Hints and Tips

Sometimes I write up some tips or hints. I've collected some here for your amusement.

Here are some hints

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The Case for Strong Passwords

Everyone agrees on one thing. Strong passwords are a must these days. It seems like every time we turn around, there's another story about some company losing all their stored passwords. Now we all have to change ours. Do we? Not very often. We also reuse passwords. Lots of times. It makes it easier to remember, right? The bad news is, should someone get your Google password, it's not hard to visit each and every credit card and bank website and try it out. Think about that.

Even if nobody has our password, the ones we've chosen aren't always very secure. If someone is Trying to crack your password, it doesn't matter which characters we use (not actually "words" heaven forbid) but the length of our pasword that foils Boris and Natasha's effords. Here's a cool site. You can go here and enter your favorite password. See how long a "Brute Force" attack would take to crack it. howsecureismypassword.net. An old password I used (hint: Cat's name) long ago would take 12 seconds to crack. A recent password would take 3 million years.

Of course we don't usually get that kind of attack coming at us. Most of the time we lose passwords is because we give them away. It's called "Phishing". That's another hint though.

So, in a perfect world, we have one very secure password (and I mean something like "h-68zKQuNSbayH2") for each and every site we visit. What we all need is a good Password Manager (yet another hint).