Northrup (Unknown)_ + Spencer Joanna_
Northrup Polly_
Northrup Phebe_
Northrup Waite_
Northrup Sarah_

Spencer Silas_ + Armstrong Harriet_
Spencer Reuben_

Spencer Randall L._ + Greene Rhoda_
Spencer Sarah__
Spencer Job__
Spencer Greene_
Spencer Deacon Silas__
Spencer Randall__
Spencer Margaret__
Spencer Rhoda__
Spencer Olive__
Spencer Sabrina_
Franklin Laura_Franklin Sallie_Franklin Syble (twin)_Franklin Spencer_Franklin Rhoda_Franklin Polly_Franklin Benjamin_Franklin Thankful_Franklin John (twin)_Franklin William_Franklin Amy_
Spencer Lovina_Spencer Randall__Spencer Amy_Spencer Catherine_Spencer Nathan_Spencer Ambrose C._Spencer Leroy__Spencer Albertus__Spencer Aurilla OR Mercy_Spencer Mariette_
Spencer Maria S.__Spencer Silas__Spencer Greene_Spencer, Dr. Ira__Spencer Job__Spencer Henry__
Spencer Rhoda_Spencer Alzina_Spencer Burton_Spencer Mary_
James Robert_James Harry_James Johnathan_
Sweet Javis_Sweet Harriett_Sweet Clarica_Sweet George_
Vincent Orrin_Vincent Daniel G._Vincent Amaryllis_Vincent Paul Maxon_Vincent William_Vincent David_Vincent Edward_Vincent Rhoda Malvina_Vincent Joshua Stillman_Vincent Olive Augusta_Vincent Susan Elmira_Vincent Harriet Melissa__Vincent Francis Marion_Vincent Henry K._Vincent Nicholas B._

Spencer Henry_ + Williams Sarah_
Spencer Mary J._
Spencer James H._

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