Spencer Thomas_ + Andrews Esther_
Spencer Thomas__
Spencer William_
Spencer Abigail_
Spencer Esther_
Spencer Samuel__
Spencer Ann_
Spencer Rebecca__
Spencer Daniel__

Spencer William_ + Ackley Sarah_
Spencer Mary_
Spencer Alexander_
Spencer Sarah_
Spencer Hannah_
Spencer William_

Spencer John_ + Griffin Susannah_
Spencer John__
Spencer Michael__
Spencer Benjamin__
Spencer William__
Spencer Capt. Robert__
Spencer Thomas_
Spencer Susannah__
Spencer Peleg_
Spencer John B.__Spencer William__
Spencer Sam_Spencer John_Spencer Abner_Spencer Mary__Spencer Ruth_Spencer Orpha_Spencer Isabel_Spencer Michael__Spencer Elizabeth__Spencer Joanna_Spencer Susannah_
Spencer Walter__Spencer Benjamin_Spencer Henry_Spencer Thomas__Spencer Peleg__Spencer Martha_Spencer Amy_Spencer William_Spencer Steven_Spencer Susannah__Spencer David__
Spencer Henry__
Spencer Susannah_Spencer Anna_Spencer Martha_Spencer Ruth_Spencer Robert_Spencer Theodosia_Spencer Michael__Spencer Johannah_Spencer Caleb_Spencer Nathaniel_Spencer James_Spencer Samuel_
Briggs, Jr. Richard_Briggs Francis_Briggs Audrey_Briggs Susanna__Briggs John_Briggs Sarah_Briggs Caleb_Briggs Anne_

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