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Sending EBooks to Kindle

Out in the internet are millions of ebooks. Here's how to send them to your Kindle. First of all, this must be done on a computer. You need to be able to download then email your ebook. That's how they get on your Kindle. You email them.

If you don't have it, you need to get your Kindle Email address. To get it, follow these steps:

Log into Amazon.com. On the right, under Account & Lists choose Content and Devices.

Click "Settings" and scroll on down to Personal Document Settings. There you'll find your device and retrieve your Kindle Email Address.

Now you know where to send it. Ebooks come in many formats. The most popular is called "EPub". Of course, what Kindle really likes is "Mobi". If your ebook has a file extension .mobi, you're good. Otherwise, you'll have to convert it. There's a good online converter Here.

Now for the actual download. The page that has your ebook has some way to download it to your computer. It may be a download button or just a link to the actual file. If it's just a file (like on MY Ebooks page, right click the file name and choose "Save File" or "Save Link" depending on your browser. Then choose the place you're saving it. That may be your download directory or just pick your desktop).

Once the file itself is on your computer you're almost there. If your file is a .mobi file you're good. Otherwise, go to that convert site (above). At that site you'll be prompted to Upload your file. Browse for the file or drag it from your desktop into your browser. Once the file is converted it'll prompt to download.

With the (new) .mobi file on your computer just compose an email to your Amazon address (way up at the top), attach your .mobi and you're good to go.

That's it. Now you can send your own ebooks to your device. Happy Reading.