Sherman Burton Lyman_ + Wyvell Dora Edith_
Sherman Marion W_
Sherman Hayward L_
Sherman Howard L__
Sherman Samuel W_
Sherman Maynard L_
Sherman Beatrice T_
Sherman Helen_
Sherman Edgar Burton_Sherman Laura E.__

Baker Edgar Newell_ + Blauvelt Laura Edith_
Baker Marie__
Baker William Dean_
Baker Emma_
Baker Lewis Edgar_
Sherman Edgar Burton_Sherman Laura E.__

Sherman Orson George_ + Butts Azuba Genette_
Sherman Homer Howard_
Sherman Eva_
Sherman George_
Sherman Louisa_
sherman Mary_
Sherman Burton Lyman__
Sherman Anna_
Sherman Alfred_
Sherman Harold L_
Sherman Marion W_Sherman Hayward L_Sherman Howard L__Sherman Samuel W_Sherman Maynard L_Sherman Beatrice T_Sherman Helen_

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