Waite Stephen_ + Rowley Anna_
Waite Charles Jesse_

Wait Daniel (232)_ + Manchester Phoebe (233)_
Wait Abigail_
Wait Ebenezer (116)__
Wait Amy_
Wait Samuel_
Wait James_
Wait Elsie_
Wait Judith__
Wait Phebe_
Wait Abijah_
Wait Sarah_
Wait Lucretia_
Wait Lemuel_
Wait Thomas_Waite Stephen__Waite Samuel_Wait Ahijah (58)__Waite Annie_
Smith Samuel Wrightly_Smith Rebecca_Smith Henry_Smith Allen_Smith William W_Smith Sarah W_Smith Phoebe_Smith Charles Ensign_Smith Anthony M_Smith Clark_Smith Daniel W_Smith Mary Margaret_

Wilbur Thomas (234)_ + Wood Anna (235)_
Wilbur Stephen_
Wilbur Sarah_
Wilbur Rebecca (117)__
Wilbur Elizabeth_
Wilbur Susanna_
Wilbur Judith_
Wilbur Anna_
Wilbur Phebe_
Wilbur Thomas_
Wilbur William_
Wilbur Cynthia_
Wilbur Daniel_
Wilbur Simeon_
Wilbur Judith_
Wilbur Abigail_
Wait Thomas_Waite Stephen__Waite Samuel_Wait Ahijah (58)__Waite Annie_

Younge John (14336)_ + Bull Matilda (14337)_
Youngs Thomas (7168)__
Youngs Christopher (3584)__

Clements Gregory (1796)_ + Foote Priscella (1797)_
Clements William (898)__
Clements Sarah (449)__

Ferris Jeffrey (3620)_ + Howard Mary Anne (3621)_
Ferris Joseph (1810)__
Ferris Ruth (905)__

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