Greene Catherine_
Spencer Jeremiah_
Spencer Job_

Spencer Alexander_ + Greene Catherine_
Spencer Jeremiah_
Spencer Job_

Spencer William_ + Rice Elizabeth_
Spencer Capt. John__
Spencer Richard__
Spencer Audrey__
Spencer, Jr. William__
Spencer Ellen_
Spencer Elizabeth__
Spencer Job__
Spencer Nathan__
Spencer Randall_
Spencer Benjamin__
Spencer Leah__
Spencer Eudora_Spencer Alice_Spencer Charles_Spencer Mary_Spencer Ebenezer_Spencer John_
Spencer John__
Johnson Nicholas__Johnson Elizabeth_Benjamin Judge Johnson_
Spencer Elizabeth_Spencer Mary_Spencer Richard_Spencer Audrey_Spencer Eleanor OR Elizabeth_Spencer Mercy_Spencer John__
Niles Elizabeth__Niles John_Niles Spencer__Niles Samuel_
Spencer Zilpha__Spencer Mary_Spencer Randall L.__Spencer Job_Spencer Joanna__Spencer John_Spencer William_Spencer Sarah_Spencer Thomas_Spencer Alexander__
Spencer William_Spencer Mercy OR Mary__Spencer Anthony_Spencer Charles_
Spencer Abel__Spencer Barney_Spencer Augustus_Spencer Sarah Anne_Spencer Silas Casey_Spencer John Kelly_Spencer Dorit_Spencer Hazelton_
Bentley Sarah_Bentley Hannah_Bentley William_Bentley Nathan_Bentley Isaac_Bentley Randall_Bentley Betsey_Bentley Sally_Bentley Spencer__

Spencer John_ + Greene Audrey_
Spencer John B.__
Spencer William__
Spencer Thomas_Spencer Welthyan__Spencer Audrey_Spencer John__Spencer, Capt. Rufus__Spencer Joseph__Spencer Charles_Spencer Susannah_Spencer MaryMercy__
Spencer Capt. John__Spencer Richard__Spencer Audrey__Spencer, Jr. William__Spencer Ellen_Spencer Elizabeth__Spencer Job__Spencer Nathan__Spencer Randall_Spencer Benjamin__Spencer Leah__

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