List of events ordered by date

Event TypeDatePlaceIndividualDocuments
Marriage12 January 1813Jefferson New York United States of AmericaEzra Allen
Death16 January 1813Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYRandall L. Spencer
Birth27 January 1813Worcester, Otsego, New York, USASally Mariah Allen
Death7 February 1813Fredericksburg Ontario CanadaHazelton Spencer
Death24 February 1813Town of Butternuts, Otsego, New York, USAEdward J. Smith (114)
DeathFebruary 1813Stephentown, NYNathaniel Gardner
Birth20 March 1813New York New Mexico United States of America - WhitehallHarvey Bartholomew
?12 April 1813?Jacob Agney (46)
BirthApril 1813New YorkSylvester H Lent
Death5 May 1813Wellsbridge, Otsego, New York, United StatesAnna Wood (235)
Death15 May 1813Fly Creek, NYSubmit Butts
Death28 May 1813Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportDavid Devol
Birth6 June 1813?James Gifford
Death15 August 1813?Judge Johnson Benjamin
Birth22 September 1813Walpole, NHElsa Rebecca Carpenter
Death10 October 1813?Anstress OR Anstis Carvan
Probate15 October 1813Warren, New York, USAEdward J. Smith (114)
Birth20 November 1813Hamlet of Hurley, Hurley Twp., Ulster Co., NYJacob Brodhead
Birth2 December 1813Otsego, Otsego, New York, USASimeon Spencer
Birth6 December 1813Surry Texas United States of AmericaJohn Britton Hall
Birth18 December 1813?William Almy Tillinghast Gifford
Death19 December 1813Mansfield, CTConstant Southworth
Birth20 December 1813Saratoga New York United States of America - Saratoga SpringsAllen Smith
?22 December 1813?Jabez S. Gifford (120)
Birth28 December 1813Walpole, NHFrederick Willard Scovell
Death1813Florida, Montgomery Co., NYMicah Mudge
Deathabout 1813Norfolk, Virginia, United StatesHannibal M Allen
?1813?Jacob Agney (46)
Birth6 January 1814Pittsburgh, PAAdeliza Luaretta Truman
Death7 January 1814?Ira Allen
Death11 January 1814Clifton Park, Saratoga Co., NYSarah Adams (227)
Death31 January 1814Spencertown, Columbia Co., NYEleazor Spencer
Death3 March 1814Montgomery, New York, United StatesSarah DePuy
Birth19 March 1814Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NYAmaryllis Vincent
Death12 April 1814Barkhamsted, CTThomas Spencer
Birth7 May 1814Unadilla, Otsego, NYLydia Amelia Fry
Death19 June 1814?David Harvey
?11 September 1814New York, USAErastus Allen (80)
Death26 September 1814?Joseph Miller
Birth7 October 1814Bath, NHSarah Bancroft Abbott
Birth5 December 1814?Henry Whitney
?6 December 1814?Jabez S. Gifford (120)
Death25 December 1814Plattekill, Ulster, New York, USA-bur. Esterly GroundPetrus Ostrander
Death1814East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIElizabeth Spencer
Birth1814New YorkSamuel Wyvell
Death1814?Moses DePuy
Birth1814Stowe, Lamoille, Vermont, United StatesNathaniel Lyman Butts
Death9 February 1815New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesPhebe Resseguie
Birth23 February 1815Worcester, Otsego, New York, USAElecta Allen
BirthFebruary 1815IrelandWilliam Rankin
Birth4 April 1815?Jerusha Spencer
Birth7 April 1815?Reuben Krom
Birth11 April 1815Saratoga New York United States of America - Quaker SpringsWilliam W Smith
Death27 April 1815?Mary Vaughn
Death20 May 1815New York New Mexico United States of America - SalemEsther Henry
Birth1 June 1815Otego, Otsego, New York, USALorenzo Lent
Death18 July 1815Woodstock, Windsor, Vermont, United StatesIsrael Houghton
Birth19 July 1815?Phebe Hall
Birthabout 14 August 1815New York StateElijah Parker Morse
Birth18 August 1815NYPaul Maxon Vincent
Death13 September 1815Otsego, New YorkJoseph B Rexford
Birth25 October 1815Wayne, Steuben, New York, United StatesHenry Houck
Birth15 November 1815Lagrangeville, Dutchess County, NYSeneca Dutcher
Birth19 November 1815?Sarah Ann Scoville (Scovell)
Death4 December 1815Mansfield, Windham, Connecticut, United StatesJosiah Rogers
Marriage20 December 1815?Joseph Houck with Maria Rarrick
Birth25 December 1815Ellenville, Ulster, New YorkAmanda Melvina Bulle (55)
Marriageabout 1815?Elias DePuy (48) with Helena Brodhead (49)
Birth1815?Sarah LINDSAY Moore
Death1815Plattekill, Ulster, New York, United StatesEunice Petty
Birthabout 1815?Philenda (Widow) (Spencer) Richardson
Birth1815Wurtemburg.GermanyJohn S. Wagner
Birth1815?Samantha A. Spencer
Birthabout 1815?Albertus Spencer
Birthabout 1815United StatesElecta Allen
Marriage16 January 1816?Olney Zattu Andrews (122) with Amy H. Carpenter (123)
Birth21 March 1816Marbletown, Ulster Co., NYRachel Eliza DePuy
Birth17 April 1816Rochester, Ulster, NYHenry DeWitt DePuy
Birth24 May 1816East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIMaria Harrington
Death10 June 1816Lebanon, Madison, New York, United StatesAbigail Amelia Adams
Marriage7 July 1816?Isaac Spencer with Nancy Peabody
Birth22 July 1816Sidney Plains, Delaware, NYWiliam Avery Fry
Birth4 August 1816Sangerfield, Oneida Co., NYWelthe E. Lewis
Baptism10 August 1816Reformed Church, MarbletownRachel Eliza DePuy
Death22 August 1816Rochester, Ulster, New York, United StatesGertrude Brodhead
Death11 October 1816Plattekill, Ulster, New York, USAChristina Rank
Marriage14 October 1816?Gaius Lawrence Spencer with Lucy Cady
Birth1816Maryland, Otesgo Co., NYJane Spencer (59)
Marriage1816?Stephen Tourtellot with Betsy Ring
Birth1816?Eliza Spencer
Residence1816GibraltarDaniel Kelly (32)
Death1816Busti ? Italia - N YAnn Dewey
Birthabout 1816New York, USAAbigail J Foster (53)
Deathafter 1816?Richard Borden
Birth5 January 1817?Maria Whitney
Birth11 January 1817?Henry Baxter
Death24 January 1817Maryland, Otsego Co., NYPhineas Spencer
Birth1 February 1817?Getty Ann Cristiana
Birth8 March 1817NYWilliam Vincent
Birth13 March 1817PrussiaJohn Henry Lauber
Birth17 March 1817New YorkIsaac Lent
Birth22 March 1817?Clarissa Bigelow
Death6 April 1817New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesAsa Prime
Birth13 April 1817Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, United StatesWilliam Gifford (60)
Birth4 May 1817Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAOlney Z Andrews
Birth19 May 1817?Hannah Hall
Marriage17 June 1817?Peter Loop with Aseneth Spencer
Birth25 June 1817?Johannis Rider Krom
Birth15 July 1817Otsego Co., NYJustin Allen (40)
Birth18 August 1817?Harriet Eliza Scoville (Scovell)
Birth20 August 1817Marbletown, Ulster Co., NYCornelius Vandermark DePuy
Birth17 December 1817Sidney Plains, Delaware, NYJohn Bostwick Fry
Deathafter 1817Whitehall, Washington Co., NYTabitha Spencer
Birth1817Baden Baden-Württemberg GermanyAdaline Wagner
Birthabout 1817New York, USAAbigail J Foster (53)
Birth1817New HampshireCaleb Palmer
Birth1817New York, United StatesRebecca Fisk
Birth1817?Sarah Spencer
Birth1817?Adeline Holmes
Birthabout 1817CanadaZebedee Blanchard (38)
Birthabout 1817?Hannah ?
Birth6 January 1818Unadilla, Otsego, New York, United StatesAnnie Waite
Marriage15 January 1818?Job Spencer with Eunice Greene
Death26 January 1818Durham, Middlesex Co., CTJohn Spencer
Baptism22 February 1818Reformed Church, MarbletownCornelius Vandermark DePuy
Birth18 March 1818Ontario Co., NYMary Chamberlain
Birth20 March 1818?Sarah W Smith
Deathbefore 25 March 1818Aurelius, Cayuga Co., NYAbner Spencer
Residence22 April 1818Penobscot Maine United States of AmericaCaptain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494)
Event forApril 1818Penobscot Co.Captain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494)
Event forApril 1818Penobscot Co.Abraham Tourtellot (980, 988)
Death27 May 1818Town of Butternuts, Otsego Co., NYCatherine Chapman (115)
Deathbefore 18 June 1818Massachusetts, United StatesSarah Webber (191, 323)
Death28 July 1818?Joseph DePuy
Birth10 September 1818Vermont, United StatesHannah McFarren
Birth28 September 1818?Emeline Ladu
Birth6 October 1818New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesRoyal Treadwell Prime
Birth11 October 1818Oxford New York United States of America - ChenangoRachel Almira Youngs
Death28 October 1818Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USAAbigail Smith
Birth4 November 1818NYDavid Vincent
Birth21 November 1818New YorkCordelia ?
Birth22 November 1818Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAGeorge Washington Andrews
Birth6 December 1818Richmond, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USAJane Kelts
Death1818?John Matteson
Death1818Rochester, Ulster Co., NYRachel Robinson (193)
Birth1818?Susan Spencer
Death1818?Elizabeth Schoonmaker
Birth1818?Cyrus A. Spencer
Birthabout 1818?William Harris
Marriage1818?Joel Rogers (190, 322) with Ruth White
Death1818?Elizabeth Hurlbut
Birth1818New YorkJames Emmett Brown (42)
Birth1 January 1819, Madison, New YorkRhoda Abigail Lent
Birth16 February 1819Sidney Plains, Delaware, NYNancy Matilda Fry
Birth4 March 1819Otsego, New York, USAEliza D Allen
Birth19 March 1819Vega, NYJane Jenkins
Birth26 March 1819New YorkPhoebe Smith
Marriage15 April 1819Canoe Camp, Richmond Twp, Tioga Co., PALeander Kees Spencer with Lovina Rowley
Birth19 April 1819?Mary Louisa Scoville (Scovell)
Birth30 April 1819?Sarah Williams
Death22 June 1819Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesLydia Tourtellot
Death22 June 1819Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesEsther Tourtellot
Birth6 July 1819Salisbury New York United States of America - Herkimer Co.Levi Spencer
Birth30 July 1819?Charles Whitney
Birth12 August 1819?Enos P. Gifford
Birth21 August 1819?Jane Krom
Death10 September 1819?Frances Margaret Allen
Death19 September 1819Sherburne, Chenango, New York, United StatesJohn Peck
Birth25 November 1819RIRhodes Green Spencer
Death2 December 1819?Cynthia Spencer
Death2 December 1819Marbletown, Ulster, New York, USACapt Frederick Schoonmaker
Death21 December 1819?Cynthia Spencer
Death23 December 1819?Hannah Spencer
Birth1819Dutchess Co., NYRebecca M Reynolds
Birth1819Washington County, New York, USAJames B Wilson
Residence1819New YorkJoseph Youngs (112)
Residence1819ConnecticutEphraim Spencer
Birth1819?Jael Moore
Birth17 January 1820New York New Mexico United States of America - OtsegoArmenia Spencer
Death24 January 1820?Hannah Youngs
Marriage14 February 1820Quebec Quebec Canada - St-Constant, Laprairie countyMichel Pierre Montigny (36) with Marie Marguerite Laroche (37)
Birth19 February 1820Staffordshire, EnglandJames Scott Harris
Birth26 March 1820?Abigail Hall
Death2 April 1820?Charles Miller
Birth6 May 1820New YorkCharles Brodhead Depuy
Death8 June 1820Providence , Rhode IslandCapt William Carpenter
Birth10 June 1820?Rhoda Sarah Truman
Birth28 June 1820NYEdward Vincent
Birth3 July 1820?Sarah Bigelow
Birth16 July 1820Sidney Plains, Delaware, NYSarah Licinda Fry
Birth28 August 1820Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USANancy Amy Andrews (61)
Death5 September 1820Plainfield, Otsego, New York, USACapt John Kilbourne
BirthSeptember 1820?Adaline Haldeman
Death16 November 1820Foster, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesJonathan Tourtellot
Death16 November 1820Otego, Otsego Co., NYElizabeth Peck (113)
Death5 December 1820Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportChristopher Gifford
Death6 December 1820Penobscot Maine United States of America - OronoCaptain Abraham Tourtellot (490, 494)
Death13 December 1820?Martha Spencer
Residence1820Neversink, Sullivan, New York, United StatesJosiah DePuy (96)
Deathafter 1820Allegany Co., NYJoseph Spencer
Residence1820Cato, Cayuga, New York, United StatesJabez Spencer
Birthabout 1820EnglandSarah Goodall
Occupationabout 1820Ulster CountyJosiah DePuy (96)
Residence1820Milford, Otsego, New York, United StatesJames Carpenter (246)
Residence1820New York New Mexico United States of America - OtsegoIthamar Amos Spencer (118)
Birth1820?Lathrop Belden Moore
Residence1820Summit, Schoharie, New York, United StatesEzra Allen
Death1820?Robert Spencer
Residence1820Otego, Otsego, New York, United StatesJoseph Youngs (112)
Residence1820Saratoga New York United States of America - HalfmoonThomas Youngs
Residence1820Worcester, Otsego, New York, United StatesJustin E. Allen
Residence1820Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesDaniel Merrill
Birth1820Canoe Camp, (Mansfield) Tioga, PA, USAAlonzo Monroe Spencer
Death1820?Nancy Crawford
Residence1820Otsego, New York, United StatesAbraham Tourtellot Andrews
Residence1820South Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United StatesJoel Rogers (190, 322)
Residence1820Penobscot Maine United States of AmericaStephen Tourtellot
Residence1820Neversink, Sullivan, New York, United StatesElias DePuy (48)
Residence1820Bolton, Warren, New York, United StatesJabez S. Gifford (120)
Deathbefore 1820Roxbury, Delaware Co., NYIrena Haynes
Death1820Trumbull Co., OHSally Hull
Death1820Oxford New York United States of America - ChenangoBethiah Dewey (177)
Deathabout 1820New YorkDaniel Schoonmaker
Birth1820Trumbull Co., OHIra Denis Spencer
Death1820Alexandria, Alexandria Co., ILJoel Spencer
Residence1820Middle Smithfield, Delaware, Palmyra, Upper Smithf, Pike, Pennsylvania, United StatesJacob Agney (46)
Birth1 January 1821Synder Hill, Tompkins, NYSara Genung
Death18 February 1821?Joel Allen
Death27 March 1821Benton, Yates, New York, United StatesSarah Spencer
Birth29 March 1821Saratoga New York United States of America - Quaker SpringsCharles Ensign Smith
Birth3 April 1821?Martha Maria Scoville (Scovell)
Marriage16 May 1821Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - WestportHumphrey Almy Gifford with Phebe Davis
Birth20 May 1821Schoharie, New York, USASally Evans (41)
Death1 June 1821Unadilla, NYJonathan Spencer
Birth7 June 1821Masonville, Delaware Co, NYRachel Ellen Sturges (63)
Birth7 June 1821Masonville, NYRachel Ellen Sturges (63)
Marriage14 June 1821Trumbull Co., OHIra Spencer, Rev. with Sally Earle
Birth10 July 1821Otsego Co., NYAlva M. Allen
Birth17 July 1821Pb, Ontario, New York, United StatesMary Ann Barnhart
Birth4 August 1821Warwick, Orange Co., New YorkBelinda Taylor
Birth18 August 1821Otsego, Otesgo, New YorkJohn Steward Cummings
Birth10 September 1821Sidney Plains, Delaware, NYMartha Ann Fry
Death14 September 1821Whitingham, VTSamuel Bigelow
Death27 November 1821?Sarah Miller
Birth4 December 1821?Lydia Edith Spencer
Birth18 December 1821NYRhoda Malvina Vincent
Birth1821?Aurilla OR Mercy Spencer
Birth1821Masonville, NY (Delaware Co.)Rachel Ellen Sturges (63)
Birthabout 1821New York, USAAbigail J Foster (53)
Birth1821New YorkAltana Jane Baker (43)
Birth14 January 1822?Catherine Whitney
Birth22 January 1822Lights Corners, Putnam Co., NYNelson L. Sprague
Death22 January 1822?Patience Miller
Marriage23 January 1822Brookfield, Madison Co., NYElnathan Clarke with Maria S. Spencer
Marriage11 February 1822Amsterdam, Montgomery, New YorkRev Clemens C. Youngs (56) with Maria Smith (57)
Death1 March 1822Steuben, Oneida, New York, United StatesIsrael Spencer
Birth17 May 1822?Corelius Krom
BirthMay 1822of Oxford, Chenango, New YorkWalter A Youngs
Event forafter 9 June 1822Adams Cemetery, Hartwick, Otsego, New YorkJames Carpenter (246)
Death9 June 1822Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAJames Carpenter (246)
Birth17 June 1822Trumbull Co., OHHorace Heaton Spencer
Marriage4 July 1822?Abel Rockwell with Lucretia Spencer
Death19 July 1822?Thomas Youngs
Birth14 August 1822Hamilton Co., NYBetsey Willis
Birth13 September 1822Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - Fall RiverAndrew Jackson Borden
Birth30 September 1822Surry Texas United States of AmericaCalvin Britton Hall
Birth3 November 1822?Almus Truman
Death4 November 1822Washington County, New York, USAWilliam Bockes
Marriage13 November 1822Middletown, Middlesex Co., CTRoswell Spencer with Mary Ford
Birth23 November 1822Brookfield, Madison Co., NYJoshua Clarke
Birth18 December 1822New YorkRachel DePuy
Death23 December 1822?Almey Wickes
Death1822Otsego, Otsego, New York, United StatesSimeon Wilbur
Birth1822Chester, MAStephen Waterman Moore
Birth6 January 1823Lansing, Tompkins Co., NYCharles White
Death14 January 1823Canadice, Ontario Co., NYLydia (Unknown)
Death19 February 1823Laprairie Quebec Canada - St-Jean-François-Régis (St-Philippe) Michel Laroche (148)
Death20 February 1823Otego, Otsego, New YorkJohn Youngs
Death9 March 1823Westport, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USADeborah Howland
Marriage10 April 1823?Charles Gardner with Lucy Ammerman
Death17 April 1823Columbia, Herkimer, New York, USAAbigail Peck
Birth17 June 1823?Ira Spencer
Death7 July 1823?Hannah Worden
Birth29 July 1823Sidney Plains, Delaware, NYFrances Fry
Birth6 August 1823?Amos Stocker Scoville (Scovell)
Birth31 August 1823New YorkTenEyck DePuy
Birth19 September 1823Somerset, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USASarah Anthony Morse
Birth26 September 1823Saratoga New York United States of America - StillwaterAnthony M Smith
Birth11 October 1823NYJoshua Stillman Vincent
Death30 November 1823Plainfield, Otsego, New York, USAAnna Smith
MarriageNovember 1823Maryland, Otsego Co., NYUriah Spencer with Esther Worden
Death1 December 1823N.Brookfield, Madison Co., NYSarah Spencer
Birth1823?Almakiah Spencer
Birth1823, Montgomery, New YorkMatilda Lent
Deathabout 1823Hermon Maine United States of America - PenobscotFreelove Tourtellot
Birthabout 1823Unadilla Center, Otsego, New YorkSarah Ann Youngs
Marriage1823?Ransome Jarm Greene with Susan (Gorton) Barton
Birth29 January 1824?William McGowan Spencer
Birth4 February 1824?Adeline Spencer
Marriage19 February 1824Otego, Otsego, New York, United StatesStephen Waite with Anna Rowley
Death27 February 1824Laprairie Quebec Canada - St-Jean-François-Régis (St-Philippe) Marie Sophie Françoise Tremblay (149)
MarriageFebruary 1824?John Gardner with Elizabeth Smith
Birth16 March 1824Otsego Co., NYClarissa Allen
Birth25 March 1824?Henrietta Stillman
Birth2 April 1824New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut, United StatesEsther Cordelia Prime
Death25 April 1824Westminster, Windham County, Vermont, USAEphraim Spencer
Birth30 April 1824Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAAlzina Andrews
Birth10 May 1824?Nancy Hall
Birth17 June 1824Brookfield, Madison Co., NYSilas Clarke
Birth26 September 1824of,Maryland,Otsego, New YorkDavid Porter Spencer
Death17 October 1824Kingston, Ulster, New York, United StatesMargaret Brodhead
Birth20 October 1824?Freedom Whitney
BirthOctober 1824Pawling, NYLaura Ann Spencer
Birth24 November 1824PennsylvaniaAnna Spencer
Burial1824Madison Lake, Madison Co., NYSilas Clarke
Birthabout 1824?Charles T Root
Death1824?Mary Anna Tripp (241)
Birth1824Monroe New York United States of America - RochesterRuth Niles
Marriage1824?Foster Wight with Polly Farr
Death1824?Silas Clarke
Birth27 January 1825Accord, Village of Rochester, Ulster Co., NYEsther Whitney Krom
Birth14 February 1825?Clark Smith
Death17 March 1825Yamaska Quebec CanadaJean-Baptiste Montigny (72)
Birth19 March 1825Delaware County, New York, USAHenry Lafayette Carroll (62)
Death26 March 1825Northford, Connecticut, USAJoel Rogers (190, 322)
Birth28 March 1825EnglandThomas Goodall
Death1 April 1825New York New Mexico United States of America - OtsegoIthamar Spencer (472)
Death1 April 1825?Nehemiah Spencer
Death1 April 1825New York New Mexico United States of America - OtsegoIthamar Spencer (472)
Death9 June 1825Virgil, Cortland, New York, USAJoseph Bailey
Birth30 August 1825Niagara Co., NYJacob Mica Truman
BirthAugust 1825Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAAsenath S Andrews
DeathSeptember 1825Passadumkeag Maine United States of America - PenobscotReuben Tourtellot
Death13 October 1825Passadumkeag Maine United States of America - PenobscotReuben Tourtellot
Marriage30 October 1825?Gilbert Spencer with Eveline Gay
Birth11 November 1825Sidney Plains, Delaware, NYEmeline Avery Fry
Birth3 December 1825Butternuts, Otsego, New YorkMelissa Youngs
Birth11 December 1825NYOlive Augusta Vincent
Birth15 December 1825?Amanda Malvina Rutenber
Birth1825?Matilda Spencer
Death1 January 1826New York New Mexico United States of America - TreadwellHezekiah Treadwell
Death8 January 1826?Abigail Wilbur
Death14 February 1826?Isaac Miller
Marriage20 February 1826?Joseph Warren Ladd with Almey Wickes Spencer
Death20 March 1826Westport Point, MassachusettsGeorge Gifford
Death1 May 1826Alleghany, NYPhebe Wilbur
DeathJuly 1826Penobscot Co., MaineCharlotte Caroline Inman
DeathJuly 1826Quincy, MassachusettsJohn Adams
Death2 August 1826Gloucester, , Rhode Island, USADaniel Tourtellot
Death2 August 1826New York New Mexico United States of America - OtsegoMatilda Houghton (473)
Death3 August 1826Surry Texas United States of AmericaHannah Hall
Death25 August 1826Busti, Chautauqua, New York, United StatesJohn Spencer
Death4 September 1826?Henry Spencer
Burial7 September 1826East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIHenry Spencer
Birth15 September 1826New York New Mexico United States of America - CrotonAlmon Hezekiah Prime
Death18 September 1826Ulster, Ulster, New York, United StatesAbraham Hardenberg Brodhead
Birth18 November 1826?Lucy Whitney
Birth1826Chenango, New York, United StatesRhoda Redfield Hayes
Birth1826?Ann DePuy
Birth1826NYJohn Earle Spencer
Birth1826NYEliza Peabody
Birthabout 1826Butternuts, Otsego, New YorkCaroline Youngs
Birth1826?Allen Spencer
Marriage1826MaineThomas Benjamin Tourtellot with Hannah Douglas
Occupation1826Ulster County, New York, USAJosiah DePuy (96)
Deathafter 1826?Lydia Bacon
Birth1826VermontThomas Fayer
Birth1826Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAMaryette Mary Andrews
Birth22 January 1827?William Osker Rutenber
Death4 April 1827?Ruth White
Birth18 April 1827NYSusan Elmira Vincent
Birth4 July 1827Sidney Plains, Delaware, NYMartyne Brainard Fry
Birth6 July 1827Otsego Co., NYTruman L. Allen
Death8 July 1827ConnecticutSamuel Youngs
Marriage18 July 1827?Nehemiah Spencer with Emma V. Lotridge
Death1 August 1827Sand Hill, Otsego, New YorkThomas Wilbur (234)
Birth5 August 1827Gouverneur, St Lawrence, New York, United StatesOlive Parsons
Death9 August 1827Westminster, VTPolly Spencer
Birth24 August 1827?Hannah Hall
Birth11 September 1827Saratoga New York United States of America - StillwaterDaniel W Smith
Death14 October 1827?Spencer Franklin
Birth27 October 1827NYGeorge B. Spencer
Death25 December 1827New York New Mexico United States of America - CambridgeEbenezer Baldwin
Birthabout 1827?Burton Spencer
Birthabout 1827PennsylvaniaSophia Spencer
Birth1827?Lathrop Belden Moore
Death1827?Abel Sperry
Birth1827?John Clapp Sperry
Death1827?Judith Wilbur
Death1827?Lathrop Belden Moore
Birthabout 1827New YorkNelson Lent
Death23 January 1828Rochester, Ulster, NYMoses A. DePuy
Death5 May 1828Wayne, Steuben, New York, USAJoseph Houck
Death6 June 1828Royce Field, Somerset, New Jersey, USAJohn Evert Bergen
Birth15 July 1828?Marquis Spencer
Birth26 August 1828Ulster Heights, Ulster County, New York, USASusan Tivett Tyrell
Death7 September 1828Ulster Co, NYElias DePuy
Death10 September 1828Pocock (now Bristol), Addison, Vermont, USAEbenezer Saxton
Birth29 September 1828?Adelia Alsena Rutenber
Death10 October 1828?Rhoda Mudge
Death29 October 1828?Mary Louisa Scoville (Scovell)
Probate9 December 1828Ulster, New York, USAMoses A. DePuy
Deathabout 1828Lynne, Ontario, CanadaJohn Kelly Spencer
Birthabout 1828NYMalinda Parker
Event for1828?James Scott Harris
Death21 March 1829Croton, Delaware, NYAsa Prime
Marriage26 March 1829?Orrin Vincent with Lucy Alvira Babcock
Birth24 May 1829Alfred, Allegany Co., NYHarriet Melissa Vincent
Marriage15 June 1829?Worden Babcock with Fanny Whitney
Birth14 July 1829Vergennes, Addison County, Vermont, USASarah McCollough
Death1 August 1829Caroline, Tompkins, NYJacob DePuy
Death1 August 1829Caroline, Tompkins, NYCatherine Cantine
Birth11 August 1829Saratoga New York United States of AmericaMary Margaret Smith
Birth11 August 1829?Jane Maria Hall
Death6 October 1829Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesZarah Houghton
Death15 October 1829Reading, N YDaniel Wait (232)
Death15 October 1829Dix, Schuyler Co., NY, USADaniel Wait (232)
Marriage1 December 1829Niagara Co., NYHyrum D. Keeler with Sophia Maria Spencer
Birth1829?Electa Spencer
Death1829?Lathrop Belden Moore
Birthabout 1829Butternuts, Otsego, New YorkCatherine Maria Youngs
Birthabout 1829?Mary Spencer
Birth1829Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAMargette Andrews
Birth1829?Lucinda Eldridge
Birth1829Sullivan County, NYElizabeth DePuy
Birth1829Chester, MAElizabeth Ingell
Marriageabout 1829?John Hardenberg DePuy with Jemima ?
Marriage6 January 1830Maryland, Otsego County, New YorkPhilip Spencer with Jane Ann Worden
Birth12 January 1830Guilford New York United States of America - ChenangoCharles Jesse Waite
Death29 January 1830Quebec Quebec Canada - St-Jude, St-Hyacinthe, Les MaskoutainsMarie-Angelique Cote (73)
Death15 February 1830Surry Texas United States of AmericaJane Maria Hall
Death9 March 1830?Ruth Spencer
Birth12 March 1830Worcester, Otsego, New York, USARiley M. Allen
Death21 March 1830Albany, Albany, New York, United StatesHerman Myer Hardenbergh
BirthMay 1830Unadilla, Otsego, New YorkAlice E. Youngs
Death1 July 1830East Windsor Ontario CanadaSamuel Bancroft
Deathafter 26 July 1830New York New Mexico United States of America - GranvilleJeremiah Spencer
Death13 August 1830?Elizabeth Wilbur
BirthAugust 1830New YorkThomas Culver
Death1 September 1830Otego, Otsego, New YorkIsaac Lent
Birth26 September 1830?Serepta Susanna Rutenber
Birth27 September 1830EnglandHannah Dagert
Death11 November 1830Smyrna, Chenango, New York, United StatesSarah Northrup
Marriage2 December 1830?Sumner Bigelow with Rebecca Whitney
Birth9 December 1830?Sarah Allan
Birth1830NYOlive W. Spencer
Deathabout 1830?Mary Anna Tripp (241)
Residence1830Fallsburgh, Sullivan, New York, USAJosiah DePuy (96)
Residence1830Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, New York, United StatesAbraham Tourtellot Andrews
Residence1830Worcester, Otsego, New York, USAJustin E. Allen
Birthabout 1830Otsego, New YorkJohn D Cummings
Residence1830Cato, Cayuga, New York, USAJabez Spencer
Death1830?Elizabeth Nichols
Birthabout 1830VermontLaurinda P. Aiken
Residence1830Hillsborough, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesDaniel Merrill
Marriage1830Upton, Suffolk, New York, United StatesJohn B Secor with Cynthia Young
Residence1830Marcellus, Onondaga, New York, United StatesCaleb Jefferson Sturges (126)
Death1830?Ruth Mudge
Residence1830New York New Mexico United States of America - OtsegoIthamar Amos Spencer (118)
Residence1830Hillsborough, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United StatesDaniel Merrill
Residence1830Otsego, Otsego, New York, United StatesOlney Zattu Andrews (122)
Residence1830Fallsburgh, Sullivan, New York, USAElias DePuy (48)
Residence1830Rye, Perry, Pennsylvania, USAJacob Agney (46)
Birth11 January 1831?Ann E Becker
Birth17 January 1831?Stephen Carroll
Birth19 January 1831Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAJames Hoyle Andrews
Birth23 January 1831?Fanny Maria Babcock
Death11 February 1831Enfield, Hartford County, Connecticut, USANathanial Chapin
Birth13 March 1831Argyle, Washington County, New York, USAWilliam J. Carswell
Marriage22 March 1831?Henry Verveelin Barnum with Adeliza Luaretta Truman
Death12 April 1831Rochester, Ulster Co., NYJoseph DePuy
Birth30 April 1831bet. Oxford & Guilford, Chenango, N.Y.Francis Edgar Willoughby
Birth12 May 1831NYFrancis Marion Vincent
Death11 June 1831Yates County, NY.Abigail Wait
Death2 July 1831?Adelia Alsena Rutenber
Marriage4 July 1831Fallsburgh, Sullivan Co., New YorkObediah Brown (54) with Amanda Melvina Bulle (55)
Birth22 July 1831Canoe Camp, Tioga Co., PAMartha Elida Spencer
Death28 July 1831?Serepta Susanna Rutenber
Death4 November 1831?Clark Cleaveland
Death25 November 1831Hillsdale, Columbia, New York, United StatesCapt. William Chace
BirthNovember 1831?Nelson Secor
DeathDecember 1831?Nelson Secor
Birthabout 1831?James J Root
Death1831Pompey, Onondaga, New York, United StatesEunice Rogers
Death1831IllinoisAhimaaz Spencer
Birthabout 1831Otsego County, New York, USASumner Spencer
Death1831Cherry Creek, Chautauqua, New York, USAAbraham Tourtellot Andrews
Birth13 January 1832?Jane Maria Hall
Death22 January 1832ConnecticutElihu Spencer
Death23 February 1832?Reuben Spencer
Birth20 March 1832Whitingham, VTMinerva Bigelow
Birth26 March 1832?George DePuy
BirthMarch 1832NYAlexander Spencer
Birth27 April 1832Albany, NyIthamer Spencer
Marriage20 June 1832?James Russell Barnum with Anna Maria Truman
Birth6 July 1832Schonbrunn, Vienna, AustriaFerdinand Maximillian Joseph
Birth22 July 1832Canoe Camp, (Mansfield) Tioga, PA, USAMary Ann Spencer
Birth18 August 1832Sidney Plains, Delaware, NYMary Jane Fry
Death29 August 1832?Huldah Johnson
Death4 October 1832Sangerfield, Oneida Co., NYRandall Spencer
BirthOctober 1832?Oscar Henry Secor
Death14 November 1832Anne Arundel, MDCharles Carroll
Marriage6 December 1832Littleton, NHJames Gordon with Sarah Bancroft Abbott
Birthabout 1832Unadilla, Otsego, New YorkWheeler Clemens Youngs
Deathabout 1832East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAmos Spencer
Birth1832?Matilda Ann Vanleuven
Birth1832?Helen DePuy
Birth1832?Joseph Long
Birth1832Brookfield, Madison Co., NYCornelia A. Clarke
Birth12 January 1833?Catherine Davis
Birth28 February 1833Middlebury, New Haven, ConnecticutJohn Henry Townsend
Death6 March 1833?Elizabeth Youngs
Birth11 March 1833Fallsburgh, Sullivan Co., New YorkJohn R. Brown
Marriage14 April 1833?Silas Spencer with Jane Graham
BirthApril 1833Haswell, Durham, EnglandElizabeth Miller
Marriage2 May 1833?Charles Henry Mann with Vespercia Howard
Birth7 May 1833Oxford New York United States of AmericaJanett Elizabeth Root
BirthMay 1833New YorkDavid Platt Ketcham
Birth8 June 1833NYHenry K. Vincent
Birth26 July 1833?Lucelia L. (Unknown)
BirthJuly 1833Dutchess County, New York, USAEmily H Underhill
Birth25 August 1833Westmoreland, NHMartha A. Wight
Birth4 September 1833?Addison L. Spencer
Birth5 October 1833?Frances Emily Rutenber
Birth28 October 1833?Oliver Tarbox
BirthOctober 1833CanadaZeb Raymond
Death9 November 1833Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island, USAWilliam Tourtellot
Marriage11 November 1833?William Howard Scovell with Elsa Rebecca Carpenter
Birth28 December 1833Claremont, NHCharles Edwin Mann
Birth1833Whitehall, Washington Co., NYJacob D DePuy (24)
Birth1833Hasbrouck, Sullivan Co., NYJacob D DePuy (24)
Birth1833New York, United StatesEllen M. Wiest
Birth1833?Hannah ?
Marriage1 January 1834DeRuyter, Cortland Co., NYIra Spencer, Dr. with Mary Ann Walker
Birth26 February 1834NYOrra Spencer
BirthFebruary 1834?Perley H. Scovell
Birth7 March 1834East Greenwich, Kent Co., RICharles Carroll Ladd
Marriage15 May 1834?Osmund Burdick with Amaryllis Vincent
Birth1 June 1834?Lury Jane Babcock
BirthJune 1834Unadilla, Otsego, New YorkElizabeth Youngs
Death6 July 1834Napierville Quebec CanadaMarie Victoire Edeline (151)
Birth14 July 1834Littleton, NHJane Gordon
Death23 July 1834Unadilla, Otsego, New YorkElizabeth Youngs
Birth7 August 1834Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAOliver Hazard Percy Andrews
Birth12 September 1834Whitingham, VTEthan Cook Bigelow
Birth28 September 1834Maryland, Otsego County, New YorkHarriett Matilda Spencer
BirthOctober 1834Charlottsville, Norfolk Co., Ontario, CanadaRhoda Priscilla Barnum
Death1 November 1834Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, United StatesAmy Tourtellot (245)
Death27 November 1834?Azala Carpenter
Death6 December 1834Ulster, New York, USACornelia Wynkoop DePuy
Death19 December 1834?John Miller
BirthDecember 1834?Harriet Alvira Secor
Birthabout 1834?Hannah Sturges
Birth1834Brookfield, Madison Co., NYClarissa P. Clarke
Birth2 January 1835?Julia Ann E. Greene
Death10 January 1835Otsego County, NYDorothy Peck
Birth11 January 1835Canoe Camp, (Mansfield) Tioga, PA, USAIchabod Spencer
Birth16 January 1835?Marth Jane Mann
DeathFebruary 1835Bolivar, Alleghany Co, New York, United StatesThomas Wait
Death2 March 1835Wien, Wien, Vienna, AustriaFrancis Holy Roman Emperor Austria
Birth7 March 1835DeRuyter, Madison Co., NYSilas Spencer
Birth23 April 1835?Lyman LOSEY
Death5 May 1835Oxford New York United States of America - ChenangoAbigail Collins (89)
Birth18 July 1835?Elias DePuy
Death28 September 1835?Lydia Schoonmaker
Death19 October 1835Hebron, Washington County, New York, USAMargaret McCarter
Birth21 October 1835?Susan Wall
BirthOctober 1835?Elliott C. Scovell
BurialOctober 1835Old Hebron Cemetery, Hebron, Washington County, New York, USAMargaret McCarter
Birth7 November 1835New YorkElias DePuy
Birth17 November 1835Fallsburgh, Sullivan Co., New YorkMary Brown
Birth20 November 1835?Harriet E. Clark
Birth29 November 1835town of Unadilla, NYMartha A. Youngs
Death3 December 1835?Wilson Spencer, Jr.
Birth1835Waterford Waterford IrelandBridget Murphy
Death1835?Jabez Spencer
Death1835?Elizabeth Waite
Birthabout 1835?David B DePuy
Death1835Chester, MAOthneil Belding
Birth4 January 1836Otsego, NYRuth E. Goldsmith
Death21 January 1836?Clarissa Allen
BirthFebruary 1836IrelandPatrick H Green
Birth7 March 1836Fallsburgh, Sullivan Co., New YorkCharity Brown
Death17 March 1836?Mary Baker
Birth23 March 1836Whitingham, VTMaria Bigelow
BirthMarch 1836Mt. Upton NY Chenango CountyMartin Van Buren Secor
Birth21 April 1836?Cyrenus (Serenus) Depuy DePuy
Death14 May 1836Middletown, Middlesex Co., CTMatthew Spencer
Birth25 May 1836Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USASusan Malvina Andrews
Death30 May 1836East Westmoreland, NHJohn Britton
Death6 June 1836?Mary Weaver
Birth6 June 1836?Stephen Henry Mann
Birth10 June 1836?Henry Worden Babcock
Birth7 July 1836New YorkLaura Peterson
Birth19 August 1836Sharon Pennsylvania United States of America - MercerOrson George Sherman
BirthAugust 1836MIWilliam Spencer
Death4 September 1836?Isaac Miller
Death11 September 1836East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAnne Bailey
Burial14 September 1836East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIAnne Bailey
Birth9 October 1836Masonville, New YorkCornelius Theodore Sturges
Marriage13 November 1836?Elijah Parker Morse with Jane Jenkins
Marriage15 December 1836?Harvey Bartholomew with Hannah McFarren
Death1836?Eunice Spencer
Birthabout 1836CanadaJohn Montena (18)
Birth1836Whitehall, Washington Co., NYAndrew Justin Root (22)
Birth1836Tomkins, Delaware Co., NYAndrew Justin Root (22)
Birthabout 1836?Nathan Spencer
Death1836?Jerusha Spencer
Death1836?Mary Spencer
Birthabout 1836?Louisa Root
Birthabout 1836IrelandMary Ann McMan (17)
Marriage1836?Calvin Leonard Merrill with Eliza Shepard
Birth1836Wawarsing, Ulster, New YorkRachel LeFevre (25)
BirthJanuary 1837?Martha M. Scovell
Death7 February 1837Unadilla, Otsego, New York, United StatesPhebe Wood
Marriage10 February 1837Brattleboro, VTAsher Spencer with Elizabeth Johnson
Death19 February 1837Schenevus, Otsego, New York, United StatesHadassah Houghton
Death25 February 1837Macedon, Wayne, New York, United StatesSimeon Houghton
Birth28 February 1837?Nicholas B. Vincent
Birth14 March 1837DeRuyter, Madison Co., NYCecelia J. Spencer
Death14 March 1837Douglas, MAThomas Bigelow
Birth27 April 1837Unadilla, Otsego, NYAlbert Edwin Youngs (28)
Birth30 May 1837?George Webster Rutenber
Birth1 June 1837Charlottsville, Norfolk Co., Ontario, CALois Maria Barnum
Death26 June 1837High Falls, Ulster, New York, USASimon Depuy
Death8 October 1837Brookfield, Madison Co., NYPermelia B. Davison
Death14 October 1837Otego, Otsego, New York, USA Mary
Birth17 October 1837Boliver, Allegany Co., NYJames Alfred Mead
Death11 November 1837Stephentown, NYMercy OR Mary Spencer
Birth4 December 1837Syracuse, NYD. S. Mumford
Death1837Passadumkeag Maine United States of America - PenobscotLucy Mansell
Birthabout 1837?Almira Root
Birth1837PennsylvaniaLucina K. Agney (23)
Birthabout 1837Clinton CO PAMary A. ?
Death23 January 1838Lysander, Onondago Co., NYMary Spencer
BirthJanuary 1838New York New Mexico United States of America - SidneyLouisa Jane Merrill
Birth11 February 1838VermontDavid B Bartholomew
BirthFebruary 1838?Seneca George Secor
Birth14 April 1838Littleton, NHAurin Chase Gordon Gordon
BirthApril 1838New YorkSimon Terry
Birth9 June 1838Whitingham, VTGeorge Samuel Bigelow
Birth4 August 1838Andover, Allegany, New York, USANewell Baker
Birth10 August 1838?Calvin DePuy
Birth21 August 1838Greenfield, MAIsaac Newton Spencer
Death25 August 1838Sangerfield, Oneida Co., NYGreene Spencer
BirthAugust 1838?Elsa Scovell
Death5 September 1838Brooktondale, Tompkins, NYJohannes DePuy
Death11 September 1838Reading, Schuyler Co., NYPhoebe Manchester (233)
Birth19 September 1838?James DePuy
Marriage27 September 1838?Daniel G. Vincent with Lucretia Maxson
Birthabout 1838New York, USAIsaac Crawford
Birthabout 1838New YorkFrederick Loose
Birth1838?Ira A. Truman
Birth1838Baptized WoodbourneMoses DePuy
Marriage1838?Ahijah Wait (58) with Jane Spencer (59)
Death1838?Jacob Agney (46)
Birth3 February 1839?Mary Mandana Babcock
Birth22 February 1839Scio, Allegany, New York, United StatesAzuba Genette Butts
Death22 February 1839Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, United StatesZatu Andrews (244)
Death22 February 1839Otsego, Otsego, New York, United StatesZatu Andrews (244)
Death6 March 1839?Ira Whitney
BirthMarch 1839MIEzra Spencer
MarriageMarch 1839Sangerfield, Oneida Co., NYJob Spencer with Welthe E. Lewis
Marriage22 April 1839?Benjamin Spencer with Audra B. Spencer
Death2 May 1839Salisbury, Addison Co., VTJabez Spencer
Death5 May 1839?Amos P. Spencer
Birth20 May 1839Whitingham, VTJames Sidney Bigelow
BirthMay 1839New York, USAJerome B. Thompson (26)
Birth17 June 1839New York, United StatesAlvah Colburn Merrill
Birth19 June 1839Claremont, NHJulia Ann Mann
Death4 July 1839DeRuyter, Madison Co., NYCecelia J. Spencer
Death20 July 1839?Mercy Spencer
Death10 August 1839Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, United StatesSusan Malvina Andrews
Death13 September 1839Fly Creek, Otsego County, NYJabez S. Gifford (120)
Birth25 September 1839DeRuyter, Madison Co., NYEllen Jeanette Spencer
Birth11 October 1839Greenfield, MAPorter Spencer
Death3 November 1839?Asher Spencer
DeathNovember 1839Greensboro, Orleans, Vermont, USAIsaiah Macomber
Birth29 December 1839?Philinda J Wait
Birth1839Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAFrancis Andrews
Birth1839Washington Co., NYRosalie Blanchard (19)
Marriageabout 1839Richmond, Tioga, Pennsylvania, United StatesValorus Orlando Spencer with Jane Kelts
Birth1839?Charles Adams Gifford
Deathabout 1839?Joel Spencer
Death1839Burrillville, Providence, Rhode Island, United StatesSarah Tourtellot
Marriage1839?James Emmett Brown (42) with Altana Jane Baker (43)
Birth1839Armada Twsp., Macomb Co., MIAlma Daggett
Death1839Chester, MAElliott Moore
Birth1839New YorkJohn Montena (18)
Birthabout 1839?Cyntha Andrews
Death14 January 1840Hebron, Washington County, New York, USAJames Flack
Birth25 January 1840Sangerfield, Oneida Co., NYMorton Lewis Spencer
Death29 January 1840?Sarah Spencer
BurialJanuary 1840Old Hebron Cemetery, Hebron, Washington County, New York, USAJames Flack
Death7 March 1840?Susan Spencer
Marriage19 March 1840?Albert Shippee with Lydia Edith Spencer
BirthApril 1840?Levi Leone Secor
Birth5 June 1840?Washington Lazell Rutenber
Birth10 June 1840?Annis Bartholomew
Death6 July 1840?Eliza Spencer
Death8 July 1840N.Brookfield, Madison Co., NYWilliam Franklin
BirthAugust 1840New York New Mexico United States of America - SidneyDaniel W Merrill
Death1 September 1840Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesJemima Southworth (239)
Birth24 October 1840IowaEmily Stout
BirthOctober 1840?Emily Brown (27)
Birth4 November 1840Tioga County, PennsylvaniaCelia Rowley Spencer
Marriage9 November 1840Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, United StatesWilliam Gifford (60) with Nancy Amy Andrews (61)
DeathDecember 1840Bridgewater, New Hampshire, USASeth Spencer
Residence1840New York New Mexico United States of AmericaZebedee Blanchard (38)
Residence1840New York,New YorkJabez Spencer
Residence1840Ulster, New York, United StatesJosiah DePuy (96)
Deathbefore 1840?Daniel Johnson
Residence1840Fallsburgh, Sullivan, New York, United StatesObediah Brown (54)
Residence1840Neversink, Sullivan, New York, USAObediah Brown (54)
Residence1840New York New Mexico United States of AmericaCalvin Leonard Merrill
Residence1840Unadilla, Otsego, New York, United StatesIthamar Amos Spencer (118)
Residence1840Hancock Maine United States of AmericaAbraham Tourtellot
Birthabout 1840?Mary E. Fellows
Death1840?Ann DePuy
Death1840?Zilpha Spencer
Residence1840New York New Mexico United States of America - White HallMichel Pierre Montigny (36)
Birth1840Masonville, Delaware County, New York, USAMary M Sturges
Birthabout 1840United StatesThomas Bartholemew
Deathbefore 1840Cherry Valley, Otsego, New York, USASamuel Allen (94, 160)
Residence1840Penobscot Maine United States of AmericaStephen Tourtellot
Birthabout 1840?Jason Morse
Residence1840Penobscot Maine United States of AmericaLeah Mansell
Residence1840Bradford, Pennsylvania, United StatesJacob Agney (46)
Death15 January 1841?Almakiah Spencer
Birth19 January 1841Centerville New York United States of America - SullivanEmily Brown (27)
Death3 February 1841Watervliet, Albany, New York, United StatesAnnie Waite
Death9 February 1841Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY, USARebecca Wilbur (117)
Death28 February 1841?Matilda Spencer
Death28 February 1841Saratoga New York United States of America - Clifton ParkSarah Peck
Death3 March 1841Warwick, RICapt. John Spencer
Death11 March 1841?Washington Lazell Rutenber
Death5 April 1841Mendon Massachusetts United States of America - WorcesterJesse Tourtellotte
Marriage20 April 1841Dryden, Tompkins, NYHenry DeWitt DePuy with Sara Genung
Death12 May 1841Lodi, Seneca, New York, United StatesRuth Peck
Marriage16 May 1841East Greenwich, Kent Co., RIDaniel Clapp with Phebe Harrington
Birth10 June 1841Whitingham, VTMelissa Sarah Bigelow
Death11 June 1841Coventry, Kent Co., RIGeorge Andrews
Birth21 June 1841Littleton, NHMaria Ann Gordon
BirthJuly 1841?Stella Scovell
Birth29 August 1841?Catherine Ann Depuy DePuy
DeathAugust 1841?Benjamin Rider
Deathafter 4 September 1841Oswegatchie, St. Lawrence Co., NYNoah Spencer
Death12 September 1841Otsego County, New York, USAHannah Tourtellot (247)
Event forafter 12 September 1841Adams Cemetery, Hartwick, Otsego, New YorkHannah Tourtellot (247)
Death12 September 1841Fly Creek, Otsego, New York, USAHannah Tourtellot (247)
Death12 October 1841?George Webster Rutenber
Death23 October 1841?Rebecca Spencer
Birth15 November 1841New York New Mexico United States of America - MasonvilleGeorge Washington Gifford
Death16 November 1841Canadice, Ontario Co., NYEzra Spencer
Death12 December 1841?Jerusha Thompson
Death20 December 1841Unadilla, Otsego, New York, United StatesJoseph Chapman Smith Sr
Death1841?Sarah Spencer
Deathbefore 1841?Horace Spencer
Birthabout 1841New YorkMose Pride
Birth1841New YorkCecelia Wynkoop DePuy

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