Giffard John (983040)_ + Deuclive Joan (983041)_
Giffard Thomas (491520)__
Giffard Andrew (1966104)__
Giffard John (245760)__Giffard Margaret_
Giffard John (983052)__

Hussey Frederick (1542)_ + Bos Margaret (1543)_
Hussey Elizabeth_
Hussey Judith_
Hussey Antje (771)__
Hussey James_
Schoonmaker Rebecca_Schoonmaker Capt Frederick__Schoonmaker Jan_Schoonmaker Margrietje (385)__Schoonmaker Jacobus_Schoonmaker Eliza__Schoonmaker Benjamin (396)__Schoonmaker Antje_Schoonmaker Jochem__Schoonmaker Daniel_

Schoonmaker Capt Frederick_ + Swartwout Eva_
Schoonmaker Capt Frederick_

Schoonmaker Capt Frederick_ + DeWitt Anne Hannah_
Schoonmaker Jochem Fredrickson_

Schoonmaker Jochem_ + Rosekrans Lydia_
Schoonmaker Antje_
Schoonmaker Daniel__
Schoonmaker Lydia_

Schoonmaker Benjamin (396)_ + Du Puis Catharine (397)_
Schoonmaker Cornelius Benjamin (198)__
Schoonmaker Antje (99)__

Van Breestede Elsje Jansen_

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