Hints and Tips

Sometimes I write up some tips or hints. I've collected some here for your amusement.

Here are some hints

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Prevent Tag-Jacking

OK, you're looking at Facebook one day and suddenly you see a Spam Post with your name on it. It may be Sun Glasses (Marked down from $169 to $16) or some other bit of junk. Not only does it have your name but it looks like it's on your timeline. That means all of your friends see it too. You've become a Spam Distributor! Oh No!

So, how did this happen? Well, you've been "Tag-Jacked". How's that work?

Everyone can tag people on Facebook. Usually it's harmless. Say, you visit a beach with a friend. You might tag that friend in your beach photo. That links them to your photo. Your friend's timeline will show that photo with the note that they were tagged by you. That's fine. However, some bad guys have found a way to take advantage of this.

Let's say your friend Bob isn't very careful with the things he installs. Quick-Click Bob installs something that looks cool but turns out to be malware. Their goal is to rip people off. They've already nailed Bob but how to spread their joy... Tag-Jacking will do it.

So, this malware on Bob's account looks at his friends list. Bob, of course, has left his friends list open to everyone on the planet. Not good - see My Friend Got Cloned hint. Anyhow, the malware grabs the trigger Bob installed and proceeds to tag all of his friends. It has successfully spread itself to dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other users.

How to protect yourself? That's the easy part. The first step is to get into your Security Settings on Facebook. Top right. Choose the little "down arrow" and select Settings at the bottom.

Now, on the left, look for Timeline and Tagging. On the right look for the section about Review tags. Turn ON the Review Posts and Review Tags areas. That's it. You can no longer be Tag-Jacked.

The very last step is to vow to keep an eye on Quick-Click Bob before he makes more mischief by being careless. Be careful.