Spencer Richard_ + Richmond Hannah_
Spencer John__
Spencer John_

Spencer John_ + Lyon Experience_
Spencer John_

Muir, Sr. Romayne Eldridge_ + Seward Geraldine Clara Belle_
Muir, Sr. Earle Eldridge__
Muir, Jr. Romayne Eldridge__
Muir William Edward_
Muir Cary_Muir Ruth__Muir, Jr. Earle Eldridge_
Muir Jenifer Juliet_Muir Melissa Ann_

Muir, Jr. Romayne Eldridge_ + Barth Cathy_
Muir Jenifer Juliet_
Muir Melissa Ann_

Muir, Sr. Earle Eldridge_ + Cassidy Linda_
Muir Cary_

Muir, Sr. Earle Eldridge_ + Gunter Carol_
Muir Ruth__
Muir, Jr. Earle Eldridge_
Muir Mitchell Allen_

Sirianni Eugene_ + Seward Catherine Katherine_
Sirianni Helen_
Sirianni Janis_
Sirianni Eugene_

Spencer Leon Gilbert_ + Frutiger Martha Doris_
Spencer Donald_

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