Adams John (454)_ + Husted Elizabeth (455)_
Adams Samuel_
Adams Jonathan_
Adams Sarah (227)__
Adams John_
Adams Elizabeth_
Peck Sarah_Peck John_Peck Heth_Peck Nathan_Peck Sarah_Peck Ruth_Peck Abijah_Peck Abigail_Peck Elizabeth (113)__

Peck Deacon William (3616)_ + Davis Elizabeth (3617)_
Peck Rev Jeremiah (1808)__
Peck John_
Peck Joseph_
Peck Elizabeth_
Peck Samuel (904)__

Peck Rev Jeremiah (1808)_ + Kitchell Johannah (1809)_
Peck Samuel (904)__
Peck Samuel (452)__Peck Jeremiah_Peck Joseph_Peck David_Peck Nathaniel_Peck Eliphalet_

Peck William (7232)_ + Pocke Ann Mary (7233)_
Peck Deacon William (3616)__
Peck Rev Jeremiah (1808)__Peck John_Peck Joseph_Peck Elizabeth_

Peck Samuel (904)_ + Ferris Ruth (905)_
Peck Samuel (452)__
Peck Jeremiah_
Peck Joseph_
Peck David_
Peck Nathaniel_
Peck Eliphalet_
Peck Mary_Peck Samuel (226)__Peck Samuel_Peck Ruth_

Kitchell Robert (3618)_ + Sheaffe Margaret (3619)_
Kitchell Johannah (1809)__
Peck Samuel (904)__

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