new one (15 characters, Upper/lower case, special characters) and pasted it into the "New Password" field. As I saved the changes, Roboform offered to change my saved password for me. Very cool.

Although I love Roboform, you should check out others. You may find one you like. The important thing is that Everyone needs one of these for your safety.

Here's a very good review of 5 managers. My Roboform didn't do very well though. LastPass was the clear winner. Whichever you choose, it's vital that you use one. Here: Lifehacker.com.