List of events ordered by date

Event TypeDatePlaceIndividualDocuments
Birth8 January 1785Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesCarlina Matilda Houghton (119)
Death22 January 1785North Providence, Rhode Island, USATimothy Carpenter
Death31 March 1785Monroe, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USALydia Spencer
Death21 April 1785?Elijah Spencer
Birth21 April 1785?Elijah Spencer
Birth11 May 1785Amsterdam, Montgomery, New YorkElizabeth "Betsey" Youngs
Birth6 June 1785?Isaac Lent
Residence25 June 1785Pompton, Bergen, New Jersey, United StatesMarten Ryersen (390)
Birth23 July 1785East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIMary Spencer
Birth23 July 1785NYSJoseph III Morse
Marriage24 July 1785West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJob Spencer with Mary Bailey
Birth28 July 1785Sutton, MASally Putnam
DeathJuly 1785Ulster, New York, USAMary Hitchcock (387)
Death7 August 1785?Lucretia Spencer
Baptism4 September 1785Walpole, NHElisha Hall
Birth20 September 1785?Tillinghast Almy Gifford
Birth6 October 1785Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NY, USAPhebe Wilbur
Birth4 November 1785?Orange Bostwick Spencer
Death10 November 1785Blue, Ulster, New York, United StatesTobias Wynkoop
Birth1785?Enos Gifford
Birthabout 1785Polly Spencer
Birthabout 1785Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYRandall Spencer
Birthabout 1785Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoRachall Rachel Tourtellot
Death1785Ulster, Ulster, New York, United StatesJohannes Depuy
Birth27 January 1786?Gaius Lawrence Spencer
Birth22 April 1786Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoThomas Benjamin Tourtellot
Birth15 May 1786?Dorcas Gardner
Birth7 June 1786Barkhamsted, CTLydia Spencer
Birth7 June 1786Barkhamsted, CTJoel Spencer
Death23 July 1786WestportMary Borden (961)
Death23 July 1786Westport, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USAMary Borden (961)
Birth25 July 1786?Charles Miller
Death20 August 1786Rosendale, Ulster, New York, United StatesCol Johannes G. Hardenbergh (388)
Birth28 September 1786Douglas, MAElijah Bigelow
Birth1 October 1786?Phebe Britton
Probate2 October 1786New York, New York, USACol Johannes G. Hardenbergh (388)
Birth26 October 1786Surry (or Walpole), NHFrederick Scoville
Death14 December 1786South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USAJoel Allen
Marriage14 December 1786Spencertown, Columbia, New York, United StatesMajor Seth Rowley with Innocent Salisbury
Birth14 December 1786South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USAEzra Allen
Death23 December 1786South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USASarah Allen
Marriage1786Wawarsing, Ulster, New YorkBenjamin DePuy with Caterina Bevier
Birth1786Quebec Quebec CanadaMarie Louise Montigny
Death1786?Abraham Spencer
Deathabout 1786East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIMercy Spencer
Death1786Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesDavid Dibble
Birthabout 1786Florida, Montgomery, New YorkSusannah Ferguson
Birthabout 1786?Hannibal M Allen
Birth15 January 1787?Amos Spencer
Death12 February 1787?Mary Spencer
Death15 February 1787South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USAAbiel Allen
Birth13 March 1787Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MAElsie Wait
Birth14 March 1787?Mary Merrill
Marriage1 April 1787East Greenwich, Kent Co., RICharles Spencer with Lydia Spencer
Birth19 April 1787Saratoga New York United States of AmericaJames C. Young
Birth23 April 1787West Greenwich, Kent Co., RISpencer Bentley
Birth1 June 1787East Greenwich, Kent Co., RICapt. John Spencer
Birth11 June 1787Wethersfield, Hartford Co., NYClarissa Belden
Death18 June 1787?Isaac Miller
Birth1 July 1787?William Spencer
Death10 October 1787?Jedediah Brainerd
Birthabout 15 October 1787Leicestershire, EnglandSamuel Chapman Smith
Birth15 November 1787Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NY, USAThomas Wilbur
Marriage4 December 1787?Orange Spencer with Sarah Bostwicke
Marriage1787?Henry Spencer with Anne Bailey
Birthabout 1787Samuel Spencer
Birth1787?Syvanus Gifford
Birthabout 1787Dutchess, New York, USAMaria Rarrick
Birthabout 1787Burlington, Vermont, United StatesEthan Allen
Death15 February 1788Newport Rhode Island United States of America - TivertonLydia Devol
Birth18 March 1788Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MAElsie Wait
Death4 April 1788Quebec Quebec Canada - St-VallierJean-Abraham Langevin-Lebron
Birth6 April 1788?Dolly Miller
BirthApril 1788New JerseyCaleb Jefferson Sturges (126)
Birth11 October 1788Barkhamsted, CTNoah Bacon Spencer
Marriage28 October 1788Conway, MA, USAAbijah Whitney (162) with Jane Murphy (163)
Marriage15 November 1788Quebec Quebec CanadaAntoine Cote (146) with Marie Angelique Therrien (147)
Birth22 November 1788Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoStephen Tourtellot
Deathbefore 29 November 1788?Charles Spencer
Deathabout 1788Spencertown, Columbia, New York, United StatesMary Bevins (475)
Death1788?Marie Anne Meunier (301)
Deathabout 1788?Nathaniel Spencer
Birth1788Otsego Co., NYHomer Blake
Birth1788New York, United StatesJabez S. Gifford (120)
Probate1788Hartford, Connecticut, USAMary Bevins (475)
Marriage22 January 1789Suffolk County, New York, USALevi Ostrander with Eunice Petty
Birth30 January 1789Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NY, USAWilliam Wilbur
Birth9 February 1789Hillsdale, Columbia Co, MAJohn Spencer
Death12 February 1789Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont, USACol. Ethan Allen
Death1 March 1789Conway, MA, USAUnnamed Infant Whitney
Birth1 March 1789Conway, MA, USAUnnamed Infant Whitney
Birth21 March 1789Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NYJabez S. Gifford (120)
Death28 March 1789West Greenwich, Kent Co., RINicholas Johnson
Marriage12 April 1789Phillipstown, Dutchess Co., NYSamuel B. Spencer with Olive Casey
Birth19 July 1789South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USAErastus Allen (80)
Residence23 July 1789Providence, Rhode Island, USAWaterman Carpenter (492)
Birth10 August 1789Douglas, MAAmos Bigelow
Birth13 September 1789Westminster, VTJohn Spencer
Deathafter 20 September 1789Shaftsbury, VTPeleg Spencer
Birth26 September 1789Unadilla, Otsego, NYPhilomela Spencer
Birth1 October 1789Bangor Maine United States of America - PenobscotLeon Levi Lancaster
Marriage1 November 1789?Augustus Spencer with Sarah L. Conger
Birth5 November 1789?Francis Upton Spencer
Birth6 December 1789?George Anson Miller
Birth15 December 1789Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MAJudith Wait
Birth1789?Betsy Ring
Marriage1789Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYAlexander Spencer with Catherine Greene
Birthabout 1789Amsterdam, Montgomery, New YorkRhoda Youngs
Marriageafter 1789?Joel Spencer with Sarah Haskell
Death1789?Captain. William Carpenter
Birth6 January 1790Surry Texas United States of AmericaSarah Hayward
Birth9 January 1790Leicester, Leicestershire, EnglandThomas Smith
Birth25 January 1790East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIWilliam Spencer
Death13 February 1790Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesPharas Houghton (238)
Birth8 March 1790?Maria Rider
Birth8 March 1790Accord, Village of Rochester, Ulster Co., NYMargaret Rider
Birth9 March 1790Rhode IslandPhebe Wait
Birth12 April 1790Hartford, CTJohn Fry
Birth9 May 1790?Jerusha Britton
Birth9 May 1790?Isaac Britton
Birth11 June 1790?Elizabeth Merrill
DeathJune 1790?Nathaniel Southworth
Birth12 August 1790Rensselaer Co., NYJoshua Vincent, Jr.
Birth17 August 1790Westerly, RIPhebe (Chapman) Crandall
Marriage14 October 1790?Jesse Spencer with Lucy (Unknown)
Death22 October 1790Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportNathaniel Tripp (482)
Death30 October 1790New Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey, United StatesJacob Rutsen Hardenbergh
Birthabout 1790Troy New York United States of America - (?), Rensselaer Co.Lois Spencer
Residence1790Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NYIthamar Spencer (472)
Residence1790Pittstown, Rensselaer, New York, United StatesJabez S. Gifford (120)
Death1790?Theodate Tripp (465)
Residence1790New York New Mexico United States of America - WestfieldJabez Spencer
Residence1790Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportNathaniel Tripp (482)
Residence1790Halfmoon, Albany, New York, United StatesClement Youngs (224)
Deathafter 1790?Waterman Carpenter (492)
Death1790Ulster, New YorkJochem Schoonmaker
Marriage1790?Joel Spencer with Mary (Martha) Hatch
Residence1790Hollis, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesDaniel Merrill
Residence1790Norwalk and Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesBenjamin Youngs
Birthabout 1790?Clarissa Gilbert
Residence1790Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesJohn Peck
Residence1790Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportLemuel Manchester (466)
Residence1790Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportLemuel Manchester (466)
Death1790New Paltz Ulster Co. N.Y..Isaac LeFever (50)
Residence1790Marbletown, Ulster, New York, United StatesGerhardus Hardenberg (194)
Birth1790VTSamuel J. Spencer
Residence1790Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, United StatesThomas Youngs
Event for1790Pittstown, Rensselaer, New York, United StatesJabez S. Gifford (120)
Residence1790Great Barrington, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United StatesJoshua Root (176)
Residence1790Kinderhook, Columbia, New York, United StatesNehemiah Spencer
Residence1790Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesLydia Tourtellot
Marriage1790Kingston,Ulster,New York,USAJosiah DePuy (96) with Rachel Hardenbergh (97)
Residence1790Hancock Maine United States of America - Condas Keeg PlantationCaptain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494)
Deathabout 1790?Mary Ann Allen
Residence1790Newport Rhode Island United States of AmericaAnne Hoyle (493)
Residence1790Hancock Maine United States of America - Condas Keeg PlantationReuben Tourtellot
Death1790Ulster Co., NYEphraim DePuy
Residence1790Balls Town, Albany, New York, United StatesJames Carpenter (246)
Residence1790Hancock Maine United States of America - Township 6Abraham Tourtellot
Death1790Massachusetts, United StatesGeorge Wood (470)
Birthabout 1790Conway, MA, USATabitha Whitney
Birth1790Stepney, MASally (SARAH?) Belding
Residence1790Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesWaterman Carpenter (492)
Birthabout 1790?John Spencer
Event for1790?Pharas Houghton (238)
Residence1790Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NYIthamar Spencer (472)
?1790Hillsdale, New York, USAIthamar Spencer (472)
Residence1790Hillsdale, Columbia, New York, United StatesIthamar Amos Spencer (118)
Deathafter 1790?Susannah Spencer
Residence1790New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesHezekiah Treadwell
Death1790Whitehall, Washington, New YorkMoses Cleveland
Residence1790Newtown, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesSarah Adams (227)
Death3 January 1791Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island, USASarah Redwood
Birth16 January 1791Accord, Village of Rochester, Ulster Co., NYMartinus Krom
Marriage16 January 1791Marbletown (formerly Mormel), Ulster Co., NYReuben Krom with Cornelia Dailey
Birth19 January 1791Hillsdale, Columbia Co, MAIsaac Spencer
Birth30 January 1791?Bevier DePuy
Baptism30 January 1791Wawarsing, Ulster, New York, USABevier DePuy
Birth22 February 1791?John Gardner
Birth1 March 1791Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NY, USACynthia Wilbur
Birth22 April 1791Bergen, New Jersey, United StatesGarret Taylor
Death3 May 1791Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportJohn Tripp
Birth2 July 1791Barkhamsted, CTUriel Spencer
Birth4 August 1791East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIPhebe Vaughn
Birth4 August 1791?Mary Vaughn
Death8 August 1791Kingston, Ulster, New York, United StatesJohannes Evertse Wynkoop
Death10 September 1791Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthEbenezer Tripp
Death10 September 1791Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthEbenezer TRIPP
Death11 September 1791Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesSimeon Houghton (476)
BirthSeptember 1791Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoCharlotte Caroline Inman
Death8 October 1791Woodstock (Ulster County), Ulster County, New York, USAElias Hasbrouck
Death23 October 1791Kingston, Ulster, New York, United StatesMaria Brodhead
Death4 November 1791Rochester, Ulster, New York, United StatesDaniel Schoonmaker
Birth16 November 1791New Milford, Litchfield, CTAsa Prime
Death8 December 1791Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USAJoshua Root (352)
Death9 December 1791?Infant Spencer
Birth16 December 1791?William Miller
Death1791Quebec Quebec Canada - St Jean, Ile OrleansPierre Therrien (294)
Birth1791Kingston, Ulster, New York, USAJohn Hardenberg DePuy
Birthabout 1791Amsterdam, Montgomery, New YorkSara(h) Youngs
Birthabout 1791Infant Spencer
Death1791West Fairlee, VTJosiah Southworth
Birth1791?Remembrance Gifford
Marriage1791?Nathaniel Rose with Lavina Spencer
Death1791Conway, MA, USAAaron Whitney
Birth1791?Joseph B Brown (84)
Birth3 January 1792Bergen, New Jersey, United StatesElizabeth Betsy Tice
Birth6 January 1792Leicestershire County, England, United KingdomJoseph Chapman Smith Sr
Birth22 January 1792Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MAAbijah Wait
Death1 March 1792Wien, Wien, Vienna, AustriaLeopold Holy Roman Emperor
Birth7 March 1792Douglas, MAJesse Bigelow
Deathbefore 12 April 1792?Rufus Spencer, Capt.
Birth21 April 1792?Brazilla Spencer
Marriage10 May 1792?Micah Spencer with Rhoda Mudge
Death15 May 1792Wien, Wien, Vienna, AustriaMaria Louisa Spain
Birth16 May 1792?Nancy Parker
Birth3 June 1792Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYOlive Spencer
Birth21 June 1792Amsterdam, Montgomery, New YorkMindwell Youngs
Birth4 August 1792?Jerusha Britton
Marriage9 September 1792Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesJames Carpenter (246) with Hannah Tourtellot (247)
Birth24 September 1792Conway, MA, USAEsther Whitney (81)
Death13 October 1792Clarendon, VTSarah (Unknown)
Birth26 November 1792?Ransome Jarm Greene
Birth29 November 1792?Johannes Rider
Birth23 December 1792?Joseph Spencer, Capt.
Birthabout 1792?Jeremiah Spencer
Marriage1792?Zatu Andrews (244) with Amy Tourtellot (245)
Marriage1792?Seth Spencer with Nancy Crawford
Birth1792?Abigail Allen (47)
Death1792North Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, United StatesThankful Hamilton (939)
Birth1792Hillsdale, Columbia, NY, USAAbigail Allen (47)
Birth4 January 1793Hillsdale, Columbia Co, MANathan Spencer
Birth5 January 1793Quebec Quebec Canada - St-Henri-de-LauzonMichel Pierre Montigny (36)
Baptism10 January 1793Quebec Quebec Canada - St-Henri-de-Lauzon, Quebec City, Quebec (Urban Agglomeration)Michel Pierre Montigny (36)
Death23 January 1793, Ontario, New York, USAJohn Rowley
Death29 January 1793Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesSamuel Peck
Death29 January 1793Vercheres Quebec CanadaLouis Lussier (300)
Marriage31 January 1793Monroe New York United States of America - Rochester (Accord)Col Johannes G. Hardenbergh (388) with Maria DuBois (389)
Death22 February 1793?Infant Spencer
Death24 March 1793Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USAJames Saxton
Birth10 April 1793Saratoga New York United States of AmericaDaniel Wilbur
Death13 April 1793Coventry, Kent Co., RIThomas Matteson
Birth13 May 1793?Charles Gardner
Death29 May 1793?Brazilla Spencer
Death28 June 1793Westport, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USAPatience Russell (481)
Death29 June 1793New Paltz Ulster Co. N.Y..Maria Townsend (51)
Birth16 July 1793Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoOlive Tourtellot
Birth22 July 1793?Martha (Betty) Spencer
Probate3 August 1793Ulster, New York, USAElias Hasbrouck
BirthAugust 1793?Ann Elizebeth Krom
Birth3 September 1793New York, United StatesSarah Wait
Birth17 September 1793Barkhamsted, CTRoswell Spencer
Birth9 October 1793East Greenwich, Kent Co., RICarini Harrington
Birth23 October 1793Rochester, Ulster, New York, USANancy DePuy
Death25 October 1793?Margaret Johnson
Birth21 November 1793?Joel Miller
Birth6 December 1793?Catrina DePuy
Baptism25 December 1793Wawarsing Reformed Dutch ChurchCatrina DePuy
Birthabout 1793?Prudence Gilbert
Burial1793Accord, Ulster, New York, United StatesMaria DuBois (389)
Birth1793?Ezra Spencer
Birthabout 1793Infant Spencer
Death1793Otsego, Otsego, New York, United StatesJotham Houghton
Deathabout 1793Rosendale, Ulster Co., NYMaria DuBois (389)
Birth13 March 1794Pinckney, Lewis Co., NYElizabeth Greene
Death19 May 1794?Infant Spencer
Death26 May 1794Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesZebulon Husted
Death28 June 1794?Rosanna Miller
Birth29 August 1794Leicestershire, EnglandElizabeth Smith
Birth24 September 1794Chenango County, New YorkThomas Root (44)
Birth6 December 1794Hillsdale, Columbia Co, NYEnoch Spencer
Birth11 December 1794Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportHumphrey Almy Gifford
Marriage26 December 1794prob Canoe Camp, Tioga, PAAmos Spencer with Sophia Kees
Birth28 December 1794?Betsy Potter
Birthabout 1794Infant Spencer
Birth1794?Esther Jones (85)
Birth1794Hillsdale, Columbia, NY, USAJustin E. Allen
Death1794?Nancy DePuy
Birthabout 1794Amsterdam, Montgomery, New York, United StatesJoseph Youngs
Death1794?Jeremiah Ballard
Birthabout 1794NYJemima ?
Death11 January 1795Hillsdale, Columbia, New York, United StatesMartha Spencer
Death11 January 1795Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NYAbraham Chase
Birth26 January 1795Rensselaer Co., NYOrra Spencer
Birth7 March 1795?Sophia Britton
Birth29 March 1795Clarendon, VTElinu Spencer
Death7 May 1795?Hosea Miller
Marriage7 May 1795New Paltz, New Paltz Twp., Ulster Co., NYCharles C. Brodhead (98) with Antje Schoonmaker (99)
Marriage7 May 1795?Cornelius Benjamin Schoonmaker (198) with Helena Van Alst Bassett (199)
Death18 May 1795Coventry, Rhode IslandJohn Andrews (976)
Birth4 June 1795?Larma Spencer
Birth2 July 1795Douglas, MAJason Bigelow
Death4 July 1795Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - Fall RiverRichard Borden
Death29 July 1795Hollis, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesDaniel Merrill
Birth13 August 1795?Nathan Miller
Death25 October 1795?Margaret Johnson
Birth31 October 1795?Michael Rider
Death12 December 1795Kingston, Ulster, New York, United StatesCatherine Brodhead
Death28 December 1795Westminster, Windham County, Vermont, USAHannah Holt
Birthabout 1795Conway, MA, USAJoel Whitney
Death1795?Susan Thrasher Pratt
Birth1795?Hendricus Krom
Death1795BouchervilleMarie Louise Vallée (303)
Deathabout 1795Conway, MA, USAJoel Whitney
Deathabout 1795Conway, MA, USATabitha Whitney
Birth1795?Richard Gardner
Birth6 January 1796Barkhamsted, CTLucretia Spencer
Birth10 January 1796New Paltz, NYElias DePuy (48)
Birth16 January 1796New Paltz, NYElias DePuy (48)
Baptism18 February 1796New Paltz RDC, Ulster Co., NYElias DePuy (48)
Birth27 February 1796Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoElanor Eleanor Tourtellot
Birth17 March 1796Otsego County, New York, USALeander Kees Spencer
Birth19 March 1796Amsterdam, Montgomery, New YorkAbigail Youngs
Birth12 April 1796Marbletown Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery, Hamlet of Marbletown, Marbletown Twp., Ulster Co., NYCornelius Schoonmaker Brodhead
Birth30 April 1796Maryland, Otsego Co., NYCalvin Spencer
Birth3 May 1796?Sylbester Spencer
Death4 May 1796?Ransome Jarm Greene
DeathMay 1796Newport Rhode Island United States of America - TivertonRichard Gifford
Death6 June 1796New Paltz, Ulster, New York, United StatesMargureta Nancy Hardenbergh
Birth27 June 1796Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYJob Spencer
Marriage28 August 1796East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJoseph Spencer with Almey Wickes
Birth29 October 1796Cohoes, Albany, New York, United StatesLucretia Wait
Birth1796?John Gifford
Death1796Northfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, United StatesHenry Macomber
Birthabout 1796PASally Hull
Birth1796?Horace Spencer
Marriageabout 1796?Richard Borden with Martha (Patty) Bowen
Birth1796?Hannah Calvert
Birth1796?Jacob Agney (46)
Birth6 January 1797Clarendon, VTAmanda Spencer
Birth24 March 1797Saratoga New York United States of AmericaSimeon Wilbur
Birth10 April 1797Connectcut, United StatesAbiah Treadwell
Death17 April 1797Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United StatesSusanna Boylston
Birth12 May 1797?Susan (Gorton) Barton
Birth12 June 1797?Asa Miller
Birth14 June 1797?Roswell Spencer
Birth20 June 1797Rhode Island, United StatesOlney Zattu Andrews (122)
Birth25 July 1797New London, ConnecticutLevi Bartholomew
Birth31 July 1797Amsterdam, Montgomery, New YorkRev Clemens C. Youngs (56)
Birth12 August 1797Leicester, Leicestershire, EnglandMaria Smith (57)
Death31 August 1797?Sylbester Spencer
Birth2 September 1797Wellsbridge, Otesgo, NYJudith Wilbur
Birth5 September 1797Wawarsing, Ulster County, New York, USAJoseph B. DePuy
Death15 September 1797Brookfield, Worcester County, MAAbigail Olds
Will11 October 1797?Reuben Wait (1856)
Death11 October 1797?Sarah Crosby
Birth14 October 1797Washington, Dutchess, New YorkIsaac Vail Underhill
Death15 October 1797Newport Rhode Island United States of America - TivertonLemuel Manchester (466)
Death25 October 1797LAcadie, St Jean, CanadaMarie Suzanne Turpin (593)
DeathOctober 1797Westport, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USAWilliam Gifford (480)
Birth1797?Ebenezer Gifford
Birth1797Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USAAmy H. Carpenter (123)
Birth1797?Ruth Gardner
Birth1797Ulster, New York, USAJoseph DePuy
Death1797Dutchess County, NYWilliam Gifford (480)
Birthabout 1797Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoFreelove Tourtellot
Death1797?Richard Belden
Birth3 January 1798MassachusettsLemuel Wait
Birth29 January 1798Woodbourne, Sullivan County, New York, USARachel DePuy
Death6 February 1798Quebec Quebec CanadaAntoine Cote (146)
Birth21 February 1798NYNehemiah Spencer
Death3 March 1798Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesBenjamin Dibble
Baptism6 March 1798Wawarsing, Ulster, New York, USARachel DePuy
Birth12 March 1798Masonville, NYAbigail Cutler (121)
Birth12 March 1798Bolton NYAbigail Cutler (121)
Death18 March 1798Stamford, ConnecticutSamuel Youngs
Death20 March 1798Stephentown, NYEleanor OR Elizabeth Spencer
Birth9 April 1798?Mercy Spencer
Death20 April 1798Whiting, Addison, Vermont, United StatesElsie Rogers
Birth9 May 1798?Brazilla Spencer
Birth29 May 1798Maryland, Otsego Co., NYUriah Spencer
Birth30 May 1798?Benjamin Rider
Baptism22 June 1798Marbletown RDC, NYHelena Brodhead (49)
Birth26 June 1798Unadilla, Otsego, New York, United StatesThomas Wait
Birth3 July 1798Marbletown Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery, Hamlet of Marbletown, Marbletown Twp., Ulster Co., NYSarah Catherine Brodhead
Birth8 July 1798?Abraham Bowen Borden
BirthJuly 1798Saratoga New York United States of AmericaSusannah Paul (127)
Marriage24 September 1798Quebec Quebec Canada - St-Philippe, Laprairie countyJoseph Laroche (74) with Marie Archange Lussier (75)
Birthabout 1798Rensselaer Co., NYLovina Spencer
Marriage1798?Richard Montgomery Hasbrouck with Mary Johnson
Death1798?Joseph DePuy
Death1798Quebec Quebec Canada - 1654859, 1654551Marie Genevieve Beaumont
Birth22 January 1799Saratoga New York United States of AmericaAbigail Wilbur
Death24 January 1799Plymouth, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United StatesJonah Rogers
Death12 February 1799Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportIchabod Tripp
Birth12 February 1799?Elizabeth Ford
Marriage16 February 1799Bridgewater Massachusetts United States of America - PlymouthIsaiah Macomber with Susanna Harvey
Death28 February 1799Wawarsing, Ulster, New York, United StatesJohannes L. Hardenberg
Birth24 March 1799?Constantine Spencer
Marriage1 May 1799Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYDeacon Silas Spencer with Audry Johnson
Death9 May 1799Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, USAEbenezer Dibble
Birth17 May 1799Brookfield, Madison Co., NYElnathan Clarke
Birth21 May 1799Westport Bristol County Massachusetts, USAPhebe Davis
Birth24 June 1799?Catherine Miller
Birth11 July 1799Amsterdam, Montgomery, New YorkPolly Youngs
Death28 August 1799Rochester, Ulster Co., NYCharles Wessel Brodhead (196)
BirthOctober 1799Washington Co., PASally Earle
Birth2 November 1799Maryland, Otsego Co., NYDesire Spencer
MarriageNovember 1799Hillsdale, Berkshire Co, MAAmos Spencer (236) with Dorcas Woodcock (237)
Birth3 December 1799? Blandina
Death21 December 1799Brentwood, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USAElizabeth ? (229)
Death29 December 1799Brentwood, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USAJoseph Smith (228)
Death1799Marbletown, Ulster, New York, USASarah Hardenburg (197)
Birthabout 1799Bridgewater Massachusetts United States of America - PlymouthElizabeth Macomber
Residence1799New York, USAJoseph Youngs (112)
Death1799New Paltz Ulster Co. N.Y..Isaac LeFever (50)
Residence1799New York, USAJabez Spencer
Residence1799New York, USAJosiah DePuy (96)
Marriage1799New York New Mexico United States of America - SalemDaniel Carswell with Elizabeth Safford
Residence1799New York, USAGerhardus Hardenberg (194)
Birth1799Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesJames Carpenter
Birth2 January 1800?Asher Spencer
Marriage30 January 1800?Ephraim Spencer with Charlotte Codding
Death4 March 1800Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United StatesIchabod Rogers
Birth29 March 1800?Aseneth Spencer
Birth14 April 1800Whitehall, Washington Co., NYHelena Brodhead (49)
Birth14 April 1800New Paltz, NYHelena Brodhead (49)
Birth14 April 1800New Paltz, Ulster Co., NYHelena Brodhead (49)
Death21 April 1800Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAFrancis (Capt.) Brown
Birth15 August 1800?Simon Petrus Rider
Birth6 October 1800?Betsy Whitney
Death14 October 1800?Constantine Spencer
Death14 October 1800?Ann Millidge (399)
Death19 November 1800Hampton, Windham, Connecticut, United StatesJeduthan Rogers
Birth26 November 1800Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYEunice Greene
Death30 November 1800New York, New York, New York, United StatesCharles Adams
Birth21 December 1800Westminster, VTCaleb Spencer
Residence1800Otsego, Otsego, New YorkZatu Andrews (244)
Deathafter 1800?Thomas Spencer
Birth1800West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIRandall Spencer
Deathafter 1800?Henry Waite
Residence1800Stamford, Fairfield, ConnecticutBenjamin Youngs
Residence1800Stamford, Fairfield, ConnecticutBenjamin Youngs
Death1800Jun Andalucia Spain - GranadaHenry Waite
Residence1800Hancock Maine United States of America - ColburntonReuben Tourtellot
Residence1800Hancock Maine United States of America - ColburntonCaptain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494)
Residence1800Ashford, Windham, ConnecticutThomas Youngs
Deathabout 1800Albany, Albany Co., NYAlexander Spencer
Residence1800Rochester, Ulster, New YorkBenjamin DePuy
Residence1800Hebron, Washington, New YorkJames Flack
Residence1800Hillsdale, Columbia, New YorkIthamar Spencer (472)
Residence1800Whitehall, Washington, New YorkJabez Spencer
Residence1800Holland, Hampshire, MassachusettsTrenance Webber (382, 646)
Birthabout 1800Belfast, County Antrim, Northern IrelandWilliam McCollough
Residence1800Unadilla, Otsego, New YorkIthamar Amos Spencer (118)
Birthabout 1800?Benjamin Franklin
Marriage1800?Jean-Baptiste Montigny with Josephte Grenier
Residence1800Hillsdale, Columbia, New YorkNehemiah Spencer
Marriageabout 1800Herkimer, Herkimer Co., NYElias C. Spencer with Lydia (Unknown)
Birthabout 1800MassachusettsMarshall M Fayer
Residence1800Great Barrington Maryland United States of America - BerkshireJoshua Root (176)
Residence1800Rochester, Ulster, New YorkElias DePuy (48)
Residence1800New York, USAJabez S. Gifford (120)
Residence1800Unadilla, Otsego, New YorkThomas Wilbur (234)
Residence1800Hancock, Hillsborough, New HampshireDaniel Merrill
Death1800Troy New York United States of America - Rensselaer Co.Samuel Spencer
Residence1800Glocester, Providence, Rhode IslandJohn Andrews (488)
Birthabout 1800?Margaret ?
Birth22 March 1801Maryland, Otsego Co., NYAmos P. Spencer
Birth23 March 1801?Polly Farr
Birth29 March 1801Montgomery, New YorkLydia Youngs
DeathMarch 1801Quebec Quebec Canada - Petite Riv St Francois, 1654470Ursule Marie Simard (299)
Birth2 April 1801Leicestershire, EnglandAnn Smith
Birthabout April 1801Quebec Quebec Canada - St-Philippe, Laprairie countyMarie Marguerite Laroche (37)
Birth13 May 1801East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAlmey Wickes Spencer
Birth16 May 1801Larabee’s Point, Shoreham, VTLovina Rowley
Birth24 May 1801RIJoseph Warren Ladd
Death14 June 1801East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIIsaac Johnson
Death29 June 1801West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIJob Spencer
Birth23 July 1801Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYMaria S. Spencer
Birth18 September 1801?Maria Miller
Death28 October 1801Conway, Franklin, MANathan Whitney (324)
Birth14 November 1801New Paltz, New Paltz Twp., Ulster Co., NYCharles Wessel Brodhead
DeathNovember 1801?Joab Stafford
Marriage22 December 1801Petersham, Worchester, MassachusettsDaniel Dean with Jerusha Houghton
Birth1801Ulster, Ulster, New York, USACatrina DePuy
Deathabout 1801Gore, Yates Co., NYSusannah L. Briggs
Marriage1801MassachusettsBenjamin Moore (90) with Margaret Bell (91)
Birth1801Sullivan County, New York, USACharles Wessel Broadhead
Birth1801Rhode Island, United StatesAbraham Tourtellot Andrews
Death15 January 1802Quebec Quebec Canada - St-Vallier, BellechasseMarie Josephe Arrivee (145)
Marriage28 January 1802Petersham, Worchester, MassachusettsSimeon Houghton with Rachel Dean
Birth2 March 1802Unadilla, Otsego, New York, United StatesStephen Waite
Birth6 March 1802Fly Creek, Otsego County, NYNancy Adams
Birth16 March 1802New Hampton, NHJames Gordon
Death16 April 1802?William Miller
Death16 April 1802?Catherine Miller
DeathMay 1802Dudley, Worchester County, MassachusettsGeorge Wood
Death12 June 1802Shaftsbury, Bennington, Vermont, USARuth Allen
Death29 June 1802Longueuil Quebec Canada - Monteregie RegionFrancois Edeline Delisle (302)
Birth29 July 1802Oxford New York United States of America - Chenango Co.Elizabeth Moore (45)
Birth9 August 1802Westminster, VTAsher Spencer
Death26 August 1802Walpole, NHJohathan Hall
Death24 September 1802Walpole, NHMary Smith
Birth24 November 1802Schenectady, Montgomery, New YorkWilson M. Youngs
Birth7 December 1802Wien, Wien, Vienna, AustriaArchduke Franz Karl Joseph of Austria
Death17 December 1802Laprairie Quebec Canada - St-Jean-Francois-Regis, St. PhilippeMichel LaRoche (296)
Death29 December 1802Marlborough, New YorkLouis DuBois
DeathDecember 1802Newport Rhode Island United States of America - Little ComptonJohn Gifford
Marriage1802Otsego, Otsego, New York, United StatesJohn Youngs
Birth1802?John Allen Gifford
Birthabout 1802?Ezekiel Wiest
Birthabout 1802Brookfield, Madison Co., NYLaura Franklin
Birth1802?Ira Sperry
Marriage1802, New York, United StatesJohn Youngs with Susannah Ferguson
Birth9 January 1803Dummerston, VTFanny Whitney
Birth9 March 1803New York, United StatesJacob Blauvelt
Death27 March 1803Cranston Kentucky United States of AmericaJohn Andrews (488)
Birth22 April 1803Ulster, New York, USAThomas Ryerson Hardenberg DePuy
Birth17 May 1803?Matilda Spencer
Birth11 July 1803?Solomon Spencer
Death2 October 1803Stamford, ConnRebecca Brown
Birth30 October 1803?Joseph Kelder Rider
Birth9 November 1803New Paltz, New Paltz Twp., Ulster Co., NYBenjamin Hornbeck Brodhead
Death1803?Helena Van Alst Bassett (199)
Death1803?Joseph Borden
Birth1803?Jenny DePuy
Birth1803?Silas Spencer
Birth1803?Moses DePuy
?1803Ulster County, New York, USAJosiah DePuy (96)
Death1803Mexico, Oswego Co., NYStephen Spencer
Birth1803Whitehall, Washington Co., NYGideon Carswell
Death1803Smithfield, Bradford, Pennsylvania, United StatesElizabeth Dupuy
Birthabout 1803Brookfield, Madison Co., NYGreene Spencer
Birthabout 1803Sangerfield, Oneida Co., NYCollins Miller
Birthabout 1803?Emma V. Lotridge
Birth1803?Ann Case
Birth1803Rhode Island, United StatesAbeyal Andrews
Death13 January 1804Rochester, Ulster, New York, United StatesRachel Brodhead
Birth20 February 1804?Dorastus Spencer
Birth13 March 1804New Hurley, Ulster County, New York, USARachel Petty Ostrander
Birth25 April 1804Otego County, New YorkAnna Rowley
Death12 May 1804Conway, Franklin, MATabitha Bennett (325)
Baptism17 June 1804New Hurley, Ulster, New York, USARachel Petty Ostrander
Birth1 July 1804?Gilbert Spencer
Death9 August 1804?Tillotson Miller
Birth18 August 1804Sand Hill, Otsego Co., NY, USASamuel Waite
Birth29 September 1804Ansterdam, Montgomery, New YorkHeth P. Youngs
Birth18 October 1804?William M. Whitney
Marriage28 October 1804?Russell Cowles with Dorcas Gardner
Birth28 November 1804Otsego County, NYWilliam Rutenber
Marriage20 December 1804Dutchess, New York, USAJoseph Houck with Maria Rarrick
Marriage20 December 1804East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIDan Clapp with Isabel Bailey
Death1804?Calvin Spencer
Birth1804?Permelia B. Davison
Birthabout 1804Brookfield, Madison Co., NYSpencer Franklin
Birthabout 1804Of Otego, Otsego, New YorkDavid H Cummings
Birth27 January 1805?Sophie Friederike Dorothee Wilhelmine Princess of Bavaria
Baptism24 February 1805Wawarsing Congregation Reformed DutchJosiah DePuy
Birth24 February 1805Wawarsing, Ulster CountyJosiah DePuy
Death20 April 1805New York New Mexico United States of America - OtsegoSarah Haskell
Birth18 May 1805Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co., NYIra Spencer, Dr.
BirthJune 1805Westminster, VTHannah Spencer
Probate23 September 1805Ulster, New York, USACornelius Benjamin Schoonmaker (198)
Birth19 October 1805?Ebenezer Allen
Death20 October 1805Erie County, PAWilliam Gifford (240)
Death20 October 1805w.d. 7 Nov 1794, w.p. 4 Mar 1806, Westport, Rhode IslandWilliam Gifford (240)
Death6 November 1805Benton, Yates Co., NYJames Spencer
Birth16 November 1805?Worden Babcock
Death20 November 1805?Philip Spencer
Death1805Benton, Yates Co., NYAnna Spencer
Marriage1805, Madison, New York, USAIsaac Lent with Elizabeth "Betsey" Youngs
Death1805Rochester, Ulster, N YCornelius Benjamin Schoonmaker (198)
Marriage1805?Joel Spencer with Lois Peck
Birthabout 1805Rhode Island, United StatesDaniel Carpenter
Birth1 February 1806Westminster, VTLouisa Spencer
Birth3 February 1806Marbletown, Ulster, New York, USAPeter Tennyk DePuy
Birth3 February 1806Marbletown, Ulster, New York, USACornelia Wynkoop DePuy
Death14 February 1806Shaftsbury, VTAudrey Spencer
Death25 February 1806Maryland, Otsego Co., NYJoel Spencer
Marriage10 April 1806?Jonathan Hall with Phebe Britton
Birth28 April 1806Claremont, NHCharles Henry Mann
Birth21 June 1806New Paltz, New Paltz Twp., Ulster Co., NYMaria Brodhead
Birth27 August 1806?Amos Kees Spencer
Marriage28 August 1806Reformed Dutch Church, Shawangunk, Ulster Co., NYJoseph DePuy with Rachel Taylor
Death17 September 1806Sullivan, New York, USAPeter Tennyk DePuy
Death21 October 1806Sangerfield, Madison Co., NYAmy Burdick
Marriage23 November 1806Sutton, MASamuel Bigelow with Sally Putnam
Birth6 December 1806Maryland, Otsego Co., NYAbraham Spencer
Birth21 December 1806Otsego County, New York, USAPhilip Spencer
Birth21 December 1806Columbia Co., NYPhilip Spencer
Birthabout 1806New York, USAHarrison C Thompson (52)
Birth1806Fallsburg, Sullivan, New York, United StatesObediah Brown (54)
Birthabout 1806NYAmy Franklin
Birth1806Washington County, New York, USAHelen Bockes
Death1806?Petrus LeFevre
Birth1806?Lorenzo D. Spencer
Birthabout 1806Oneida Co., NYCatherine Spencer
Marriage1806?Allen Baldwin with Abigail Allen (47)
Deathabout 1806?Susan Bull
Birth1806New YorkDrusilla ?
Death2 January 1807?Joel Miller
Birth22 January 1807Marlow, NHVespercia Howard
Birth14 February 1807?Lydia Whitney
Birth21 March 1807Surry Texas United States of AmericaHenry Britton Hall
Death23 March 1807New York New Mexico United States of America - SalemNathaniel Carswell
Death10 April 1807?Elizabeth Slecht
Death13 April 1807Wien, Wien, Vienna, AustriaMaria Teresa Carolina Two Sicilies
Birth21 May 1807Wawarsing, Ulster CountyBenjamin DePuy
Death6 June 1807Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesAbigail Clogstone
Death10 June 1807?Marshal Miller
Baptism12 June 1807Wawarsing CongregationBenjamin DePuy
Death3 September 1807Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesRuth Peck
Deathbefore 7 October 1807Salisbury, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesAbigail Rogers (95, 161)
Death11 October 1807Richfield Springs, Otsego, New York, USAPhebe Devol
Birthabout 1807Otego, Otsego, New YorkNancy Youngs
Death1807?Mary Tourtellot
Birthabout 1807Westminster, VTMark Spencer
Death1807?Rachel Jansen
Death1807?Pendleton Britton
Birth27 January 1808Rhode Island, United StatesTimothy Carpenter
Marriage2 February 1808?Nehemiah Yale with Ruth Spencer
Birth1 May 1808Saratoga New York United States of America - BallstonStephen Whitman
Birth1 May 1808Whitingham, VTSumner Bigelow
Birth2 May 1808Brookfield, Madison Co., NYSallie Franklin
Death5 May 1808Thompson, Windham, Connecticut, United StatesPhebe Thornton
Birth25 June 1808?Jonathan Hall
Marriage26 June 1808Summit, Schoharie, New York, USAErastus Allen (80) with Esther Whitney (81)
MarriageJune 1808Sorel Quebec Canada - P.Q. QuebecJean-Baptiste Montigny with Marie Pennison
Marriage3 July 1808?Capt. John Spencer with Phebe Vaughn
Birth7 July 1808Claverack, Columbia, NYOladyne Spencer
Birth25 July 1808Saratoga New York United States of America - Quacker SpringsSamuel Wrightly Smith
Birth3 August 1808New Paltz, New Paltz Twp., Ulster Co., NYElizabeth Brodhead
Death8 August 1808Maryland, Otsego Co., NYSimeon Spencer
Birth22 September 1808New YorkAlexander S. Youngs
Death23 November 1808Fallsburg, Sullivan, New York, United StatesGerhardus Hardenberg (194)
Birth6 December 1808?Dolly Whitney
Birth10 December 1808Marbletown, Ulster, New York, USAEllinor Garniner DePuy
Probate20 December 1808Ulster, New York, USAGerhardus Hardenberg (194)
Birth1808New York, USAUriah Chapman
Death1808?Nancy Ryersen (195)
Death1808?Betsey Bentley
Birthabout 1808Otego, Otsego, New York, USAElizabeth L. Youngs
Death1808?Sarah Marchant
Birthabout 1808RIJohn T. G. Bailey
Birth25 January 1809Tioga Co., PAGeorge Clinton Spencer
Death4 February 1809?Dolly Miller
Death7 February 1809?Mercy (Mary) Slocum
Birth16 February 1809Halifax, VTRebecca Whitney
Death21 February 1809Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - New BedfordMercy Waite
Death25 February 1809?Infant Spencer
Birth5 March 1809?Silas Spencer
Marriage5 March 1809Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoThomas Benjamin Tourtellot with Charlotte Caroline Inman
Birth29 March 1809?Nathan Spencer
Marriage13 April 1809?Frederick Scoville with Sarah Hayward
Death19 May 1809New Haven, ConnecticutNathaniel Spencer
Death9 June 1809Oxford New York United States of America - ChenangoJoshua Root (176)
Birth19 September 1809Mt Upton, Chenago Co., NYJohn B Secor
Birth20 September 1809Otsego Co., NYJoel Allen
Birth16 October 1809Sangerfield, Oneida Co., NYJob Spencer
Birth14 November 1809Walpole, NHWilliam Howard Scovell
DeathNovember 1809?John Spencer
Death1 December 1809NYAnna Elizabeth Holland
Birth3 December 1809New York, United StatesJane Ann Worden
Birth1809?Eveline Gay
Birth1809?Juliana DePuy
Birthabout 1809Westminster, VTInfant Spencer
Deathabout 1809?Pamela Allen
Birth12 January 1810?Ezra Hall
Birth28 January 1810New York New Mexico United States of America - SidneyEliza Shepard
Marriage18 March 1810?Joel Spencer with Clarissa Belden
Birth24 April 1810Mt Upton, Chenango, New York, USACynthia Young
Birth24 April 1810Greenfield, MAElizabeth Johnson
Birth29 April 1810Otego, Otsego, New YorkMatilda Youngs
Birth10 May 1810?Alzina Spencer
Birth6 July 1810Rhode Island, United StatesAzala Carpenter
Marriageabout 19 July 1810?Joseph III Morse with Nancy Parker
Baptism15 August 1810Marbletown, New York, USAEllinor Garniner DePuy
Birth4 October 1810Hollis, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesCalvin Leonard Merrill
Death5 October 1810Quebec Quebec Canada - St Philippe, Comic De LaprarieMarie Archange Lussier (75)
Death12 October 1810Marbletown, Ulster, New York, United StatesLouis Brodhead
Birth15 October 1810?Mary Whitney
Death22 October 1810West Parish, VTRebecca Spencer
BirthOctober 1810?Olive Spencer
Birth4 November 1810NYOrrin Vincent
Burial10 November 1810East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIWilson Spencer
Birth1810Alfred, Allegany Co., NYOsmund Burdick
Death1810Fly Creek, NYJohn Rutenberg
Residence1810Pittstown, Rensselaer, New York, United StatesJabez S. Gifford (120)
Residence1810Ellsworth Maine United States of America - HancockAbraham Tourtellot
Residence1810Neversink, Sullivan, New York, United StatesJosiah DePuy (96)
Birth1810New York, United StatesSusannah ?
Birth1810Cooperstown, Otsego, New York, United StatesMillicent Mellicent Carpenter
Residence1810Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportLemuel Manchester (466)
Residence1810Ashford, Windham, Connecticut, United StatesThomas Youngs
Residence1810Hollis, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesDaniel Merrill
Marriage1810NYJoshua Vincent, Jr. with Olive Spencer
Birth1810?Rebecca Smith
Residence1810Great Barrington, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United StatesJoshua Root (176)
Birthabout 1810Brookfield, Madison Co., NYRhoda Franklin
Residence1810Saratoga New York United States of AmericaDaniel Wait (232)
Residence1810Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United StatesJabez Spencer
Residence1810Marbletown, Ulster, New York, United StatesGerhardus Hardenberg (194)
Marriageabout 1810?John Franklin Truman with Martha (Betty) Spencer
Birthbefore 1810?Rhoda Spencer
Marriage1810CHESTER MASSElliott Moore with Sally (SARAH?) Belding
Birth1810?Jane Graham
Birth1810?Lucretia Spencer
Residence1810Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesLydia Tourtellot
Birthabout 1810CanadaMary Louisa ? (39)
Death7 February 1811?Sarah Johnson
Death7 February 1811?Sarah Johnson
Birth12 March 1811New Paltz, New Paltz Twp., Ulster Co., NYCornelia Brodhead
Birth16 May 1811Brookfield, Madison Co., NYHenry Spencer
Birth30 May 1811West Greenwich, Kent Co., RIBetsey Ann Bentley
BirthJune 1811Westminster, VTCynthia Spencer
Birth21 July 1811?Isaac Hall
Death22 July 1811Lebanon, Columbia Co., NYSpencer Bentley
Marriage2 October 1811?John Fry with Philomela Spencer
Birth8 November 1811?Anna Maria Truman
Death25 November 1811Fly Creek, NYJohn Adams I
Birth30 November 1811Washington Co., PASophia Maria Spencer
Marriageabout 1811?John Spencer with Elizabeth Greene
Birth1811?Cynthia Spencer
Birth1811?Margett Moore
Marriageabout 1811?John Spencer with Mary Ketchum
Death1811Northampton County, PABenjamin DePuy
Birth17 January 1812Unadilla, Otesgo Co., NYAhijah Wait (58)
Birth15 February 1812?Nathan Gifford
Birth2 March 1812Charlottsville, Norfolk Co., Ontario, CAHenry Verveelin Barnum
Birth13 March 1812Brookfield, Madison Co., NYSophronia R. Bailey
Birth22 March 1812New York New Mexico United States of America - MasonvilleMary Ann Brown
Death17 April 1812New Jersey, USAAltje Rapelje
Birth24 April 1812?Cornelius DePuy
Birth26 April 1812?Sally Bigelow
Death3 May 1812Chambly Quebec Canada - Boucherville (Ste. Famille)Michel Lussier (150)
Birth24 May 1812?Ambrose C. Spencer
Marriage28 June 1812?William Spencer with Mary Vaughn
Death6 July 1812?Vespasian Miller
Birth7 August 1812New YorkHenry Smith
Birth30 August 1812Canoe Camp, Richmond Twp, Tioga Co., PAValorus Orlando Spencer
?August 1812New York, War of 1812Ezra Allen
Birth5 October 1812?Leroy Spencer
Birth20 October 1812?Hannah Whitney
Birth22 October 1812?Benjamin Spencer
Birth24 October 1812Canadice, Ontario Co., NYJames Samuel Spencer
Baptism1 November 1812Creggan Upper, Armagh and Louth, IrelandJames Kelly (16)
Birth1 November 1812Creggan Upper, County Armagh, IrelandJames Kelly (16)
Birth9 November 1812Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYDaniel G. Vincent
DeathDecember 1812?Susannah Reynolds
Death1812Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, United StatesBenjamin Youngs
Birthabout 1812IrelandJames Kelly (16)
Marriage1812Ontario Co., NYIra Spencer, Rev. with Sally Hull
Birth1812USAMariah Spencer
Birthabout 1812SpainJames Kelly (16)
Birth1812?Sara C. DePuy
?1812United StatesCaptain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494)
Deathabout 1812?Elisha Spencer
Death1812Stephentown, NYThurston Carr
Death1812Townshend, Windham, Vermont, United StatesBenjamin Tourtellot
Death1812Bridgewater Massachusetts United States of America - PlymouthContent Byram

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