Youngs Albert Edwin (28)_ + Wait Armenia Spencer (29)_
Youngs George Reno (14)__
Youngs Philinda Jane__
Youngs Frank Eugene__
Youngs Mary Ann__
Youngs John A._
Youngs Leslie O._
Youngs Alice Ethel__
Youngs Albert Addison__Youngs Mabel Alice__Youngs Anabel Rena__Youngs Susan Armenia (7)__
Long Ethel May__Long Ruth Armenia__Long Marion Norma__Long Frank L.__Long Marguerite A.__
Youngs George Edwin_Youngs Nancy Mildred_Youngs Frank L_Youngs Durwood_
Simpson Doris_
Rutenber Anna May_Rutenber Earle Winfield_Rutenber Ernest Lee_Rutenber Lulu Alice_Rutenber Arthur Reno_Rutenber Dorothy Louise_Rutenber Leola Marjorie__Rutenber Stanley William_Rutenber Albert Edwin_

Smith Edward J. (114)_ + Chapman Catherine (115)_
Smith John_
Smith Samuel Chapman_
Smith Thomas_
Smith Sr Joseph Chapman_
Smith Elizabeth_
Smith Maria (57)__
Smith Ann_
Youngs Sarah Ann_Youngs Melissa__Youngs Caroline_Youngs Catherine Maria_Youngs Alice E._Youngs Wheeler Clemens_Youngs Elizabeth_Youngs Martha A._Youngs Albert Edwin (28)__

Youngs Philinda Jane_
Long Ethel May__
Long Ruth Armenia__
Long Marion Norma__
Long Frank L.__
Long Marguerite A.__
Sanford James A._Sanford Norman J._Sanford Ruth H._
Elliott Mary_Elliott Frank_Elliott Martha L_Elliott Mary_Elliott Anna_Elliott Lois_
Elliott John H_Elliott James William_
Long Jane_Long Nancy_
Suter Jonas_Suter Barbara_

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