List of events ordered by date

Event TypeDatePlaceIndividualDocuments
Birth14 February 1941Mason City, Custer Co., NERose Marie Griffin
Death21 February 1941Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara FallsMichael P Luch
Death21 February 1941?Nancy Histella Gifford
Marriage14 March 1941Bakersfield, Kern Co., CAPaul Leon Spencer with Georgia Roberts
Death17 March 1941Lackawanna, PAJohn Eastlake
Birth21 March 1941Sumner, Custer Co., NENorman D. Berman
?9 April 1941Army. Albany, New YorkGordon Henry Morse
Birth26 May 1941?Duane A. Josephson
Death24 June 1941Binghamton, Broome, NYJohn Marion Long
Birth3 July 1941?Vernon Roger Hackney
Birth3 July 1941?Ervin S. Hackney
Death10 July 1941?Edward August Schenbeck
Death18 July 1941Masonville, Delaware Co, NYBelle Parker
Marriage19 July 1941?John E. Treyz with Helen Adele Spencer
Birth25 July 1941Logan, UTBlake Neal Harmon
Birth1 September 1941Waco, TXLinda Lea Schuldies
Birth1 September 1941Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyLinda Lea Scarlett
Birth22 September 1941Weiser, IDElizabeth Vesta Dixon
Birth18 October 1941Indianapolis, INRobert J. Little
Death5 November 1941Gloversville, Fulton, New York, USAFranklin E. Brown
Marriage18 November 1941Reno, NVLeLand Stanford Ritter with Marie Cecil Spencer
Birth27 November 1941Bison, SDClarence Veal
Marriage20 December 1941Sidney Center, Delaware, NYCharles William Severinghaus with Ethel Louise Long
Residence1941Binghamton, New York, USAFoster B Root
Residence1941Binghamton, New York, USAGladys S
Birth1941Wharton, OHCharles Lyman Hickle
Marriage1941RENO NEVCalvin Moore Farwell with Phyllis Lorene Phelps
Marriage30 January 1942Coeur D'Alene Idaho United States of America - Kootenai Co.Lawrence Freeman Standlea with Germaine Graham
Death21 February 1942New York New Mexico United States of America - DepositVincent J Gifford
Death21 February 1942New York New Mexico United States of America - DepositElizabeth Agnes Meyer
Death21 February 1942New York New Mexico United States of America - DepositMary Elizabeth Gifford
Death21 February 1942New York New Mexico United States of America - DepositMarjorie Veronica Gifford
Marriage4 March 1942?Gerald Allison Gifford with Pauline Eleanor Northrup
Birth11 March 1942?Dale Benoit
?21 April 1942Utica, New YorkJames Leslie Kelly
Birth23 May 1942Mason City, Custer Co., NEKaren Joan Griffin
Birth25 May 1942Denver, COWilliam Munson Rogers
Birth1 June 1942Superior Montana United States of AmericaEmillee Hester Reifflin
?20 June 1942Utica, New YorkRoyal Addison Gifford
Death26 June 1942Rockford Illinois United States of America - WinnebagoArthur Bliss Willoughby
Marriage15 August 1942Seattle, WNJames Spencer with Georgena Potter
Birth15 September 1942?William Daniel Severinghaus
Birth15 September 1942?Jane Severinghaus
Birth11 October 1942?Rodney Lee Vetters
Birth2 November 1942Colorado Springs, COSandra Lee Ritter
?10/14/1942?Gordon Henry Morse
Residence1942Franklin New York United States of AmericaGeorge William Allen
Residence1942Rochester, New York, USAPercy Merton Allen
Residence1942Glens Falls South Glens Falls Hudson Falls Fort Edward, New York, USAEdith Marjorie Kelly
Residence1942Sidney, New York, USAAlbert Addison Youngs
Residence1942Niagara Falls, New York, USAJoseph Paradiso
Residence1942Dallas, Texas, USAGilbert Murray Depuy
Residence1942Syracuse, New York, USAIra Edgar Gifford
Residence1942Glens Falls South Glens Falls Hudson Falls Fort Edward, New York, USAClaude B. Tucker
Birth1942Susanville, CAGladys Joanne Farwell
Residence1942Middlesex, Massachusetts, USADavid Justin Allen
Residence1942Whitehall, New York, USAJohn James Kelley
Residence1942Johnson City, New York, USAJohn W Robinson
Residence1942Rutland, Vermont, USAEdward Rosell "Eddie" Terry
Residence1942Whitehall, New York, USAJames Leslie Bartholomew
Residence1942Astoria, Queens, New York, USAJay Jacob DePuy
Residence1942San Francisco, California, USAAustin Ketcham Allen
Residence3 March 1943PennsylvaniaGeorge R. Luch
Birth27 March 1943Sharon, Steele Co., NDGloria A. Kleven
Death31 March 1943Whitehall, Washington County, New York, USAAlice Huestis
Birth1 April 1943?Albert Haff
Birth20 April 1943Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyRuth Evans
Marriage12 June 1943Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyLane Richard Schenbeck with Blanche Eileen Cheney
Birth18 June 1943Parma Idaho United States of AmericaNancy Belle Dixon
Marriage19 June 1943?Paul Irving Evans with Julianne Stokes
Marriage24 July 1943San Francisco, CAElwin Marquis Spencer, Jr with Bonnie (Unknown)
Death10 October 1943?Ella Gifford
Birth27 October 1943Ithaca, NYJohn Spencer Crane
Marriage12 November 1943Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyJohn Langberg with Alice Marie Schenbeck
Birth7 December 1943Roseau, MNNancy Kay Harbor Kvien
Marriage24 December 1943Kearney, NBCarl Emory Aplin with Betty Rae Hultquist
Death1943Whitehall, Washington County, New York, USAMartha 'Mattie' Jones
Residence1943Binghamton, New York, USAMarie Julia Lucy Leuzzi
Birth1943Albany, NyGary Heinmiller
Residence1943Binghamton, New York, USACharles Vito Messina
Divorce1943Hillsborough, Florida, USAJoe Greco with Mary Ellen Bartholomew
Birth18 January 1944Scottsbluff, NBAnthony Lane Schenbeck
Death29 January 1944Johnson City, Broome Co., NYJohn Henry Gifford
Event forJanuary 1944Pinecreek Lutheran ChurchNancy Kay Harbor Kvien
Death10 February 1944Wallace, NEHattie Amanda Spencer
Birth15 February 1944Shelton, Buffalo Co., NEErvin James Griffin
Marriage19 February 1944?Gordon Henry Morse with Margaret Esther Youngs
Birth12 March 1944Bakersfield, Kern Co., CABarbara Spencer
Death22 April 1944Westchester County, New York, USAMary Drucilla Ketcham
Death22 April 1944Crestwood, Westchester County, New York, USAMary Drusilla Allen
Birth1 July 1944Goldendale Vermont United States of America - WNMary Lee Spencer
Deathafter 6 July 1944?Elizabeth M Hathaway
Death6 July 1944Binghamton, Broome, New York, USAWilliam B. Allen (10)
Marriage5 August 1944Hartford, CTJohn Francis Davis with Rosamond Alice Moquin
Death8 August 1944Brattleboro, VTRosamond Mann
Birth12 August 1944The Dalles, ORRoger Troy Ritter
Marriage21 September 1944Great Falls, Cascade, Montana, USAGordon E. White with Anita N. Tedesco
Marriage23 September 1944Sidney Center NYPaul Merton Kelly (2) with Olive Christabel DePuy (3)
Marriage17 December 1944San Francisco, CAAlton Dalo Dixon with Gwendolyn Brodby
Residence1944Rochester, New York, USAViola S. Swinton
Birth1944SUSANVILLE CANancy Lee Farwell
Burial1944Pine Hill Cemetary, Masonville, NYJohn Henry Gifford
Residence1944Rochester, New York, USAPercy Merton Allen
Death6 February 1945Whitehall, Washington Co., NYFrederick Kegler Carswell
Birth7 February 1945Greeley, COCharles James Rogers
Birth3 March 1945?Carl Douglas Cooke
Death5 March 1945Grainton, NEIowa Belle Dolly Henry
Death2 May 1945Berlin Berlin GermanyFrank Sovester Standlea
Birth23 June 1945Hazard, Sherman Co., NEMary Jane Griffin
Marriage27 June 1945Willow Grove, VACharles Frederick Carswell with Margaret Ethel (Peg) Beeler
Death18 August 1945New York New Mexico United States of America - SidneyHarvey Alvin Gifford
Death30 August 1945Whitehall, Washington Co., NYGeorge W. Kelly
?11 September 1945?Mary Ellen Bartholomew
Birth15 September 1945San Rafael, Marin Co., CANorman Jay Langberg
Marriage21 September 1945Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRomayne Eldridge Muir, Sr. with Geraldine Clara Belle Seward
?29 September 1945?James Leslie Kelly
?1 October 1945?Audrey Wilson Townsend
Birth4 November 1945Hartford, CTRosamond Elizabeth Davis
?13 November 1945Cleveland, OhioDerwood Eugene Rankin
Birth13 December 1945Ithaca, NYThomas Michael Crane
Death14 December 1945Masonville, Delaware, New YorkFrank Peck
Burial1945Fort McPherson, Maxwell, Lincoln Co., NEFrank Sovester Standlea
Birth1945Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYHelen Sirianni
Residence1945Amherst, MassachusettsAudrey Wilson Townsend
Death1945New York New Mexico United States of America - TreadwellGeorge Royal Prime
Death1945?John Edwin Secord
Death1945?George Washington Shearer Loutzenhiser
Marriage4 January 1946Whitehall, NYWatson Francis Carswell with Consuella C Jennette
Birth9 March 1946Vallejo, CASteven Thomas Spencer
Death18 March 1946?Rosamond Elizabeth Davis
?22 April 1946Johnson City, New York, USAPhillip Thomas Messina
Death23 May 1946?Mary Francis Laura Jane Williams
Birth25 May 1946Portland, ORGary Fie McLaughlin
Birth3 June 1946?Carol June Spencer
Death5 June 1946?Carol June Spencer
Birth25 June 1946Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYHarold Lewis Spencer Jr.
Divorce26 June 1946?John Francis Davis with Rosamond Alice Moquin
Marriage27 July 1946Denver, COMax Dwane Harmon with Norma Jean Schenbeck
Marriage18 August 1946Oberlin Kansas United States of AmericaEarl August Von Behren with Ruth Ellen Hultquist
Birth28 August 1946Bakersfield, Kern Co., CALinda Jo Spencer
Birth3 September 1946The Dalles, ORToni Jo Spencer
Birth4 September 1946?Lynn Tatum
Birth10 September 1946Idaho Falls, IDTerry D. Hales
Birth26 October 1946San Francisco, CAWilliam Charles Dixon
Marriage27 November 1946?Elwin Charles Spencer with Helen E. Allen
Death11 December 1946Queens, New York, USAJay Jacob DePuy
?03/27/1946?Gordon Henry Morse
Residence1946Binghamton, New York, USAGladys S
Divorce1946Dade, Florida, USALeon D. Tedesco with Marian Raymond
Residence1946Niagara Falls, New YorkJohn Peter Luch
Residence1946Binghamton, New York, USAFoster B Root
Residence1946Glens Falls, New York, USAEdith Marjorie Kelly
Residence1946Glens Falls, New York, USAClaude B. Tucker
Residence1946Waterbury, ConnecticutAlethea Ruth Fischer
Birth17 February 1947Spokane, WNShirley Jeske
Death20 March 1947Drain, Douglas Co., ORArvilla Valina Stodderd
Burial24 March 1947Sunset Cem., Douglas Co., ORArvilla Valina Stodderd
Birth5 June 1947?Judith Jo Spencer
?9 June 1947Oneonta, New York, USAAustin George Kelly
Marriage15 June 1947Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyFrederick August Schenbeck with Genevieve Mary Geick
Death17 June 1947Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYClaude Lewis Spencer
Burial20 June 1947Pleasant Valley, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYClaude Lewis Spencer
Marriage17 July 1947Goldendale Vermont United States of America - WNHarold Sherman Atkins with Anna RoJean Spencer
Marriage28 July 1947Oberlin Kansas United States of AmericaAllen Elwin Hultquist with Delores Marlene Ward
Birth5 September 1947Scottsbluff, NBMichael J. Harmon
Marriage6 September 1947Cedar Rapids Montana United States of AmericaLouis Jean Schack with Shirley Eileen Gettys
Marriage14 September 1947?Edward Edson Hoadley with Rosamond Alice Moquin
Marriage26 September 1947Rew, PARussell Clayton Spencer with Ellen E. Tyler
Birth20 October 1947?Edward J. Kelly
Birth2 November 1947?Elizabeth Ann Morse
Death7 November 1947?Milton Arnold
Death15 November 1947Detroit, MICarl Emory Aplin
Death19 November 1947Columbia Georgia United States of America - AugustaCarlton Howard Maryott
Birth27 December 1947Spokane, WARicky Lee Spencer
Birth27 December 1947Spokane, WNMichael Dean Spencer
Death28 December 1947New Berlin, Chenango, New York, USAAdda Mildred "Addie" Rutenber
Death1947?Pearl B Kelly
Residence1947Herkimer Mohawk Ilion Frankfort, New York, USAPaul Merton Kelly (2)
Residence1947Herkimer Mohawk Ilion Frankfort, New York, USAOlive Christabel DePuy (3)
Marriage17 January 1948Cheboygan, MIRaymond A. Castner with Mary Lou Moquin
Death18 January 1948New York New Mexico United States of America - WhitehallPhilip John Kelly (4)
?20 January 1948Oneonta, Otsego Co., NYPhilip John Kelly (4)
Birth22 February 1948The Dalles, ORDonna Aline Atkins
Birth29 March 1948WADorothy Louise Yantis
Birth24 April 1948Grainton Montana United States of AmericaRandy Gene Schack
Birth27 April 1948Scottsbluff, NBLawrence Allan Smith
Birth1 May 1948Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYLinda Ann Bryant
Death3 May 1948Riverside, CAEdwin Henry Spencer
Birth15 May 1948North Platte, NBKaren Marlene Hultquist
Death13 June 1948Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USANora Ellen Gifford
Birth14 June 1948?Carol Marie Spencer
Birth5 July 1948Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYStephen F. Cipot, Jr
Death13 August 1948Baxley, Appling Co., GAViannah Steptoe
Death22 August 1948?William Lauber
Death26 August 1948Brattleboro, VTFannie Henrietta Powers
Death17 September 1948Stanwood, Snohomish, Washington, United StatesHomer Howard Sherman
Death2 October 1948Brattleboro, VTCharlena Ruth Hall
Marriage28 November 1948North Platte, NBRussell M. Burkholder with Betty Rae Hultquist
MarriageNovember 1948Niagara New York United States of America - Sacred Heart Church, Niagara FallsAngelo John Paradise with Elsie May Luch
Marriage18 December 1948Las Vegas, NVRobert Hatch Spencer with Eldora Machados
Death22 December 1948Youngs Western Australia Australia - NY at homeJennie Myrtle Adelia Rutenber
Birth1948Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYJanis Sirianni
Death1948?Ida M Allen
Death2 January 1949?Frank Ferdinand Schenbeck
Birth2 January 1949Pasco, WNSheryl Alta Dixon
DeathFebruary 1949?Henry J Rankin
Death2 March 1949Masonville, Delaware County, New York, USAPerry H Willis
Birth7 March 1949The Dalles, ORArnold Lynn Atkins
Birth26 March 1949Glens Falls, Warren, New York, USACharles Frederick Carswell
Marriage2 April 1949Vancouver, WAGeorge Harold Bowers with Maybelle June Spencer
Birth27 May 1949Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYEugene Sirianni
Death29 May 1949Sidney Iowa United States of AmericaWilliam Isaac Spencer
Marriage3 June 1949American Fork, UTArlo Frank Shelly with Thais Jacque Stewart
Birth30 June 1949Ravenna, Buffalo Co., NEJohnny Dean Griffin
Death16 July 1949Rockford Illinois United States of America - WinnebagoAugusta Elizabeth Willoughby
Birth6 August 1949Ithaca, NYM. Elizabeth (Betsy) Crane
Birth9 August 1949Fort Morgan, COShirley Jean Rogers
Marriage19 August 1949?Paul Irving Evans with Margaret Jean Taylor
Birth20 October 1949Everett, MAPeter Michael Castner
Birth22 October 1949?William Elwin Spencer
Marriage26 December 1949?William Isaac Spencer with Grace Lee
Birth28 December 1949Scottsbluff, NBRobert Oak Glenn
Death1949?Emma Rebbecca Rankin
Death1949Milford, Ellis Co., TXEmma Barr Miller
Marriage1949ILJohn Paul Spencer with Alma Jeroldene Martin
Birth23 January 1950Scottsbluff, NBGregory Lee Schenbeck
?26 February 1950?George William Allen
Death19 March 1950?Cora Gifford
Birth10 April 1950Pasco, WNCarol Melinda Dixon
Birth24 April 1950Jacksonville Illinois United States of AmericaChristine Ann Waltrip
Birth4 May 1950?Harold Paul Seeber, Jr.
Birth9 May 1950?Vickie Marie Spencer
Residence11 May 1950New York New Mexico United States of America - WhitehallMargaret Ethel (Peg) Beeler
Birth22 May 1950Goldendale Vermont United States of America - WNJarene Ritter
Death26 June 1950Delmar, Albany, New York, United StatesAlbert Addison Youngs
Birth30 June 1950Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDonald L. Spencer
Birth30 June 1950Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDaniel H. Spencer
Birth6 July 1950?Evelyn June Paradise
Birth19 July 1950Scottsbluff, NBDouglas Jerome Harmon
Birth1 August 1950American Fork, UTReid Arlo Shelley
?14 August 1950?David George Bartholomew
Birth23 August 1950Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, United StatesGail ?
Marriage27 August 1950Oelwein Iowa United States of AmericaRobert E. Saathoff with Helen Yvonne Hopkins
Birth18 October 1950?Patric L Allen
Birth13 November 1950Bakersfield, Kern Co., CADennis Bruce Spencer
Birth16 November 1950Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CAPaula Jean Evans
Birth29 November 1950Goldendale Vermont United States of America - WNWayne Philip Spencer
Birth3 December 1950North Platte, KSAllen Ward Hultquist
Marriage17 December 1950Burr Oak Kansas United States of AmericaJohn Franklin Williams, Jr with Betty Lorraine Zoberst
Death1950?Ella May Rankin
Marriage1950?Austin George Kelly with Laura E. Sherman
Residence1950Morrisville, New York, USAAustin George Kelly
Birth2 January 1951?Charles Long Severinghaus
Death20 January 1951Rutland Hospital, 111 Jackson Ave, Rutland, VTEdward Rosell "Eddie" Terry
Birth4 February 1951Johnson City, Broome, NYJohn Frederick Kelly (1)
Birth5 February 1951Scottsbluff, NBLynne Mary Smith
Death1 March 1951Goldendale Vermont United States of AmericaDale Lee Spencer
Birth1 March 1951Goldendale, WIDale Lee Spencer
Death5 April 1951?Isabel Arnold
Birth20 April 1951Everett, MAThomas Patrick Castner
DeathApril 1951McLean, Tompkins Co., NYSamuel Levi Spencer
Birth5 May 1951Kearney, Buffalo Co., NEMerri L. Jahn
Death23 July 1951Cannonsville, New York, USAMary Ellen Allen
Birth24 August 1951Scottsbluff, NBTamara Louise Glenn
Death28 August 1951Bartlesville, Washington Co., OKMary Isabel White
Death21 September 1951Whitehall, Washington Co., NYCharles G Carswell
Marriage2 October 1951Logansport Indiana United States of AmericaJim J. Dorland with Jeanne Marie Stewart
?4 December 1951?David George Bartholomew
Residence1951Binghamton, New York, USAOlive Christabel DePuy (3)
Residence1951Rochester, New York, USAViola S. Swinton
Residence1951Palmer Ware Monson, Massachusetts, USAHarry Morton Townsend
Residence1951Auto Repair. Binghamton, New York, USAPaul Merton Kelly (2)
Residence1951Milwaukee, WIDerwood Eugene Rankin
Residence1951Palmer Ware Monson, Massachusetts, USABertha Emily DePuy
Residence1951Rochester, New York, USAPercy Merton Allen
Birth5 April 1952Bakersfield, Kern Co., CARodney Paul Spencer
Death8 April 1952Masonville, NYWilliam Henry Gifford
Death8 April 1952New York New Mexico United States of America - MasonvilleWilliam Henry Gifford
Birth13 May 1952Spokane, WNGary Spencer
Death14 May 1952Chisholm, St Louis, Minnesota, USAFrank Starc
Birth30 May 1952Wenatchee Vermont United States of America - WNRichard Alton Dixon
Birth14 June 1952Johnson City, NYJames Howard Kelly
Birth16 June 1952?Patricia Louise Morse
Birth28 June 1952The Dalles, ORGay Ann Spencer
Marriage28 June 1952Boulevard Methodist Church, BinghamtonPhillip Thomas Messina with Susan Youngs Robinson
Birth24 July 1952?Lorraine May Paradise
Deathabout 9 August 1952Sidney, NYMary Ann Youngs
Birth12 August 1952Scottsbluff, NBVickie Lynn Harmon
Birth13 September 1952?Philip Gordon Long
Death20 September 1952Masonville Delaware United States of America - N.Y. USAGeorge Prime Gifford
Death4 October 1952Los Angeles, California, USAWilliam Benjamin Carswell
Death8 October 1952Northfield, VTFrederick Asher Spencer
Birth15 October 1952Scottsbluff, NBClaude Glenn
Birth8 November 1952Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYEarle Eldridge Muir, Sr.
Marriage5 December 1952Bremerton, WNRonald Spencer Hultquist with Arletta Jean Von Behren
Birth21 December 1952New London, CTHolly Beth Castner
Birth22 December 1952The Dalles, ORRobert Ellis Atkins
Marriage27 December 1952Monroe New York United States of America - RochesterHarold S. Allen with Mildred Manion
Death1952?Belle Mason
Death1952?Orson Sperry Davenport
Residence1952Middletown New York United States of AmericaGladys S
Residence1952Lebanon, New Hampshire, USAKatherine Raroczowski
Residence1952Binghamton, New York, USAPaul Merton Kelly (2)
Residence1952Middletown New York United States of AmericaFoster B Root
Residence1952Binghamton, New York, USAOlive Christabel DePuy (3)
Deathafter 1952?Harold S. Allen
Birth1 January 1953Ne ? Italia - St. Paul, Howard Co.Larry Gay
Death2 January 1953Denver, COLouisa Ann Saathoff
Birth2 January 1953Denver, COLouisa Ann Saathoff
Death15 January 1953Marion, Marion, Oregon USAFrancis John Sherwood
Birth2 February 1953Scottsbluff, NBGary Lee Von Behren
Birth19 February 1953Milwaukee, WISandra Lee Rankin
Birth19 March 1953Goldendale Vermont United States of AmericaLeonard Paul Spencer
Marriage30 March 1953Fairbanks, AKSi Homequest with Blanch Evelyn Standlea
Birth1 April 1953Johnson City, Broome Co. NYBarry Phillip Messina
Birth5 April 1953Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYThomas Eugene Abdo
Marriage18 April 1953Scottsbluff, NBHomer Lee Schenbeck with Shirley Elizabeth Keller
Marriage18 April 1953Scottsbluff, NBArlie Dean Schenbeck with Lorraine Yoshiko Kaue
Birth21 May 1953?Lynne Ellen Pollock
Marriage31 May 1953Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyLeo James Colson with Beverly June Kerr
Marriage7 June 1953Waunita, NBDennis Gene Einspahr with Virginia Joyce Hopkins
Birth7 June 1953Glens Falls, NYWilliam Russell Carswell
Death23 August 1953?Denman Rowley Spencer
Marriage27 August 1953Osborne Kansas United States of AmericaJerome Nicholas Muths with Eleanor Irene Hopkins
Birth10 September 1953OHDonna Wright
Birth9 October 1953American Fork, UTJocelyn Gay Shelley
Birth20 October 1953Ithaca, NYMargaret Elaine Crane
Death3 December 1953Goldendale Vermont United States of America - WNJarene Ritter
Death16 December 1953?Nora Jane Cummings
Birth18 December 1953Chincoteaque, VAMark Spencer Hultquist
Birth29 December 1953?John Christopher Paradise
Death29 December 1953Alameda Co. CAWilliam Elmer Cummings
Residence1953Portland, Oregon, USAEthel Louise Sherwood
Residence1953Portland, Oregon, USALloyd Merton Root
Birth11 February 1954Waunita, NBTerry Allen Muths
Birth11 March 1954Milwaukee, WIMike Rankin
Birth17 March 1954Waunita, NBTimothy Ray Einspahr
Birth8 April 1954Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyJimmy Lee Colson
Death14 April 1954?Lillian Isadore Hall
Birth16 May 1954Denver, COMichael Ross Saathoff
Marriage2 June 1954Cozad Montana United States of AmericaNorvin Lyle Harms with Flossie Ella Rogers
Marriage5 June 1954Imm.Con.Church, Ithaca, NYAnthony Basil Nesti with Patricia Ann Crane
Birth29 July 1954Kenesaw, Adams Co., NEDaniel Leroy Griffin
Death31 July 1954Cortland, NYIva Dena Blanchard
Death1 August 1954Gordon, Sheridan Co., NENettie Eliza Spencer
Birth15 August 1954?Audrey Lenapuaokalani Schenbeck
BurialAugust 1954Gordon Cem., Gordon, Sheridan Co., NENettie Eliza Spencer
Birth14 September 1954?Ellen Virginia Spencer
Birth22 September 1954Denver, COStephanie Elizabeth Schenbeck
Birth22 September 1954Waunita, NBPatricia Eileen Hopkins
Birth23 September 1954Portland, ORJanet Leigh Spencer
Birth3 November 1954New London, CTChristopher Joseph Castner
Birth29 November 1954Scottsbluff, NBRodney Allen Von Behren
Birth5 December 1954The Dalles, ORHarold Jerome Atkins
Birth13 December 1954Prineville, ORWendy Kay Bowers
Death1954?Bessie Vaughn Secor
Birthabout 1954New York StateLoren Bartholomew
Marriage10 February 1955Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDonald Campbell Kohl with Clarice DeEtte Spencer
Birth17 February 1955Logan, UTLee Ann Dorland
Death27 February 1955?James Earl Smith
Death7 March 1955Johnson City, Broome, NYCorlinda May Gifford (15)
Death26 March 1955?Lillian May Gifford
Death16 April 1955Margaretville, Delaware Co., NYPhilinda Jane Youngs
Death3 May 1955Buffalo, Erie Co., NYEarle Forrest Seward
Burial7 May 1955Pleasant Valley, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYEarle Forrest Seward
Birth25 May 1955Kearney, Buffalo Co., NELinda Mae Wood
Birth30 May 1955Waunita, NBDavid Oren Einspahr
Marriage4 June 1955Centerville, WNArnold Jacob Ritter with Karen Sturgis
Marriage5 June 1955St.Marys'Church, Cortland, NYWayne Joel Fowles with Doris Louise Crane
Birth22 September 1955Cozad Montana United States of AmericaClifford Henry Rogers
Marriage15 October 1955American Emb., Tokyo, JapanGeorge Russell Spencer with Chieko Uchiyama
Birth9 November 1955Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDeborah Ann Kohl
Death12 November 1955Rockford Illinois United States of America - Winnebago CountyFrank Ward Willoughby
Death9 December 1955Albany Veterans HospitalJames Leslie Bartholomew
Birth10 December 1955Riverton, WYMax Dwight Spencer
Burial13 December 1955Our Lady of Angels Cemetery, Whitehall, NYJames Leslie Bartholomew
Birth28 December 1955?Joan Marie Paradise
Residence1955Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADerwood Eugene Rankin
Residence1955Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAPatricia Jean Kochevar
Burial1955Evergreen Hill Cemetery, Unadilla NYCorlinda May Gifford (15)
Marriage1 January 1956Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyErvin Eugene Reifschneider with Marlene June Schenbeck
Birth8 January 1956Cozad Montana United States of AmericaNorvin Lyle Harms, Jr.
Death10 January 1956Cozad Montana United States of AmericaNorvin Lyle Harms, Jr.
Birth26 January 1956Sidney, NBTimothy Allen Colson
Death28 January 1956?Larry Aloha Schenbeck
Birth28 January 1956?Larry Aloha Schenbeck
Marriage14 April 1956Northampton, MAChaloner Porter Spencer with Helen Binkard Stott
Birth20 April 1956Binghamton, Broome Co., NYSuzanne Marie Gorman
Marriage12 May 1956Vancouver, WNClarence R. Stein with Virginia Susan Spencer
Death25 May 1956Pittsfield, MAFrank Eugene Youngs
Death25 May 1956New York New Mexico United States of America - New KingstonFrank L. Long
Marriage7 June 1956?Donald Richard Lesson with Alta Annette Nelson
Marriage16 June 1956Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyJohn Walter Reinmuth with Marilyn Lee Colson
Death29 June 1956Whitehall, Washington Co., NYMabel Katherine Kelly
Birth30 June 1956Gibbon, Buffalo Co., NENyla May Griffin
Birth1 July 1956Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRomayne Eldridge Muir, Jr.
Birth6 July 1956Prineville, ORPatricia Lee Bowers
Birth4 October 1956Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRandy Warfield
Birth9 October 1956?Janis Anne Holcomb
Marriage18 November 1956Belle Fourche, SDBernard Russell Spencer with Yvonne Marlene Brost
Marriage23 November 1956Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyMarvin Dean Riley with Donna Beth Scarlett
DeathNovember 1956Johnson City, Broome Co. NYGeorge Robinson
Death2 December 1956?Anna Gifford
Death1956Redding, Shasta Co., CAMariene E. Spencer
Death1956?Marguerite A. Long
Residence1956Elmira, New York, USAJoseph Addison Long
Residence1956Elmira, New York, USADoris A. Judson
Birth9 January 1957Cozad Montana United States of AmericaNancy Sue Harms
Birth11 January 1957Seattle, WAMatthew Philip Joseph Castner
Birth14 January 1957Ft. Collins, COMichael Wayne Reifschneider
Birth16 January 1957?Loretta Naomi Schenbeck
Birth27 January 1957Anaheim, Orange Co., CAJerry Von Hultquist
Marriage2 February 1957Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MNDon Mether with Fern Adaline Standlea
Birth7 February 1957Near Williamsport, PARobert Carroll Breidinger
Birth28 February 1957Palmdale, CAKelly Edward Stein
Birth18 April 1957Johnson City, Broome Co. NYRobin Carroll Messina
Marriage23 April 1957Gibbon, Buffalo Co., NEJames H. Clark with Norma Jean Griffin
Birth25 April 1957New Castle, WYDonald Wesley Colson
Death1 May 1957New York New Mexico United States of America - Margaretville Cemetery, MargaretvilleCourtney Ross Sanford
Marriage12 May 1957Bakersfield, Kern Co., CALee Willard Spencer with Darlene Baker
Birth22 May 1957Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDenise Lynne Kohl
Birth22 June 1957Sidney, NBMark Robert Reinmuth
Birth26 July 1957?Susan Lynn Spencer
Birth26 July 1957?Sallie Lou Spencer
Birth27 September 1957Prineville, ORRobyn Marlene Spencer
Death9 November 1957?Carrie M. DePuy
Birth16 November 1957Rutland, VTDebra Lynne Prieur
Birth27 November 1957Waunita, NBRaymond Jacob Muths
Death2 December 1957Lackawanna, PAElizabeth Jane Robinson
Birth3 December 1957?Amy Leialoha Schenbeck
Event for24 December 1957Seattle, WAMary Lou Moquin
Residence1957Herkimer Mohawk Ilion Frankfort, New York, USAOlive Christabel DePuy (3)
Residence1957Rochester, New York, USAViola S. Swinton
Residence1957Herkimer Mohawk Ilion Frankfort, New York, USAPaul Merton Kelly (2)
Residence1957Rochester, New York, USAPercy Merton Allen
Death15 February 1958?Dalo Dixon
Death15 March 1958Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, United StatesHarriet Adelphia Cummings
Birth24 March 1958Riverside, Riverside Co., CAJoanie L. Clark
Birth2 April 1958Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYJenny Higley
Birth20 May 1958American Fork, UTLynelle Kay Shelley
Marriage1 June 1958Alliance, NBDonald Frank Colson with Violet Ann Schnell
Birth16 June 1958Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyCarol Ann Hultquist
Birth21 June 1958Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDouglas Donald Kohl
Death11 August 1958Bridgeport, Morrill Co., NEAlbert Richard Spencer
Death12 August 1958Tacoma, NY at homeAlice Ethel Youngs
Burial15 August 1958Prospect Hill Cemetery, Sidney, NYAlice Ethel Youngs
Marriage31 August 1958Scottsbluff, NBDale Warren Harding with Judith Ann Schenbeck
DivorceAugust 1958Duval, Florida, USAJoseph Paradiso with Irene E. Tedesco
Birth20 September 1958?Lori Annette Lesson
Marriage20 September 1958Powers Lake, NDGlenn Owen Anderson with Agnes Arlene Dixon
Birth28 September 1958?Joel Robert Paradise
Birth29 September 1958?Joel Robert Paradise
Birth30 September 1958Scottsbluff, NBTamara Lee Reifschneider
Birth5 October 1958Waterbury, CTMerry Lou Fayer
Birth3 November 1958Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYGary Eugene Wilson
Birth6 December 1958Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYEarl James Dutton
Death7 December 1958New York New Mexico United States of America - MargaretvilleEthel May Long
Birth7 December 1958Scottsbluff, NBBryan Ray Von Behren
Marriage12 December 1958Harlingen, TXRoy David Schuldies with Karen June Scarlett
Residence1958Hibbing, Minnesota, USAJoseph Anthony Dren
Residence1958Hibbing, Minnesota, USAGertrude Starc
Residence1958Portland, Oregon, USAMinnie Elsie Loose
Death1958Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYHelen Vivian Spencer
Burial1958Pleasant Valley, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYHelen Vivian Spencer
Death1958San Francisco, CACalvin Moore Farwell
Death1958?Harold E DeMarsh
Residence1958Rochester, New York, USAViola S. Swinton
Residence1958Rochester, New York, USAPercy Merton Allen
Birth2 February 1959Prineville, ORWynter Jean Spencer
Death19 March 1959?Naomi Steptoe
Birth18 April 1959Stockton, CALisa Rochelle Holzapfel
Death16 May 1959?Guernsey Andrew Lauber
Birth17 May 1959Cozad Montana United States of AmericaGarry Lynn Harms
Birth24 May 1959El Cajon, CAScott Lee Hultquist
Birth25 May 1959Seattle, WAMary Rosamond Castner
Birth3 June 1959Scottsbluff, NBCorey Scott Harding
Birth6 July 1959Scottsbluff, NBLynn Dee Riley
Death23 July 1959Wellsburg, Brooke, West Virginia, USAIda Bella Rankin
Birth31 August 1959Pierre, Hughes Co., SDBobby Ann Clark
Death26 September 1959Palmer Massachusetts United States of America - HampdenBertha Emily DePuy
Residence29 September 1959?Bertha Emily DePuy
Birth22 October 1959?Lawrence Purcell (Pete) Peterson
Birth27 October 1959Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDeEtte Sue Kohl
DeathOctober 1959Alfred, Allegany Co., NYGeorge Irving Crane, Jr.
Death1 November 1959New York New Mexico United States of America - WhitehallJohn James Kelley
Death16 November 1959Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRussell Clayton Spencer
Birth18 November 1959Waunita, NBVirginia Diane Muths
Burial19 November 1959Pleasant Valley, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRussell Clayton Spencer
Birth26 November 1959Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyCindy Lou Colson
Birth4 December 1959Harlingen, TXMark Dana Schuldies
Birth11 December 1959McDill AFB, Tampa, FLAnita Ann Anderson
Residence1959Herkimer Mohawk Ilion Frankfort, New York, USAErma Marie Wagner
Residence1959Herkimer Mohawk Ilion Frankfort, New York, USAJames Leslie Kelly
Residence1959Binghamton, New York, USASusan Armenia Youngs (7)
Residence1959Binghamton, New York, USAJohn W Robinson
Death1959Saratoga New York United States of America - South Glens FallsEdith Marjorie Kelly
Marriage1 January 1960CanadaDavid William McLeod with Patricia Eileen Hopkins
Birth3 January 1960Sidney, NBJohn Walter Reinmuth
Death23 January 1960Cortland, NYLewis Lafayette Spencer
Birth27 January 1960Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRobert P. Howard
Marriage19 March 1960Mason City, Custer Co., NEWayne T. Chamberland with Rose Marie Griffin
Birth27 May 1960?Ann Irene Paradise
Birth30 June 1960Denver, COSteve Lee Schenbeck
BirthJune 1960?Lisa Dawn Lesson
Death6 July 1960Albany, Albany, New York, United StatesEthel Belle Palmer
Death6 July 1960Delmar, Albany, New York, USAEthel Belle Palmer
Birth10 August 1960Seattle, WATimothy Spencer Castner
Birth16 August 1960San Francisco, CAMadelyn Celeste McLeod
Marriage2 September 1960Columbia Falls, MTWilliam Dewaine Blades with Wetona Bernice Reifflin
Birth19 September 1960Ft. Collins, COLynn Dee Reifschneider
Birth25 September 1960Belle Fourche, SDKelly Susan Spencer
Death25 September 1960New York, United StatesGuy Merly Gifford
Death27 September 1960Multnomah, Oregon, United StatesMinnie Elsie Loose
Birth4 October 1960?Anthony Hall Spencer
Death8 October 1960Syracuse, NYIra Edgar Gifford
Death8 October 1960Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, United StatesIra Edgar Gifford
Death10 November 1960?Anna Sherman
Death18 November 1960Burlington, Chittenden, VermontRose Aurelie Belleville
Residence1960Manchester, New Hampshire, USAAudrey Wilson Townsend
Residence1960Waterbury, Connecticut, USAStanley Edward Fayer
Residence1960Manchester, New Hampshire, USAAllen Lepley
Residence1960Waterbury, Connecticut, USAAlethea Ruth Fischer
Residence1960Whitehall, New YorkRose Aurelie Belleville
Adoption25 January 1961Middletown, CTAnthony Hall Spencer
Birth31 January 1961Berkeley, Alameda Co., CAR. Carter Poole
Death25 March 1961San Mateo County, California, USAAustin Ketcham Allen
Birth9 April 1961Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDeanna Leah Kohl
Birth22 April 1961Scottsbluff, NBMisty Renee Harding
Birth27 May 1961Logan, UTDean Arlie Dorland
Birth11 June 1961Riverton, WYLauri Ann Spencer
Birth11 June 1961Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYWilliam Edward Muir
Death21 June 1961Binghamton, NYMargaret Julia Scarsi
Death28 June 1961Saugerties, Ulster County, New York, USAIrving Leonard Gifford
Marriage30 June 1961Superior Montana United States of AmericaRichard Ray Felstet with Emillee Hester Reifflin
Death27 July 1961Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYGeorgia Anna Matteson
Birth29 July 1961?Esther Leihuanani Schenbeck
Burial29 July 1961Pleasant Valley, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYGeorgia Anna Matteson
MarriageJuly 1961Denver, COAnthony Lane Schenbeck with Ruth Evans
Birth1 August 1961Seattle, WNDavid Scott McLeod
Death23 August 1961?Michael Wayne Reifschneider
Birth31 August 1961Harlingen, TXBart Jon Schuldies
DeathAugust 1961Uniontown Ward 1, Fayette, PennsylvaniaKathryn Francis Rankin
Birth9 October 1961Belle Fourche, SDJon Wade Spencer
Death9 October 1961?Pearl Eliza Gifford
Death13 October 1961Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CARobert Yantis Evans
Birth13 November 1961Cheyenne, WYKen Earl Riley
Death21 November 1961Rutland, VermontFrederick Cotton Carswell
Birth21 November 1961Waunita, NBDebra Irene Muths
Death21 November 1961Rutland, VermontFrederick Cotton Carswell
Death21 November 1961Rutland, VTFrederick Cotton Carswell
Birth26 November 1961Grainton Montana United States of AmericaRicky Joe Schack
Marriage16 December 1961Long Beach, CAJames Earl Smith with Dorothy Caldwell Hall
Residence1961Waterbury, Connecticut, USAAlethea Ruth Fischer
Residence1961Waterbury, Connecticut, USAKenneth F Montagnon
Marriage1961VALLEJO CALIFCharles Lyman Hickle with Gladys Joanne Farwell
Death1961Reno, NVFred Charles Farwell
Birth14 January 1962American Fork, UTLaurel Thais Shelley
Marriage1 February 1962Imperial, NBHerman K. Redden with Elizabeth Vesta Dixon
Birth16 February 1962Litchfield, Sherman Co., NEWilson Earl Griffin
Birth24 February 1962Bellingham, WNJames Allen Anderson
Event for18 March 1962Hamilton, BermudaGordon E. White
Birth20 March 1962?Debbie Schenbeck
Birth23 May 1962Superior Montana United States of AmericaRonda Rae Felstet
Marriage30 June 1962Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United StatesStanley Edward Fayer with Nina Roaix
DeathJune 1962New Berlin, Chenango, New York, USAGeorge Almiron Smith
MarriageJune 1962?Robert R. Hackney with Jan Allison
Birth15 July 1962MacDill AFB, Tampa, FLChristopher Russell Spencer
Death5 August 1962Brentwood California United States of America - Los AngelesMarilyn Monroe
Marriage2 September 1962Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyGary Clinton Robinson with Linda Lea Scarlett
Death10 October 1962Ellis HospitalRachel M Campbell (twin)
Birth11 October 1962Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyBruce Allan Colson
Birth18 October 1962Redding, CACheryl Delores Smith
Death31 October 1962?Judith Jo Spencer
Death26 November 1962Chapel Hill, Orange, North Carolina, USAJane Marguerite Barden
Death27 November 1962?Catherine Murray
Birth2 December 1962?Scott M. Hackney
Birth5 December 1962Seattle, WAJane Fulton Maria Castner
Death28 December 1962Summit Ohio United States of America - AkronJoseph Amos Rankin
Death1962?Mary A Rankin
Death31 January 1963New YorkSarah Helen Carswell
Birth1 February 1963?Terry Lee Sowder
Birth26 February 1963Broadwater, NBPamela Ann Reinmuth
Death21 March 1963Fair Haven, Rutland, VermontKatherine Lamphron
Death18 April 1963Portland, Multnomah, Oregon USALloyd Merton Root
Death28 May 1963Brattleboro, VTFred Rising Newell
Birth16 July 1963?Elizabeth Anna Leinaala Schenbeck
Death24 July 1963San FranciscoGrace Strong Henniken
Marriage3 August 1963Clarkson, NYGordon Hall Spencer with Joan Anna Barringer
Marriage5 September 1963Marysville Kansas United States of AmericaJerry Lee Vinson with Nancy Belle Dixon
Marriage17 September 1963Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United StatesKenneth F Montagnon with Alethea Ruth Fischer
Death18 September 1963Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USAClarence R Fischer
Death1 November 1963Ansley, Custer Co., NEOliver Earl Standlea
BurialNovember 1963Gordon Cem., Gordon, Sheridan Co., NEOliver Earl Standlea
Marriage28 December 1963Hoxie Kansas United States of America - Sheridan Co.Gayle K. Schlegel with Norma Jean Griffin
Birth1963Findlay, OHChristopher Lee Dorman
Birth1963Valrejo, CAPatrick Todd Hickle
Death1963Monroe New York United States of America - RochesterPercy Merton Allen
Birth11 February 1964Superior Montana United States of AmericaBrenda Kay Felstet
DeathFebruary 1964Delaware County, New York, USARuth Armenia Long
Birth12 May 1964Canandaigua, NYStacey Susan Spencer
Death17 May 1964?Helen Irene Duggins
Death23 May 1964?Omar C. Spencer
Marriage26 May 1964Spokane, WNSteven Thomas Spencer with Shirley Jeske
Birth23 June 1964Lincoln, NBJohn William Vinson
Birth25 September 1964Ft. Collins, COWendy Sue Reifschneider
Death27 September 1964Ft. Collins, COWendy Sue Reifschneider
Marriage28 September 1964Lees Summit, Jackson Co., MOLeroy A. Potter with Mary Jane Griffin
Death3 October 1964Saint Louis, MinnesotaGertrude Starc
Death3 October 1964Saint Louis, MinnesotaGertrude (Jera) Starc
Birth23 October 1964?Aeliene Louise Nalani Schenbeck
Birth29 October 1964Spokane, WNShelley Lynn Spencer
Birth10 November 1964Ne ? Italia - North Platte, Lincoln Co.Clinton A. Schlegel
Birth31 December 1964Stratton, NBMary Christine Redden
Birth1964Findlay, OHShelly Ann Hickle
Marriage16 January 1965Ne ? ItaliaNorman D. Berman with Karen Joan Griffin
Birth26 January 1965Elmondorf AFB, Anchorage, AKRhonda Gayle Glick
Death11 February 1965Smith Hospital, Walton, NYArthur Morse Rutenber
Birth17 February 1965Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDarla Kohl
Birth27 February 1965American Fork, UTLayne Howard Shelley
Death15 March 1965?John H Elliott
Death16 March 1965Bristol, Hartford, ConnecticutHarvey Foman Fayer
Death21 March 1965?William Dean Baker
Marriage9 April 1965Portland, ORMike Sasser with Toni Jo Spencer
Birth13 April 1965Gering Rheinland-Pfalz GermanyMichael Dean Colson
Birth24 May 1965Stratton, NBJeffry Allen Vinson
Marriage5 June 1965Denver, CODonald Wallace Barnes with Helen Yvonne Hopkins
Marriage7 June 1965Boise, IDCharles R. Alban with Jeanne Marie Stewart
Marriage26 June 1965McKeysport, PAWilliam Allen Savage with Margaret Emily McGuire
Marriage27 June 1965Portland, ORRobert J. Little with Mary Lee Spencer
Death27 June 1965Riverside, California, USACharles Stanley Gifford
Birth22 July 1965Denver, COBrenda Lynn Colson
Birth17 August 1965Cheyenne, WYKevin Charles Riley
Marriage26 August 1965Idaho Falls, IDTerry D. Hales with Linda Jo Spencer
Marriage29 August 1965Caldwell Idaho United States of AmericaJames R. Bruce with Barbara Spencer
Death13 October 1965?Frank Kochevar
Death3 November 1965Walton, Delaware Co., NYLeola Marjorie Rutenber
Birth10 November 1965Portland, ORToni Jo Sasser
Marriage25 November 1965?Dale Benoit with Sandra Lee Ritter
Death8 December 1965Hartford, Washington County, New YorkClaude B. Tucker
Burial1965Prospect Hill Cemetery, Sidney, NYArthur Morse Rutenber
Death26 January 1966Brattleboro, VTAgnes Metella Hall
DeathJanuary 1966?Reginald Adam Heckroth
Death12 February 1966Ogallala Montana United States of AmericaMathew Alan Reinmuth
Birth12 February 1966Ogallala Montana United States of AmericaMathew Alan Reinmuth
Birth17 February 1966Stratton, NBHelen Lynn Redden
Death14 March 1966New York New Mexico United States of America - The Hospital, SidneyDaniel S. Gifford
Birth4 May 1966Denver, CORonald Alan Barnes
Birth28 June 1966Prineville, ORDavid Russell Spencer
Birth21 July 1966Spokane, WNScott Thomas Spencer
Death21 July 1966Richmond County, GeorgiaEmily May Allen
Marriage23 July 1966Gibbon, Buffalo Co., NEErvin James Griffin with Gloria A. Kleven
Marriage6 August 1966Lewis Run, McKean Co., PAWilliam James Crane with Mary Agnes Dawley
Death23 August 1966Middletown New York United States of America - OrangeAmanda J Thompson
Birth24 August 1966Lincoln, NBJohn Howard Robinson
Death15 September 1966Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, California, United States of AmericaHarry Morton Townsend
Birth19 September 1966El Cajon, CASherry Jean Hultquist
Death26 October 1966WADorothy Heppingstone Spencer
DeathOctober 1966New York New Mexico United States of America - WaltonMyrtle Edith Secor
Death2 November 1966?Ethel Cloe Bonner
Death5 November 1966Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USAColburn Merrill Gifford
Birth20 January 1967?Bruce D. Hackney
Birth17 February 1967Stratton, NBGrace Elizabeth Vinson
Death30 March 1967Black Mountain, Buncombe, North Carolina, USACarrie A Lauber
Death7 April 1967Seattle, WAMary Lou Moquin
Death18 April 1967Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYLeon Gilbert Spencer
Burial21 April 1967Pleasant Valley, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYLeon Gilbert Spencer
Marriage26 May 1967Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYHarold Lewis Spencer Jr. with Linda Ann Bryant
Marriage10 June 1967Reno, NVKent J. Schenbeck with Kellie Eileen Quinlon
Marriage1 July 1967Lexington, NBRodney Lee Vetters with Shirley Jean Rogers
DeathJuly 1967Beaver Dams, Schuyler Co., NYBurton Roland Cummings
Marriage5 August 1967Eugene, ORClarence Veal with Donna Aline Atkins
Birth6 October 1967Bakersfield, Kern Co., WNTodd William Spencer
Death19 November 1967Mercy General Hospital, Tupper Lake, NYRomauld Frederic Rocque
Death4 December 1967?Amy Leialoha Schenbeck
Event for1967?Jacob Mica Truman
Death1967Monroe New York United States of America - RochesterViola S. Swinton
DeathJanuary 1968Monroe New York United States of America - RochesterAlexander Hobert Suter
Birth5 February 1968?Barbara Alice Muths
Death20 February 1968Sidney, NYEarle Winfield Rutenber
Birth20 March 1968Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDawn Marie Spencer
Death23 March 1968Whitehall, NYEvelyn Evangelist Kelly
Birth4 April 1968Seattle, WNBrent Allen Benoit
Birth17 April 1968Gallaway Rhode Island United States of AmericaMarsie Lejea Vetters
Birth21 May 1968Lincoln, NBScarlett Jo Robinson
BirthMay 1968Bellingham, WAAmy Arlene Anderson
Birth25 June 1968Idaho Falls, IDAmy Louise Hales
Marriage29 June 1968?Freeman Wemp with Vickie Marie Spencer
Birth23 July 1968?David Craig Savage
Marriage10 August 1968Elsie, NBRandy Gene Schack with Rebecca Perlinger
Marriage23 August 1968Shafter, CARoger Troy Ritter with Lynn Tatum
Birth23 September 1968Bozeman, MTLesa Marie Reinmuth
Death15 October 1968?Mary Katherine Spencer
DeathDecember 1968Richburg, Allegany, New York, United StatesBeatrice T Sherman
Death1968?Dr. Julius Ithal Gifford
Death1968?Lavern Clarence Josephson
Marriage1968?Earl Carswell with Mary Seeley
Marriage22 February 1969Seattle, WNCharles James Rogers with Georgia Lee
Birth2 March 1969Eugene, ORLinda Jean Veal
Death11 April 1969?James Thomas Elliott
Birth22 April 1969Spokane, WNWendy Ruth Spencer
Marriage31 May 1969Kearney, Buffalo Co., NEJohnny Dean Griffin with Merri L. Jahn
Birth3 June 1969Denver, COSusan Marie Schack
Birth14 June 1969Bakersfield, Kern Co., CANeal Kent Spencer
Death8 July 1969Chisholm, Saint Louis, Minnesota, United States of AmericaFrances Kochevar
Death21 July 1969?Raymond A. Hultquist
Marriage2 August 1969Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NYJohn Spencer Crane with Lucy Middleton
Marriage9 August 1969Portland, ORGary Fie McLaughlin with Toni Jo Spencer
Death15 August 1969Bridgeport, Morrill Co., NEDavid Richard Standlea
BurialAugust 1969Fort McPherson, Maxwell, Lincoln Co., NEDavid Richard Standlea
Death21 September 1969Glens Falls, Warren County, New York, USAPeter George Tucker
Death21 September 1969Aline, OKFrederick August Schenbeck
DeathSeptember 1969Lindenhurst, Suffolk, New York, USAHazel Mary Kelly
Death17 October 1969?John Franklin Williams, Jr
Death24 October 1969?Lynne Mary Smith
Birth8 November 1969Scottsbluff, NBDana Lloyd Harding
Birth10 December 1969Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYTammy Sue Baldwin
Birth18 December 1969Manhattan, Kings, New York, United StatesWilliam Mark Oellrich
Death12/28/1969Whitehall, Washington County, New York, USAVera May Swinton
Divorceabout 1969?Edward Edson Hoadley with Rosamond Alice Moquin
Death1969?Bertran Wesley Gifford
Death1969Hillsboro, Hill, Texas, USADonald Miller Depuy

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