Edward I_ + Castile Eleanor of_
? Edward II_

Of Brione Gilbert (2013265920)_ + De Eu Constance (2013265921)_
De Moels Baldwin_
Crespin Gilbert Of Brione -Crispin (1006632960)__
Crispin William_
Fitz-Gilbert Richard (1006632962)__
Tellieres Ralph De (503316480)__
De Clare Gilbert Fitz-Richard__De Clare Gaultier_De Clare Robert_De Bienfaite Roger__DeClare Adelize_FitzRichard Rohais (503316481)__

Crespin Gilbert Of Brione -Crispin (1006632960)_ + Montfort Eva De -Montford (1006632961)_
Tellieres Ralph De (503316480)__
Giffard Robert DeTellieres (251658240)__

Tellieres Ralph De (503316480)_ + FitzRichard Rohais (503316481)_
Giffard Robert DeTellieres (251658240)__
Giffard Gervaise (125829120)__

Youngs Albert Addison_ + Palmer Ethel Belle_
Youngs Margaret Esther__
Morse Elizabeth Ann_Morse Patricia Louise_

Youngs George Reno (14)_ + Gifford Corlinda May (15)_
Youngs Albert Addison__
Youngs Mabel Alice__
Youngs Anabel Rena__
Youngs Susan Armenia (7)__
Youngs Margaret Esther__
Robinson George Reno_Robinson Lillian_Robinson Susan Youngs__
Long Frances Marion__Long Ethel Louise__Long Mabel Esther__Long Joseph Addison__
DePuy Olive Christabel (3)__

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