List of events ordered by date

Event TypeDatePlaceIndividualDocuments
Birth15 January 1758?Rufus Spencer
Birth21 February 1758?Joseph Miller
Death15 March 1758Sheffield,Berkshire,MAThomas Dewey (708)
Marriage16 March 1758?Daniel Spencer with Patience Old
Marriage16 March 1758North Kingstown, RINathan Spencer with Susannah L. Briggs
Birth22 March 1758?Anstress OR Anstis Carvan
Death23 March 1758Redding, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesJohn Clogstone
Birth3 April 1758Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, USAAbijah Peck
Death9 April 1758Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesNathaniel Husted
Death18 April 1758Wurtsboro, Sullivan County, New York, USAManuel Gonsalus
Birth30 April 1758West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJoanna Spencer
Birth5 May 1758East Greenwich, Kent Co., RISpencer Reynolds
Death8 May 1758Quebec Quebec Canada - Saint-Franois-de-la-Rivire-du-Sud, Chaudiere-Appalaches RegionCatherine Pellerin (583)
Deathbefore 10 May 1758East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIEllen Spencer
Deathbefore 10 May 1758East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIRichard Spencer
Birth10 May 1758?Philip Britton
Birth24 May 1758Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut, USAJohn Spencer
Birth12 July 1758East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIWilliam Spencer
Event forJuly 1758?Lois Spencer
Birth2 September 1758Levis Quebec CanadaAntoine Côté
Marriage2 December 1758Accord, Village of Rocherster, Ulster Co., NYJacobus Kortreght with Catrina DePuy
Birth4 December 1758?Abel Spencer
Birth1758?Abraham Hall
Birth1758?Petrus Enderly
Birth1758IrelandAlexander Rankin
Death1758Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesSarah Husted
Birth1758?Ephraim # Andrews
Birth1 January 1759Hollis, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesSamuel Merrill
Marriage11 January 1759Killingworth, CTBenjamin Spencer with Abigail Francis
Death6 February 1759West Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesAbel Merrill
Marriage25 February 1759Exeter, Washington Co., RIJohn B. Spencer with Sarah Sands
Marriage25 February 1759Saybrook, or Westbrook, Middlesex Co., CTJohn Spencer with Alice Pratt
Birth26 April 1759Fairfield, ConnAmos Spencer (236)
Birth26 April 1759Fairfield, ConnAmos Spencer (236)
Death11 May 1759East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAbner Spencer
Birth26 May 1759Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut, USADaniel Spencer
Marriage31 May 1759East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CTMoses Cleveland with Tabitha Spencer
Death10 July 1759Pembroke, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USAIsaac Randall
Birth21 July 1759Westport, MassachusettsGeorge Gifford
Birth29 July 1759Colchester, New London, Connecticut, USAMajor Seth Rowley
Marriage10 August 1759Wallingford, Fairfield Co., CTElisha Parker with Esther Spencer
Marriage8 November 1759Schraalenburgh, Bergen, New Jersey, USAPetrus Ostrander with Christina Rank
Death10 November 1759?Sarah Spencer
Death17 November 1759?John Spencer
Death25 November 1759?Elizabeth Spencer
Death28 November 1759?Deborah Spencer
Birthbefore November 1759Rochester, Ulster, NYJacob DePuy
Death10 December 1759Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthMary Wright
Birth16 December 1759?William Britton
Birth20 December 1759East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIMercy OR Mary Spencer
Birth1759?Hendricus Kortright
Death1759?Rebecca Brainerd Hurd
Death1759Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesBenjamin Youngs
?1759ConnecticutJonathan Spencer
Death1759Brimfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United StatesHope Rogers (380, 644)
Death1759Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesZachariah Dibble
Birth9 January 1760?Welthian Spencer
Death27 January 1760Montmorency Quebec Canada - Ste Famille Dile OrleansPierre Cote (292)
DeathJanuary 1760?Amos Spencer
Birth7 February 1760East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJohn Spencer
Birth2 March 1760?Benjamin Rider
Death12 March 1760?Sarah Higgins (479)
Death1 April 1760Quebec Quebec CanadaMarie Dumas (591)
Death5 May 1760West Greenwich, Kent Co., NYSarah Vaughn
Birth28 May 1760east of Great Barrington, MassAnn Dewey
Death5 June 1760Quebec Quebec Canada - Cap-St-IgnaceAgathe Faye (579)
Birth9 June 1760Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesJoseph Youngs (112)
Death16 August 1760Fort, Ontario, CanadaJohn Southworth (478)
Birth19 August 1760New York New Mexico United States of America - OtsegoDorcas Woodcock (237)
Death31 August 1760Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesEbenezer Allen
Marriage26 September 1760Shawangunk, Ulster, New York, USACapt Frederick Schoonmaker with Elizabeth Schoonmaker
Birth30 September 1760Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, USAAbigail Peck
Marriage5 November 1760West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJob Spencer with Mary (Widow) Howard
Birth28 November 1760Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthRichard Gifford
Death29 December 1760Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USAAzariah Dewey (354)
Birth1760New York New Mexico United States of America - of Stamford Mary
Birth1760Accord, Village of Rochester, Ulster Co., NYMolly Enderly
Birthabout 1760?Henry Scoville
Death1760Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesJonathan Dibble
Birth1760Shawangunk, Ulster County, NYSarah Elting
Marriage1760?Samuel Bancroft with Jerusha Foote
Birthabout 1760?Jerusha Thompson
Marriage1760?John Spencer with Experience Lyon
Birth1760?Cornelis DePuy
Marriageabout 1760Columbia Co., NYSamuel Spencer with (Unknown) (Unknown)
Death12 March 1761Maryland, USAElizabeth ?
Birth16 April 1761East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIElizabeth Bailey
Death5 May 1761Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesJane Bowman
Death25 May 1761Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USAJohn Adams
Death6 June 1761Enfield, CTJohn Pease
Birth7 June 1761ConnecticutSeth Spencer
Baptism9 June 1761Shepshed, Leicestershire, EnglandCatherine Chapman (115)
Death14 June 1761Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesThomas Spencer (1890)
Birth14 June 1761?Barney Spencer
Birth25 June 1761Rochester, Ulster, New York, USAMargarita DePuy
Birth26 June 1761?Hannah Worden
Birth7 July 1761Accord, Village of Rochester, Ulster Co., NYReuben Krom
Death7 July 1761Ulster, Ulster, New York, United StatesLewis Hardenbergh
Marriage12 July 1761?Rufus Spencer, Capt. with Margaret Greene
Death18 July 1761?Antoine Côté
Birth1 August 1761West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJohn Spencer
Death21 August 1761West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJohn Spencer
Birth2 October 1761?William Miller
Birth2 October 1761?Catherine Miller
Birth22 November 1761Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthRebecca Wood
Birth22 November 1761Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MassachusettsMartha Wood
Marriage3 December 1761DRC, SA Co., NYRobert Spencer with C Sternberg
Death14 December 1761Quebec Quebec Canada - St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-SudFrancois-Marie Arrive (290)
Marriage31 December 1761Kingston, Ulster Co., NYFelton Smith with Susanna Schoonmaker DePuy
Residence31 December 1761Essex, New Jersey, United StatesStephen Bassett (398)
Birthabout 1761?Ira Whitney
Birth1761Hillsboro, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesMary Locke Lake
Birth1761Shepshed, Leicestershire, EnglandCatherine Chapman (115)
Death1761Oblong, Crum Elbow Pct, NYAlexander Spencer
Birth1761?Sarah LINDSAY
Death1761Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthPeleg Tripp
Birth1761?Richard Belding
Birth13 January 1762Wallingford, Middlesex Co., CTNoah Spencer
Death13 January 1762?Charles Andrews
Birth2 February 1762RIWilson Spencer, Jr.
Death8 February 1762Quebec Quebec Canada - St-Vallier, BellechasseJean-Baptiste Montigny (144)
Birth15 April 1762East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAnthony Spencer
Marriage19 April 1762Quebec Quebec Canada - St-VallierJean-Abraham Langevin-Lebron with Marie Josephe Arrivee (145)
Marriage18 May 1762Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAJames (Dea.) Brown with Elizabeth Billings
Marriage23 June 1762Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont, United StatesCol. Ethan Allen with Mary Brownson
Birth28 June 1762?Huldah Johnson
BirthJune 1762?Jesse Spencer
Birth4 July 1762West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIWilliam Spencer
Birth6 July 1762?Joseph Spencer
BirthJuly 1762?Hannah Spencer
DeathSeptember 1762Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USAEmanuel Gonsalus
Death23 October 1762New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesMary Allen
Death23 November 1762Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesAbraham Tourtellot (1960, 1976)
Death5 December 1762Stow, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesTabitha Wheeler (651)
Death5 December 1762Shrewsbury, MassachusettsSamuel Bennett (650)
Death1762CTElizabeth Lee
Death1762Rochester, Ulster, New York, United StatesNicholas DePuy
Marriage1762?Elias Hasbrouck with Elizabeth Slecht
Death1762Spencertown, Columbia Co, NYNathaniel Spencer Sgt
Birth1762Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesEleanor Derby
Birth1762?Thomas # Andrews
DeathJanuary 1763Wessels, Essex, New Jersey, USAStephen Bassett (398)
Birth12 February 1763?Helena Hardenburgh
Marriage3 March 1763?Benjamin Spencer with Sarah Johnson
Death14 March 1763Nottingham, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United StatesSamuel Merrill
Death14 March 1763?Susanna Hamblin
Birth24 March 1763Levis Quebec CanadaLouis Côté
Birth14 April 1763Spencertown, Columbia County, New York, USARebecca Spencer
Death12 May 1763Salisbury Mills, Orange, New York, United StatesNathaniel DuBois
Birth8 June 1763?Augustus Spencer
Birth17 July 1763Rochester, Ulster, New York, USAElias G. DePuy
Birth19 July 1763Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CTElizabeth Peck (113)
Death13 September 1763East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIPeleg Spencer
Birth24 October 1763West Greenwich, Kent Co., RISarah Spencer
Death29 October 1763West Greenwich, Kent Co., RISarah Spencer
Birth29 October 1763?Eunice Almy
Birth30 November 1763?Joseph Bailey
Probate12 December 1763New York, New York, USANathaniel DuBois
Death1763Rombout, Dutchess, New York, USABenjamin Hasbrouck
Deathabout 1763?Mary Holman (649)
Birth1763?Maria Kortright
Death1763Rochester, Ulster, New York, USAElias DePuy
Death1763?Benjamin Spencer
Death1763?Benjamin Spencer
Birthabout 1763?Loraine Allen
Birth13 January 1764Haverstraw, NYJohn J. Secor
Death13 March 1764Glocester, Providence, RIJoseph Brown (1958)
Birth18 March 1764Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United StatesJabez Spencer
Birth3 April 1764Levis Quebec CanadaMarie Louise Côté
Baptism8 April 1764New Haven, Connecticut, USAJabez Spencer
Marriage1 May 1764Glocester, Rhode IslandCaptain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494) with Hannah Coombs
Birth12 May 1764East Greenwich, Kent Co., RISarah Bentley
Birth6 June 1764RI?William Ruttenbur
Death17 June 1764?Antje Schoonmaker
Birth20 June 1764Spencertown, Columbia Co., NYSamuel B. Spencer
Death25 June 1764Bolton, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesDaniel Houghton (952)
Death27 June 1764Kingston, Ulster, New York, United StatesMargrietje Schoonmaker (385)
Marriage30 July 1764?Jonathan Spencer with Ruth Mudge
Death1 October 1764Levis Quebec CanadaLouis Côté
Marriage25 October 1764Weymouth, Norfolk, MassachusettsJohn Adams with Abigail Smith
MarriageOctober 1764Salem, Washington, New YorkJohn Peck with Sarah Northrup
Death15 November 1764Rochester, Ulster, NYZara Van Wagenen
Death15 November 1764?Jacobus DePuy
Birth28 November 1764Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island, USAZatu Andrews (244)
Death18 December 1764?Welthyan Spencer
Birthabout 1764?Lydia Spencer
Death1764Connecticut, United StatesJethro Rogers
Death1764Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthAbiel Tripp
Birth1764?Sarah (Unknown)
Birth17 February 1765Mabletown, Ulster, NYCatherine Cantine
Birth25 February 1765Unadilla, Otsego County, New York, USAMartha Keech
Death13 March 1765Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island, USAHannah Lapham
Birth15 March 1765Rochester, Ulster, New York, United StatesSarah DePuy
Birth28 April 1765West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIThomas Spencer
Birth14 July 1765Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, ColonyAbigail Amelia Adams
Death27 July 1765BarbadosJohn Lucie Smith (456)
Birth30 July 1765Richmond, MAOrange Spencer
Death3 August 1765Levis Quebec CanadaMarie Louise Côté
Marriage5 August 1765Innsbruck, Innsbruck-Stadt, Tyrol, AustriaLeopold Holy Roman Emperor with Maria Louisa Spain
Death18 August 1765Innsbruck, Innsbruck-Stadt, Tyrol, AustriaFrancis Stephen Francis I Holy Roman Emperor
Birth6 November 1765?Sarah Anne Spencer
Death7 November 1765Quebec Quebec Canada - St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-SudMarie Geneviève Godin (291)
Birth10 November 1765Newport Rhode Island United States of AmericaReuben Tourtellot
Birth1765?Caterina Bevier
Birth1765?Abraham Depue
Birth1765?Catharina Kortright
Death1765Kingston, Ulster, New York, United StatesRebecca Schoonmaker
Death1765Rhode Island, United StatesElizabeth Wolf (929)
Death1765Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesNathaniel Peck
Death1765Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesJeremiah Peck
Death1765Minisink, Orange, New York, United StatesBenjamin DePuy
Birth1765?Maria Enderly
Birth1765West Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United StatesThomas Root (88)
Deathafter 1765?Mary Spencer
Birthabout 1765?Joseph Allen
Death10 January 1766Southington, Hartford Co., CTElizabeth Shaler
Death11 January 1766Lexington, Middlesex, MAJoseph (Dea.) Browne
Birth29 January 1766?Abigail Spencer
Birth3 February 1766?John Bailey
Birth12 February 1766Exeter, RIHannah Bentley
Marriage28 April 1766New Jersey, United StatesGerhardus Hardenberg (194) with Nancy Ryersen (195)
Death5 May 1766South Windsor, ConnecticutAnn Wolcott
Marriage7 May 1766West Greenwich, Kent Co., RINicholas Johnson with Deborah Hopkins
Birth23 May 1766Warwick, Kent Co., RIJoseph Spencer
Birth11 June 1766Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USALucy Mansell
Birth23 June 1766?Hope Simmons
Death12 August 1766East Greenwich, Kent Co., RICapt. John Spencer
Marriage17 October 1766Marbletown (formerly Mormel), Ulster Co., NYCharles Wessel Brodhead (196) with Sarah Hardenburg (197)
Birth20 October 1766Rochester, Ulster, New York, USAIsaiah DePuy
Residence11 November 1766Ulster County, New York, USAElias DePuy (192)
Marriage5 December 1766Durham, Middlesex Co., CTStephen Spencer with Rhoda Squire
Birthabout 1766prob Cicero, NYWilliam Franklin
Death1766Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USASarah Foster (1963, 1979)
Deathbefore 1766?Moses Nicholas DePuy
Birth8 January 1767New Hurley, Ulster County, New York, USALevi Ostrander
Death9 February 1767Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USAToleration Harris (1962, 1978)
Birth20 April 1767West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAlexander Spencer
Birth11 July 1767Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, ColonyJohn Quincy Adams
Birth5 August 1767?Louana Spencer
Death25 August 1767?Susanna Gifford
Death27 August 1767Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USAChristopher Gifford (960)
Birth7 October 1767?Johannes Enderly
Death6 November 1767Spencertown, Columbia Co, NYNathaniel Spencer Sgt
Birth10 November 1767Richmond Massachusetts United States of America - BerkshireAmos Spencer
Probate19 November 1767Bristol Massachusetts United States of AmericaChristopher Gifford (960)
Marriage10 December 1767Rhode Island, USACaptain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494) with Mallason Walling (491, 495)
Death10 December 1767Penobscot Maine United States of America - MaxfieldHannah Coombs
Birth29 December 1767?Silas Casey Spencer
BirthDecember 1767Rhode Island, United StatesAbraham Tourtellot
Death1767W.D. 27 Aug 1767, W.P. 19 Nov 1767, Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MassChristopher Gifford (960)
Deathafter 1767?Dorothy Spencer
Death1767Flemington, Hunterdon, New Jersey, United StatesMarten Ryersen (390)
Death1767Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthWilliam Macomber
Marriage1767?Cornelius Benjamin Schoonmaker (198) with Helena Van Alst Bassett (199)
Death1 January 1768Coventry, Tolland, Connecticut, United StatesMary Torrey (957)
Death1 January 1768Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesLydia Bruce (953)
Birth17 January 1768Exeter, RIWilliam Bentley
Birth12 February 1768Florence Toscana Italia - FirenzeFrancis Holy Roman Emperor Austria
Birth12 March 1768?Clark Cleaveland
Birth25 March 1768?Sarah Bostwicke
Marriage5 June 1768?Charles Carroll with Mary Darnall
Death11 June 1768Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesJames (Dea.) Brown
Birth18 June 1768?Phineas Chase
Birth17 July 1768Rochester Township,Ulster,New York,USAJosiah DePuy (96)
Baptism31 July 1768Monroe New York United States of America - Rochester (Accord)Josiah DePuy (96)
Birth1 August 1768?George Bailey
Baptism11 September 1768Harvard, MassachusettsAbijah Whitney (162)
Marriage2 November 1768Providence, Rhode Island, USAWaterman Carpenter (492) with Anne Hoyle (493)
Marriage4 December 1768West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIOliver Myers with Elizabeth Niles
Death27 December 1768?Frances Smith
Birth28 December 1768Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United StatesSusanna Adams
Marriage1768?Joshua Root (176) with Bethiah Dewey (177)
Birthabout 1768Durham, VTJohn Kelly Spencer
Birth1768Long Island City, Queens, New York, United StatesEunice Petty
Birthabout 1768?Lucy Caroline Allen
Birth1 January 1769Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesHannah Tourtellot (247)
Marriage5 January 1769Newton, MAHenry Whitney with Hannah Tombs
Death22 February 1769?Stephen Tourtellotte
Death4 March 1769?Edmond Johnson
Marriage18 March 1769Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United StatesAbner Spencer with Deborah Clark
Death31 March 1769Penobscot Maine United States of America - MaxfieldHannah Coombs
Birth18 April 1769Wales, Hampden, Massachusetts, USADarius Rogers
Death18 May 1769Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesCapt. John Whipple (978)
DeathMay 1769Newport Rhode Island United States of America - Little ComptonEnos Gifford
Birth2 August 1769?John Myers
Death18 October 1769Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USASarah Nobel
Birth3 December 1769West Greenwich, Kent Co., RICatherine Greene
Death5 December 1769Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthMary Tucker (963)
Birth9 December 1769?Elihu Spencer
Birthabout 1769Providence , Rhode IslandCapt William Carpenter
Death1769At Norwalk, CTJohn Nash (900)
Death1769Kingston, Ulster, New York, United StatesMoses DePuy (384)
Birthabout 1769Rhode IslandAbraham TOURTELOTTE
Marriage1769?Nathaniel Spencer with Susan Bull
Death1769?Gertrude Bruyn
Birth10 January 1770Spencertown, Columbia, New York, United StatesInnocent Salisbury
Death4 February 1770Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesSusanna Adams
Death26 February 1770West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIThomas Spencer
DeathFebruary 1770Haddam, Middlesex Co., CTDaniel Spencer
Birth6 March 1770?Annatje Enderly
Birth10 March 1770Watertown, MABenjamin Whitney
Birth12 March 1770?Dorothy Peck
Marriage24 April 1770Easton, MAJohn Britton with Phebe Hewitt
Birth12 May 1770Rochester, Ulster, New York, USALevi DePuy
Birth25 May 1770Hillsdale, NYCapt. William Chace
Birth29 May 1770Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, ColonyCharles Adams
Birth4 September 1770?William Spencer
Birth4 September 1770East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIStephen Bailey
Death14 September 1770East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAudrey Spencer
Marriage20 October 1770Accord, Village of Rocherster, Ulster Co., NYBenjamin DePuy with Antje Bruyn
Marriage19 November 1770Laprairie Quebec Canada - St-Jean-François-Régis (St-Philippe)Michel Laroche (148) with Marie Sophie Françoise Tremblay (149)
Marriage19 November 1770Quebec Quebec Canada - Saint-PhilippeMichel Laroche (148)
Birth21 December 1770New Paltz, Ulster, New York, USARachel Hardenbergh (97)
Birth23 December 1770Westminster, Windham County, Vermont, USAEphraim Spencer
Birth28 December 1770Watertown, MALydia Whitney
Birthabout 1770?Rhoda Spencer
Death1770?Welthian Sheldon
Deathafter 1770?Rebecca Spencer
Marriageabout 1770?Ephraim Spencer with Hannah Holt
Death1770Scituate, Providence, Rhode IslandThomas Knowlton
Birth1770?Nathaniel Rose
Residence1770New JerseyCol Johannes G. Hardenbergh (388)
Death1770Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesJoseph Peck
Birthabout 1770Spencertown, Columbia Co., NYElias C. Spencer
Birth1770?David Harvey
Marriage1770?Capt John A. Hardenburgh with Rachael Dubois
Marriage17 January 1771East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJohn B. Spencer with Elizabeth Edmunds
Birth23 January 1771RIOlive Casey
Death1 February 1771Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, United StatesEsther Meecham (381, 645)
Birth10 February 1771Wales, Hampden, Massachusetts, United StatesEunice Rogers
Deathafter February 1771?Abigail Clark
Marriage10 March 1771?John Niles with Sarah (Niles) Niles
Death13 March 1771Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthJeremiah Gifford
Birth7 June 1771?Maria Enderly
Birth7 June 1771?Elizabeth Enderly
Death27 June 1771?Johannes Lefevre (100)
Birth22 July 1771?Mary Myers
Death22 July 1771Montreal Quebec CanadaMarie Lanqueteau (595)
Birth31 July 1771Marbletown, Ulster, New York, United StatesAbraham Hardenberg Brodhead
Event for25 August 1771?Sarah Spencer
Deathabout 30 September 1771Greenwich, Fairfield, Conn.Samuel Peck (226)
Death13 November 1771Kingston, Ulster, New York, United StatesAbraham Hardenburgh (394)
Baptism24 November 1771Marbletown, New York, USAAbraham Hardenberg Brodhead
Birth1771?Abel Sperry
Death1771?Samuel Peck (226)
Deathafter 1771?Benjamin Spencer
Birth1771?Margaret Richards
Birth1771Providence, Gloucester, Rhode Island, United StatesJames Carpenter (246)
Birth1771?Samuel Spencer Belding
Birth1771Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - Taunton, USA (Macomber genealogy, by Edward S. stackpool, pg. 89-91Isaiah Macomber
Death1771New London, CTSamuel Belden
Birth23 January 1772Laprairie Quebec Canada - St-Jean-François-Régis (St-Philippe) Joseph Laroche (74)
Death14 February 1772Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthWilliam Devol (942)
Death24 February 1772Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United StatesBenjamin Waite
Birth2 March 1772?Lavina Spencer
Marriage2 March 1772Chambly Quebec CanadaMichel Lussier (150) with Marie Victoire Edeline (151)
Marriage22 March 1772Wales, MassachusettsSamuel Allen (94, 160) with Abigail Rogers (95, 161)
Death31 March 1772North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, United StatesJefferson Gifford
Death7 May 1772?James Brainerd
Birth6 June 1772Napoli Campania ItaliaMaria Teresa Carolina Two Sicilies
Birth9 June 1772?Jacobus DePuy
Birth20 June 1772Hillsdale, Columbia, New York, United StatesMiriam Chase
Baptism5 July 1772Monroe New York United States of America - Rochester (Accord)Jacobus DePuy
Birth6 July 1772New Paltz, New Paltz Twp., Ulster Co., NYAntje Schoonmaker (99)
Death15 July 1772Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesRuhamah Ruth Wellington
Baptism19 July 1772Monroe New York United States of America - Rochester (Accord)Antje Schoonmaker (99)
Death19 August 1772Quebec Quebec Canada - St-VallierMarie Dorothee Gauthier (289)
Death29 August 1772?Oliver Myers
Death2 September 1772?John Lucie Smith
Birth17 November 1772?John Britton
Death1 December 1772Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut, USADaniel Spencer
Birth4 December 1772probably, NYMicah Spencer
Birth4 December 1772?Rebecca Maddocks
Marriage28 December 1772West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIRandall L. Spencer with Rhoda Greene
Death1772West Brook, Connecticut, United StatesElizabeth Spencer
Birth1772Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesHannah Tourtellot (247)
Birth1772?Abigail Collins (89)
Deathafter 1772?Elvira "Elvi" Thorne (457)
Deathbefore 1772?John Spencer
Death1772North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, USAAnn Northup
Birthabout 1772?Mary Ann Allen
Death11 January 1773?William Spencer
Birth29 January 1773Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MARussell Gifford
Death18 February 1773Spencertown, Columbia Co, NYJohn Spencer (944)
Birth23 February 1773?Lydia Bailey
Death13 March 1773?Lydia Leonard
Birth16 April 1773West Greenwich, Kent Co., RISarah Spencer
Marriage25 April 1773?John Matteson with Elizabeth Johnson
Marriage25 April 1773?John Matteson with Deborah Johnson
Death29 May 1773?Daniel Austin (710)
Deathafter June 1773Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesCornelius Walling (982, 990)
Birth25 August 1773New Paltz, Ulster, New York, United StatesBenjamin Wynkoop Hardenbergh
Marriage26 August 1773Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthThomas Wilbur (234) with Anna Wood (235)
Birth8 September 1773South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USASamuel Allen
Baptism26 September 1773Walpole, NHLois Hall
Baptism26 September 1773Walpole, NHAbigail Hall
Death24 October 1773Ulster, New York, United StatesLevi DePuy
Marriage12 December 1773Machackemack(DeerPark) RDC, Orange Co., NYJoseph DePuy with Mary DePuy
Marriage1773?Spencer Beers with Lillis Bullock
Residence1773LunenburgDaniel Austin (710)
Birthabout 1773Charlotte Codding
Death1773?Hopkins Whaley
Birth1773?Nancy Crawford
Death1773?Elizabeth Youngs
Birthabout 1773NYJoel Spencer
Birth1773Rebecca Spencer
Death1773?Deborah Youngs
Death1773?Alice Gifford
Death1773Windham, CTSarah ?
Event for16 January 1774?William Spencer
Birth5 February 1774Beekman, Dutchess County, New York, USAWilliam Bockes
Residence19 February 1774Stone Ridge, New York, USACharles C. Brodhead (98)
Residence19 February 1774Stone Ridge, New York, USACharles Wessel Brodhead (196)
Residence19 February 1774Stone Ridge, New York, USASarah Hardenburg (197)
Baptism19 February 1774Marbletown, New York, USACharles C. Brodhead (98)
Birth19 February 1774Marbletown (Stone Ridge), Marbletown Twp., Ulster Co., NYCharles C. Brodhead (98)
Marriage3 March 1774?Thomas Bigelow with Hannah Chase
Death22 March 1774?Alice Waite
Death18 May 1774Westminster, NYJohn Holt
DeathMay 1774?Thomas Spencer
Deathbefore 4 June 1774?MaryMercy Spencer
Marriage4 June 1774Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthHenry Waite with Phebe Akin
Death8 June 1774Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USAAbelene Gilbert
Baptism11 June 1774Walpole, NHSamuel Hall
Death25 June 1774East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJohn B. Spencer
Death30 July 1774Marbletown, Ulster, New York, United StatesWessel Brodhead (392)
Death15 August 1774Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthJoseph Wait (928)
Birth26 August 1774?Margaret Enderly
Death10 September 1774Quebec Quebec Canada - St-VallierJacques Montigny (288)
Probate13 September 1774New York, New York, USAWessel Brodhead (392)
Birth5 December 1774New Paltz, Ulster, New York, United StatesAnne Hardenbergh
Birth27 December 1774Watertown, MAAnna Whitney
Death29 December 1774Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAElizabeth Billings
Residence1774Providence, Rhode Island, British AmericaWaterman Carpenter (492)
Birth1774Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesAmy Tourtellot (245)
Marriage1774?Heth Peck with Rachel Roselle Jones
Deathafter 1774Providence, RICharles Beers
Death1774Marbletown, Ulster, New York, United StatesCatharina Du Bois (393)
Marriage1774?Ransome Jarm Greene with Elizabeth Nichols
Deathafter 1774Glocester, Providence, Rhode IslandCornelius Walling (982, 990)
Death1774Marbletown, Ulster, New York, USACatharina Du Bois (393)
Death1774Upper Milford, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA (Smithfield, Monroe, PA?)Benjamin Schoonmaker
Death1774?Samuel Wait (464)
Death1774?Jonathan TRIPP
Deathabout 1774Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesMary Baker
Marriage2 January 1775Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesPharas Houghton (238) with Jemima Southworth (239)
Birth12 January 1775Rhode Island, United StatesStephen Wilbur
Death20 January 1775Wales, Hampden, Massachusetts, USASamuel Allen (188, 320)
Birth1 February 1775Douglas, MAMary Bigelow
Death14 February 1775West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJob Spencer
Will8 March 1775Ulster County, NYElias DePuy (192)
Probate8 March 1775Albany, New York, USAElias DePuy (192)
Birth22 March 1775South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USASina Allen
Birth28 April 1775West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJob Spencer
Birth13 May 1775?Joshua Britton
?14 June 1775Ulster County, New York, USAElias DePuy (192)
Death26 June 1775?Sybil Terry
Death17 September 1775Ft Ticonderoga, Essex County, New York, USANathan Peck
Marriage25 September 1775Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - Dartmouth, Coloniall AmericaDaniel Wait (232) with Phoebe Manchester (233)
Death5 October 1775Kingston, Ulster Co, New York, USAJochem Fredrickson Schoonmaker
Marriage8 October 1775East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIRichard Matteson with Mary Spencer
Death13 October 1775Rochester, Ulster, New York, United StatesElias DePuy (192)
Death13 October 1775Rochester, Ulster, New York, United StatesElias DePuy (192)
Birth20 October 1775?Rhoda Mudge
DeathOctober 1775?John DePuy
DeathOctober 1775?Isaiah DePuy
DeathOctober 1775Rochester, Ulster, New York, USAElias G. DePuy
Death15 November 1775Kingston, Ulster Co., New York, USAEva Swartwout
Marriage23 November 1775East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAmos Spencer with Mercy Spencer
Marriage23 November 1775West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIThurston Carr with Audrey Spencer
Birth8 December 1775Dartmouth, MassachusettsAbigail Wait
Residence25 December 1775Stone Ridge, New York, USAFelton Smith
Residence25 December 1775Stone Ridge, New York, USASusann Smith
Residence25 December 1775Stone Ridge, New York, USASusanna Schoonmaker DePuy
Birth1775?Benjamin DePuy
?1775Ulster Co, NYCapt Frederick Schoonmaker
Birth1775Watertown, MAHannah Whitney
Birthabout 1775Preston, New London, Connecticut, USAElizabeth Safford
Birth1775Colrain, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USADaniel Carswell
Birth1775South Kingston, RIAmy Burdick
Birth16 January 1776New Paltz, Ulster, New York, United StatesMargureta Nancy Hardenbergh
Death19 January 1776Holland, Hampden, Massachusetts, United StatesTrenance Webber (382, 646)
Death19 January 1776Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United StatesPrudence Bishop (383, 647)
Birth20 January 1776ConnecticutJohn Adams II
Birth29 January 1776New lebanon, Columbia Co, NYAllen Baldwin
Birth24 February 1776Hillsdale, Columbia, New York, United StatesDavid Chase
Deathbefore 13 March 1776East Greenwich, Kent Co., RINathan Spencer
Death1 April 1776Montmorency Quebec CanadaMarie Madeleine Audet (295)
Birth7 April 1776Canajoharie, Montgomery, New York, USASophia Kees
Birth8 May 1776Bridgewater Massachusetts United States of AmericaSusanna Harvey
Birth9 May 1776Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesJerusha Houghton
DeathJuly 1776Jersey City, New Jersey,USABenjamin Schoonmaker (396)
Birth30 August 1776Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NY, USASarah Wilbur
Baptism1 September 1776New Hurley, Ulster, New York, USAJohannes LeFever
Death1 September 1776Pomfret, Connecticut, USALucy Allen
Death20 September 1776Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesThomas Youngs
Birth20 September 1776?Richard Montgomery Hasbrouck
?September 1776Rhode Island, USAReuben Tourtellot
Death10 October 1776South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USASamuel Allen
Birth19 October 1776MassachusettsBenjamin Moore (90)
Death20 October 1776South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USASina Allen
Death20 October 1776Wales, Hamsden, Massachusetts, USAHannah Allen
Death5 November 1776Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportHannah Devol
Birth19 November 1776Petersham, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USARachel Dean
?25 November 1776Connecticut, USAAbner Spencer
Death29 November 1776?Samuel Spencer
Marriage15 December 1776East Greenwich, Kent Co., RICarr Edward Deacon with Eleanor OR Elizabeth Spencer
Death24 December 1776Watertown, MAHannah Whitney
Deathbefore 30 December 1776East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIWilliam Spencer
Residence1776Ulster, New York, United StatesBenjamin DePuy
Death1776Watertown, MALydia Whitney
Birth1776Jersey, IrelandSara Cole
Death1776Old Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesEliphalet Peck
Marriage1776New Paltz Ulster Co. N.Y..Isaac LeFever (50) with Maria Townsend (51)
Death1776Watertown, MAAnna Whitney
Birth1776?Joel Spencer
?1776Connecticut, USAHeth Peck
Death1776Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthSarah Davol (471)
Death1776?Elizabeth Rice
Birth1776?George Bailey
Birth24 January 1777Exeter, RINathan Bentley
Marriage27 January 1777Lauzon Quebec Canada - LévisJean-Baptiste Montigny (72) with Marie-Angelique Cote (73)
Birth27 February 1777Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MAEbenezer Wait (116)
Birth4 May 1777West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAudry Johnson
Birth9 May 1777West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIOliver Sweet
?27 May 1777Ulster County, New York, USACapt Frederick Schoonmaker
Birth28 May 1777West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIGreene Spencer
Birth11 July 1777Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United StatesElizabeth Adams
Death11 July 1777Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United StatesElizabeth Adams
?16 July 1777?Capt Frederick Schoonmaker
Birth6 September 1777Douglas, MAJohn Bigelow
Birth9 September 1777Wales, MassachusettsLovina Allen
Birth9 September 1777South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USALovina Allen
Death14 September 1777East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIWilliam Spencer, Jr.
Death23 September 1777Hillsdale, Columbia, New York, United StatesDavid Chase
Birth8 October 1777?Hannah Britton
Marriage5 November 1777?Benjamin Youngs with Hannah Sherwood
DeathNovember 1777Ticondaroga, NYBenjamin Spencer
Death5 December 1777East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIRichard Spencer
Deathabout 1777?Simeon Spencer
Birthabout 1777Watertown, MAElizabeth Whitney
Residence1777Scituate, Providence County, RIGeorge Wilbur (468)
Death1777?John Gilbert
Event for1777?Jemima Southworth (239)
Birth1777Chenango Co., NYMary Miles\Smith
Deathabout 1777?Joseph Allen
Death2 January 1778Bergen, Sussex County, New JerseryJacobus Dirksen Quick
Birth17 February 1778Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NY, USARebecca Wilbur (117)
Birth27 February 1778New Paltz, Ulster, New York, United StatesThomas Rutsen Hardenbergh
Birth26 April 1778Coventry, Kent Co., RIAlmey Wickes
Marriage28 April 1778Wallingford, Fairfield Co., CTThomas Spencer with Lydia Bacon
Birth3 May 1778Accord, Village of Rochester, Ulster Co., NYJoseph DePuy
Birth19 May 1778Rochester, New YorkLydia Schoonmaker
Baptism7 June 1778Accord, Village of Rochester, Ulster Co., NYJoseph DePuy
Death3 July 1778?Perrin Ross
Birth5 July 1778Stamford, ConnSarah Youngs
DeathAugust 1778Litchfield, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesMary Garrett
Birth22 October 1778Hillsdale, Columbia, New York, United StatesLuther Chase
Death2 November 1778Lauzon Quebec CanadaMarie Angelique Therrien (147)
Death3 November 1778Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthDaniel Tripp
Death6 November 1778West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIGreene Spencer
Death15 November 1778Marbletown, Ulster Co., New York, USACapt Frederick Schoonmaker
Probate15 December 1778New York, New York, USACapt Frederick Schoonmaker
Death20 December 1778Accord, Ulster Co., NYLydia Rosekrans
Death1778?Lydia Knach (225)
Death1778Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesThaddeus Houghton
Death1778?Sarah Wilbur
Birth1778?Lucina Matteson
Deathabout 1778Stamford, Fairfield Co., CTClement Youngs (224)
Death1778Spencertown, Columbia Co., NYPhineas Spencer
Death1778?William Devol
Death1778?Stephen Waite
Death1778New York, United StatesAbigail Devol
Death1778Rochester, Ulster, New York, United StatesCornelius DePuy
Birth19 January 1779Watertown, MAHenry Whitney
Death1 February 1779Will ProvedJames Baldwin
Birth28 February 1779West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIIsaac Bentley
Death6 May 1779Killingly, Windham, Connecticut, United StatesAbraham Tourtellot (980, 988)
Birth9 May 1779New Paltz, Ulster, New York, United StatesHerman Myer Hardenbergh
Birth22 May 1779?Levi DePuy
Baptism25 May 1779Pompton Plains, Morris, New Jersey, USAHerman Myer Hardenbergh
MarriageMay 1779Hollis, Hillsboro, New Hampshire, USASamuel Merrill with Mary Locke Lake
Marriage1 June 1779Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportWilliam Gifford (240) with Mary Anna Tripp (241)
Birth18 July 1779Boucherville , Montérégie , Qc , CanMarie Archange Lussier (75)
Birth30 July 1779Douglas, MAAbigail Bigelow
Death7 September 1779Cherry Valley, Northampton, PAJohn McDowell
Birth24 September 1779South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USAJoel Allen
Birth21 October 1779West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIDeacon Silas Spencer
Birth31 October 1779?Joseph Spencer
Birth31 October 1779?Benjamin Spencer
Birth7 November 1779Wallingford, Middlesex Co., CTAmy Spencer
Marriage1779?Amos Spencer (236) with Dorcas Woodcock (237)
Deathabout 1779Spencertown, Columbia, New York, United StatesMary Spencer (945)
Birth1779Rhode IslandAnna Carpenter
Deathabout 1779Spencertown, Columbia, New York, United StatesMary Spencer (945)
Birthabout 1779?Persis Cheney
Birthabout 1779?Pamela Allen
Birth11 May 1780Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NY, USAElizabeth Wilbur
Marriage25 June 1780?Wilson Spencer, Jr. with Elizabeth Waite
Christening28 June 1780Stamford, Fairfield, Conn.Joseph Youngs (112)
Birth1 July 1780Hollis, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesDaniel Merrill
Birth10 July 1780Petersham,,Massachusetts,USASimeon Houghton
Birth11 July 1780Lauzon Quebec Canada - St HenriJean-Baptiste Montigny
Birth16 October 1780Westport, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USACapt Abner Gifford
DeathOctober 1780Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesHeth Peck
Death9 November 1780Quebec Quebec Canada - St Jean, Ile OrleansPierre Therrien (294)
Birth26 November 1780Canaan, NYRussell Cowles
Death29 November 1780Wien, Wien, Vienna, AustriaMaria Theresa Archduchess Austria Empress Holy Roman Empire
Death3 December 1780Laprairie Quebec CanadaMarie Josephe Robert (297)
Birth31 December 1780Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA, USAAmy Wait
Death1780?Samuel Waite
Deathbefore 1780?William Spencer
Birth1780Yamaska Quebec CanadaJosephte Grenier
Birth11 February 1781Hillsdale, Berkshire Co, MASimeon Spencer
Birth28 February 1781West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIBetsey Bentley
Birth18 March 1781Cape Cod, MAAllen Smith
?22 March 1781New York, USAGerhardus Hardenberg (194)
DeathJuly 1781?Benjamin Spencer
Baptism28 August 1781Walpole, NHRebecca Hall
Baptism28 August 1781Walpole, NHEunice Hall
Birth8 September 1781Douglas, MAThomas Bigelow
Death10 September 1781?Reuben Dibble
Marriage15 October 1781Castine Maine United States of America - HancockCaptain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494) with Leah Mansell
Deathabout October 1781Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesMallason Walling (491, 495)
Birth22 November 1781Wallingford, Middlesex Co., CTLucretia Spencer
Birth8 December 1781South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USASarah Allen
Birth9 December 1781Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NY, USASusanna Wilbur
Death1781Scituate, RI, Rhode Island, United StatesGeorge Wilbur (468)
?1781New York, USAJoseph B Rexford
Birth1781?Antje DePuy
Birth1781?Benjamin Gifford
Marriage1781?Joseph Whittemore with Rachel Beers
Birth25 January 1782West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIPhebe Sweet
Death26 January 1782Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesJohn Dibble
Birth12 February 1782?Nathaniel Spencer
Marriage14 February 1782?John Spencer with Rebecca Spencer
Marriage13 March 1782Dutch Reformed Church, Shawunkunk?, Ulster, NYMoses A. DePuy with Helena Hardenburgh
Death19 March 1782Saint-Pierre Quebec CanadaMarie Dorothee Marceau (293)
Death14 April 1782Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportJoshua Devol
Death10 May 1782Lunenburg, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USAPriscilla Stevens (711)
Birth15 May 1782?Jonathan Hall
Marriage20 May 1782Marbletown (formerly Mormel), Ulster Co., NYJacob DePuy with Catherine Cantine
Death30 May 1782Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland, USACharles Carroll
Death25 July 1782?Susannah Wells
Birth14 August 1782?Mary Johnson
Birth16 August 1782Hollis Twp, Hillsboro, New Hampshire, USASamuel Merrill
Birth27 August 1782Hillsdale, Columbia, NYIthamar Amos Spencer (118)
Marriage9 September 1782Woodbridge, New Haven, Connecticut, United StatesJoseph Smith (228) with Elizabeth ? (229)
Birth1 November 1782Hollis, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesAbigail Colburn
Marriage10 November 1782?William Miller with Hannah Worden
Birth21 November 1782Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MASamuel Wait
Death4 December 1782?Meribah Tripp
Birth8 December 1782Spencertown, Columbia Co., NYIra Spencer, Rev.
Birth31 December 1782Rochester, Ulster, NYJohannes DePuy
Birthabout 1782Schoharie, Albany now, New York, USAJoseph Houck
Marriageabout 1782?Noah Spencer with Persis Cobb
Residence1782Providence, Providence County, RIWaterman Carpenter (492)
Death1782Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland, USAMary Darnall
Birthabout 1782Washington County, New York, USALydia (Unknown)
Birth1782?Joseph Gifford
Birth1782Vermont, United StatesJudith Wilbur
Marriagebefore 1782?Abner Spencer with (Unknown) (Unknown)
Death3 January 1783Ulster, New York, United StatesMargarita DePuy
Birth27 January 1783Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoPolly Tourtellot
Death1 February 1783Saugerties, Ulster, New York, United StatesHiskia Wynkoop
Birth4 March 1783?Sally Bentley
Birth25 March 1783?Amy Stillman
Birth31 March 1783?Fanny Miller
Death7 April 1783Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut, USADaniel Spencer
Birth5 May 1783Ulster Co, NYElias DePuy
Marriage12 June 1783Loughborough Leicestershire United KingdomEdward J. Smith (114) with Catherine Chapman (115)
Marriage15 June 1783East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIDan Clapp with Elizabeth Bailey
Marriage16 June 1783Greenwich, Fairfield, ConnecticutJoseph Youngs (112) with Elizabeth Peck (113)
DeathJune 1783Sunderland, Bennington, Vermont, USAMary Brownson
Baptism6 July 1783Walpole, NHJonathan Hall
Birth11 July 1783Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NY, USAAnna Wilbur
DeathSeptember 1783Newport Rhode Island United States of America - Little ComptonThomas Wilbur (936)
Birth8 October 1783Middletown, Middlesex Co., CTMatthew Spencer
Birth9 October 1783East Greenwich, Kent Co., RICarini Harrington
Marriage9 October 1783Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesZarah Houghton with Eleanor Derby
Birth1783?Joseph Bailey
Birthabout 1783IrelandDaniel Kelly (32)
Birthabout 1783?John Youngs
Birth1783?Daniel Le Fevre
Death1783Longueuil Quebec Canada - BouchervilleJean Baptiste Valet (606)
Death1783Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United StatesPriscilla Austin (355)
Marriage1783?Job Beers with Molly Blake
Deathabout 1783?Loraine Allen
Birthabout 1783?Abigail ? (87)
Birth6 January 1784Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA.James Wait
Marriage8 January 1784East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAnthony Spencer with Anstress OR Anstis Carvan
Marriage8 March 1784East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJohn Spencer with Huldah Johnson
Birth12 March 1784Douglas, MASamuel Bigelow
Death20 March 1784Spencertown, Columbia, New York, United StatesAsa Spencer
Birth24 March 1784South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USAAbiel Allen
Birth20 April 1784Hillsdale, Columbia Co, MADeborah Spencer
Birth24 May 1784?Elisha Spencer
Birth26 May 1784New York, USAJane Flack
Birth27 May 1784?Benjamin Britton
Birth15 June 1784?Isaac Merrill
Death7 July 1784USABenjamin Cleaveland
Birth20 July 1784Anworth Parish, Galloway, ScotlandMargaret Bell (91)
BirthAugust 1784Leicestershire, EnglandJohn Smith
Death8 September 1784?Mary Manchester
Marriage11 November 1784Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthGeorge Gifford with Eunice Almy
Birth13 November 1784?Frances Margaret Allen
Birth15 November 1784?Isaac Miller
Birth8 December 1784?Ruth Spencer
Residence1784Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoCaptain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494)
Death1784?Capt John A. Hardenburgh
Birth1784Rutland, MAElliott Moore
Birthabout 1784Stamford, Fairfield, Conn.John Youngs
Birth1784?Alexander Hardenburgh

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