List of events ordered by date

Event TypeDatePlaceIndividualDocuments
Birth10 February 1970Bakersfield, Kern Co., CAJamie R. Poole
DeathApril 1970New York New Mexico United States of America - WaltonLegrand Northrup
Marriage29 May 1970?Henry Bettencourt with Rosamond Alice Moquin
BirthMay 1970?Lauri Kathleen Savage
Death17 June 1970Honesdale, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USAGeorge Alfred Rutenber
Death10 July 1970London Greater London United KingdomElsa Marion Carswell
Death31 July 1970Brattleboro, VTHubert Royal Hall
Marriage18 August 1970Poultney, Rutland, Vermont, United StatesCharles Frederick Carswell with Lynne Ellen Pollock
Death9 October 1970Grand Island, Hall Co., NEAnna Rosabell Standlea
Burial12 October 1970Ne ? Italia - St. Paul Cem., St. Paul, Howard Co.Anna Rosabell Standlea
Death17 December 1970Schenectady, Schenectady, New York, United StatesHarold Joseph Kelly
Death28 December 1970Brattleboro, VTPorter Newton Spencer
Death1970?Julian Itha Gifford
DeathJanuary 1971New York New Mexico United States of America - TreadwellAlmon Asa Prime
Death12 June 1971Mechanicville, , New York, USALorraine Lillian Dyer
Marriage12 June 1971?William Elwin Spencer with Patricia Carpenter
Death1 August 1971Chisholm, St Louis, Minnesota, USAJohn Kochevar
Marriage13 August 1971Voorheesville, Albany, New York, USACharles William Severinghaus
Death1 October 1971Saint Louis, MinnesotaFrances Strah
Death22 November 1971Sidney, Delaware County, New York, USAAustin George Gifford
Death24 November 1971?Murton Elmer Gifford
Birth23 December 1971?Gretchen Michelle Haff
Event for12 May 1972OAKLAMatthew Wing
Birth4 June 1972?Charles Frederick Carswell
Death5 June 1972?Kathryn Elizabeth McGrath
Marriage17 June 1972?Thomas Michael Crane with Susan Schoff
Birth19 June 1972Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYMichael Lewis Spencer
Birth22 July 1972Aberdeen Proving Ground, MDCatherine Christine Kelly
Marriage12 August 1972St.Marys'Church, Cortland, NYHarold Paul Seeber, Jr. with M. Elizabeth (Betsy) Crane
Marriage21 September 1972Ne ? ItaliaWilson Earl Griffin with Judith R. Stewart
Death20 December 1972Santa Monica, CAAgnes Jeanette Strom
Death1972FLRoland Williams Spencer, Rev.
Residence1972Dallas, TexasGilbert Murray Depuy
Residence1972Dallas, TexasKatherine Louise Benson
Birth26 March 1973Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYCary Muir
Birth30 June 1973?Christopher William Day
Death30 July 1973?Charles Spencer
Birth18 August 1973ORColin Jeffery O'Neill
Birth25 September 1973?Kara Kristen Haff
Death23 October 1973Oneonta, Otsego, New York, USAGeorge William Allen
Divorceabout 1973?Henry Bettencourt with Rosamond Alice Moquin
Death14 January 1974Bath New York United States of America - SteubenEdgar Newell Baker
Death17 March 1974?James Thomas Fayer
Death1 April 1974Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRomayne Eldridge Muir, Sr.
Burial4 April 1974Veterans Circle, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRomayne Eldridge Muir, Sr.
Death28 June 1974Miami-Dade County, Florida, USAAllan Carlyle Newkerk
Birth18 July 1974?Patricia Anne Kelly Charzuk
Death24 July 1974?Patricia Anne Kelly Charzuk
Birth30 August 1974?Raena Deanne Haff
Birthabout 31 August 1974?Anthony Basile
Death19 November 1974New York New Mexico United States of America - WaltonSusan J. Allen
DeathApril 1975Unadilla, Otsego, New York, USAAnabel Rena Youngs
Marriage23 June 1975Bell Co., TXDaniel Leroy Griffin with Donna Wright
Marriage2 August 1975Fair Haven, VTWilliam Russell Carswell with Debra Lynne Prieur
Death22 August 1975Essex New York United States of America - TiconderogaMabel Louise Donaldson
Marriage30 August 1975Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYThomas Eugene Abdo with Denise Lynne Kohl
Birth11 October 1975Milwaukee, WIGary Michael Szymanski
Marriage29 November 1975St.Marys'Church, Cortland, NYJohn Patrick Vormwald with Margaret Elaine Crane
Death8 December 1975?Margaret Helen McGrath
Death16 March 1976Faxton Hospital, Utica, Oneida Co., NYErma Marie Wagner
Birth18 May 1976?Gregory Michael Haff
Birth26 June 1976Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRuth Muir
Marriage10 July 1976Ne ? Italia - St. Paul, Howard Co.Larry Gay with Nyla May Griffin
Death12 July 1976Melbourne, Brevard, Florida, USARaymond Lester Tucker
Death26 July 1976Brattleboro, VTRuby Emma Myrick
Marriage4 September 1976Kearney, Buffalo Co., NECharles Floyd Griffin with Linda Mae Wood
Death15 September 1976Wayland Massachusetts United States of America - MiddlesexDavid Justin Allen
Death25 September 1976Wayland Massachusetts United States of America - MiddlesexDavid Justin Allen
DeathNovember 1976Utica, Oneida, New York, United StatesFlorence Archer Annette Secor
Deathabout 1976Orange County, North Carolina, USAWilbur Clinton Severinghaus
Death1976?Laura Myrtle Rankin
Birth13 January 1977?Tracy Kathryn Barnett
Death16 February 1977Canandaigua, NYEugene Emerson Barringer
Death25 April 1977Sarasota Georgia United States of AmericaCharles Vito Messina
Birth13 May 1977?Ryan M. Rankin
Birth22 May 1977Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYTory Lynn Abdo
Death31 May 1977Patchogue, Long Island, NYMaude Malone Spencer
Death6 September 1977Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USAGeorge William Allen
Death15 January 1978?Donald Ashe Ostrander
Birth20 April 1978?Andrew William Spencer
Marriage13 May 1978Hardy, Nuckolls Co., NEJames L. Fuller with Bobby Ann Clark
Death29 May 1978Cortland, NYGeorge Irving Crane
Marriage9 September 1978Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United StatesJohn Frederick Kelly (1) with Merry Lou Fayer
Divorce11 September 1978?Stanley Edward Fayer with Nina Roaix
DeathOctober 1978Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara FallsIrene E. Tedesco
MarriageOctober 1978?Edward J. Kelly with Jeanette Hayward
Death26 November 1978New York New Mexico United States of America - New KingstonMarion Norma Long
Death12 December 1978Saint Louis, MinnesotaAntone F. Dren
Death26 December 1978New York New Mexico United States of America - MasonvilleBertha Ella Whitman
Death1978?Blanche Southerleaf
Divorce1978?William Day with Carol Marie Spencer
Marriage28 March 1979?William Day with Carol Marie Spencer
Birth21 July 1979Tampa, FLJennifer Maegan Kelly
DeathAugust 1979?Laura H. Welch
Marriage4 September 1979Kearney, Buffalo Co., NEBilly Vance Freeman with Ellena Louise Griffin
Death25 September 1979Vestal, Broome, New York, USAMarie Julia Lucy Leuzzi
Birth26 September 1979Syracuse, NY(Crane) Jesse Paul Seeber
Marriage27 October 1979Vestal, Broome Co., NYRobert Carroll Breidinger with Robin Carroll Messina
Birth18 December 1979Superior, Nuckolls Co., NEJanel Lynn Fuller
Marriage22 December 1979Binghamton, Broome Co., NYBarry Phillip Messina with Suzanne Marie Gorman
Burial1979Mt. View Cem., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYCatherine Katherine Seward
Death1979Erie, Erie Co., PACatherine Katherine Seward
Death1979?Mildred Rifenbard
Death14 February 1980Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USAGilbert Murray Depuy
Marriage24 May 1980?Robert Graziano with Sallie Lou Spencer
Marriage21 June 1980?William Hartz with Susan Lynn Spencer
Death4 July 1980Masonville, New York (Delaware Co.)Charles Carroll Gifford
Death4 July 1980New York New Mexico United States of America - Sidney CenterCharles Carroll Gifford
Birth28 September 1980Hills City, Graham Co., KSTravis Nathaniel Thomas
Marriage21 October 1980Graham Co., KSMark L. Thomas with Joanie L. Clark
Birth31 October 1980Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYChristopher Douglas Kohl
Birth8 November 1980?Michael Coleman
Death1980Bradford, McKean Co., PAMartha Doris Frutiger
Death1980?Hale Getty Elliott
Birth2 January 1981Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYEarle Eldridge Muir, Jr.
Death19 February 1981Ellis Hospital, Schenectady, NYGuy Clifford Kingsley
DeathFebruary 1981Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara FallsJoseph Paradiso
Death6 April 1981Stantonsburg, Wilson, North Carolina, USAGeorge Edwin Youngs
Birth8 April 1981?Amy L. Rankin
Burial14 May 1981Bridgeport, Morrill Co., NERalph Vern Spencer
Death23 May 1981Mount Upton, Chenango, New York, United StatesHoward Lewis Peck
DeathMay 1981Harvey Illinois United States of America - Cook Co.Ralph Vern Spencer
Marriage20 June 1981Allegany, Cattaragus Co., NYEarl James Dutton with Deanna Leah Kohl
DeathJuly 1981New Lisbon, Otsego, New York, United States of AmericaOna Wanita Wagner
Birth6 August 1981Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYRyann Michelle Abdo
Death7 November 1981Plainview, Hale Co., TXEdith Lucile Krone
Burial13 November 1981Whittier, Los Angeles Co., CAEdith Lucile Krone
Death29 December 1981Turner, Marion, Oregon, United StatesRose May Monroe
Death1981Coos Bay, Coos Co., ORRolla Spencer
Birth5 January 1982Hastings, Adams Co., NENicolas Chany Fuller
Birth21 May 1982Tampa, FLJohn Frederick Kelly
Death23 June 1982Whitehall, Washington Co., NYRose Margaret Kelley
Marriage30 July 1982?Robert Wieboldt with Carol Marie Spencer
Birth12 August 1982Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYKevin Michael Kohl
Death1982Susanville, CAPhyllis Lorene Phelps
DeathJanuary 1983Washington, Washington, Pennsylvania, United States of AmericaFreda M Rankin
Birth19 February 1983?Timothy Ross Spencer
Birth3 March 1983Santa Maria, CABrandalyn Eve Younglove
Marriage26 March 1983Grand Island, Hull Co., NEMilton Coleman with Joanie L. Clark
Death27 March 1983?Norris M. Olmsted
Death30 April 1983Dallas, TexasKatherine Louise Benson
Death2 May 1983Johnson City, Broome, New York, United States of AmericaJohn W Robinson
Birth6 May 1983?Michael Robert Graziano
Death22 May 1983Sidney, NY at homeErnest Lee Rutenber
Burial24 May 1983Prospect Hill Cemetery, Sidney, NYErnest Lee Rutenber
Death25 June 1983NYRonald Peck
Death4 July 1983Plentywood, Sheridan Co., NECharles Floyd Griffin
Burial8 July 1983Plentywood, Sheridan Co., NECharles Floyd Griffin
Death30 October 1983Wappingers Falls, Dutchess, New York, USALloyd J. Lauber
Birth8 November 1983Binghamton, Broome Co., NYJonathan Barrett Breidinger
Birth28 December 1983Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYJenifer Juliet Muir
Death1983?James V Rankin
Death1983?Joe Greco
Death11 March 1984Gainesville, Alachua, Florida, USAGladys Pearl Monroe
Death12 March 1984Los Angeles, CaliforniaAnn Elizabeth Kochevar
Death24 March 1984Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida, United States of AmericaPauline Eleanor Northrup
Birth29 March 1984?Kimberly Anne Hartz
Birth29 March 1984Hastings, Adams Co., NEKaren Renee Coleman
DeathMarch 1984Bolivar, Allegany, New York, United States of AmericaHoward L Sherman
Marriage14 July 1984Allegany, Cattaragus Co., NYRobert P. Howard with Darla Kohl
Death14 August 1984Clearwater, Pinellas, Florida, United States of AmericaGifford Heckroth
Birth26 August 1984Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYShayla Marie Abdo
Death24 September 1984Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, USAPaul Merton Kelly (2)
Death4 October 1984Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of AmericaFrank Kochevar
Death30 November 1984San Francisco, CARosamond Alice Moquin
Death8 December 1984Saint Louis, MinnesotaEdward Robert Dren
Death4/1984New York New Mexico United States of America - MargaretvilleJames A. Sanford
Death14 January 1985New York New Mexico United States of America - SidneyBurnett Douglas Cooke
Death16 January 1985Broken Bow, Custer Co., NEOlive Laura Leote Standlea
BurialJanuary 1985Broken Bow, Custer Co., NEOlive Laura Leote Standlea
Birth8 February 1985Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYJessica Ann Dutton
Death28 February 1985Wayland Massachusetts United States of America - MiddlesexClara Rebecca Schmidt
DeathFebruary 1985Glens Falls, Warren, New York, United States of AmericaWatson G Carswell
Burial13 April 1985Maplelawn Cem., Boliver, Allegany Co., NYWelthe E. Lewis
Death28 May 1985Buffalo, Erie Co., NYHarold Lewis Spencer
Burial31 May 1985Pleasant Valley, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYHarold Lewis Spencer
Marriage8 June 1985Marblehead Illinois United States of AmericaJames Howard Kelly with Lorraine May Paradise
Marriage8 June 1985Hastings, Adams Co., NEClinton A. Schlegel with Elizabeth A. Clark
Birth15 October 1985Rutland, Rutland, Vermont, USAMandy Lynne Carswell
DeathDecember 1985?Elna H. Spencer
Birth16 January 1986Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYNicholas Robert Howard
Death11 February 1986Crawfordsville Indiana United States of America - MontgomeryLewis Edgar Baker
Birth28 May 1986Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYBryan Adam Wilson
Death31 August 1986Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, USAPauline Lucille Allen
Birth4 October 1986?Morgan Phillip Messina
Death13 October 1986?Mary Dorothy Kochevar
Birth18 October 1986Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYMelissa Ann Muir
DeathOctober 1986Whitehall, Washington, New YorkHenry Timothy Swinton
Residence1986Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara FallsGeorge R. Luch
Address198620 Harper Pkwy # R1, Avon, NY, 14414-9567Edward J. Kelly
Residence1986Lewiston, NYJohn Peter Luch
Residence1986Avon, NYEdward J. Kelly
Residence1986Vestal, NYPhillip Thomas Messina
Residence1986Afton New York United States of AmericaClarence Arthur Gifford
Death9 January 1987Binghamton, Broome, New York, United StatesSusan Armenia Youngs (7)
Death24 January 1987?Albert Haff
Birth2 February 1987?Julie Michele Hartz
Death15 February 1987Unadilla, Otsego, New York, United States of AmericaLewis Le Grand Peck
Birth5 April 1987Boston, MARebecca Rose Kelly
Birth27 May 1987Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYEarl Jason Dutton,Jr.
Birth8 June 1987?Isaiah Justin Peterson
Death10 December 1987Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., NYCharles S. Spencer
Burial13 December 1987Pleasant Valley, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYCharles S. Spencer
Death20 December 1987Dover, Hillsborough, Florida, USAAlethea Ruth Fischer
Death27 December 1987Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYMary Benham
Burial31 December 1987Pleasant Valley, Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYMary Benham
Birth30 January 1988University Hospital, Seoul SKAllison Carroll Breidinger
Death3 June 1988Waterbury, Litchfield Co., CTStanley Edward Fayer
Birth23 June 1988?Zachary Scott Howard
Death30 June 1988Vero Beach, Indian River, Florida, United States of AmericaFrances Lorraine 'Lorayne' Carswell
Birth10 August 1988Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYKaili Anne Abdo
Birth5 September 1988?Christopher Michael Messina
Death21 September 1988Saint Louis, MinnesotaFrank William Dren
Death12 October 1988San BernardinoPatricia Lee Allen
Marriage15 October 1988Shaw AFB, Sumter, SCChristopher Russell Spencer with Rhonda Gayle Glick
Death4 November 1988New York New Mexico United States of America - WhitehallFrederick Swinton Kingsley
Birth25 December 1988Fountain Valley, CARachel Noel Dawson
Birth1988?Sean Michael Tobin
Death20 February 1989Johnson City, Broome, NYRosemarie Messina
Birth25 February 1989Boston, MADiana Rose Kelly
Death8 March 1989town of Masonville, NYStanley William Rutenber
DeathMarch 1989Oneonta, Otsego New York, USAFrances M Smith
DeathMarch 1989Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara Falls Anna
Death18 April 1989?Mary Russell
Death5 May 1989Sidney Ohio United States of America - ShelbyStewart Ronald Peck
Death25 May 1989Santa Cruz, CAElizabeth Spencer
Birth25 May 1989?Shane Leland Sowder
Birth7 June 1989Olean Gen. Hosp., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYMatthew Aaron Wilson
Birth12 June 1989?Christina Marie Graziano
Death4 August 1989Wolcott, New Haven, ConnecticutEva M Kapise
Death15 August 1989?Consuella C Jennette
Death11 September 1989?Lucille N Carswell
Burial1989Glenwood Cemetery, Oneonta, NYStanley William Rutenber
Residence1989Alexandria, VASuzanne Marie Gorman
Death28 February 1990Brattleboro, VTBeatrice Scovell
Death9 March 1990Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDaniel H. Spencer
Burial10 March 1990CrematedDaniel H. Spencer
Birth5 April 1990Superior, Nuckolls Co., NEThaddeaus Charles Fuller
Death14 April 1990Ne ? Italia - St. Paul, Howard Co.Charles Floyd Griffin
Burial17 April 1990Ne ? Italia - St. Paul Cem., St. Paul, Howard Co.Charles Floyd Griffin
Death29 June 1990Pasco, Florida, United StatesFrederica May Gifford
Birth11 July 1990Hastings, Adams Co., NEJoshua Alan Schlegel
Birth11 July 1990?Mark William Carswell
Birth21 August 1990Monterey California United States of America - Monterey Co.Morganne Suzanne Spencer
Death9 September 1990Cobleskill, Schoharie, New York, USANancy Mildred Youngs
Birth13 October 1990Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYCorey Daniel Spencer
Death24 November 1990?Ellafern Gifford
Marriage1990FINDLAY OHIOChristopher Lee Dorman with Shelly Ann Hickle
Residence1990Mechanicville, NYDavid George Bartholomew
Death16 January 1991Fair Haven, VTJohn Joseph Prieur
Birth9 February 1991?Ashley Michelle Warfield
Death4 May 1991Milwaukee, WICharlotte Jane Loutzenhiser
Birth7 June 1991?Taylor Jordan Peterson
Marriage17 August 1991?Raymond Agans with Gretchen Michelle Haff
DeathAugust 1991Gordon, Sheridan Co., NEMary Lucile Standlea
Birth9 September 1991Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYDarrick Michael Spencer
Marriage14 September 1991Dublin, CALisa Rochelle Holzapfel
Death9 October 1991Masonville, Delaware Co, NYMarjorie Allen Gifford
Death30 December 1991Thousand Oaks, Ventura Co., CACharles Holland Canfield
Death12/7/1991New York New Mexico United States of America - MargaretvilleNorman J. Sanford
Residence1991Milwaukee, WICatherine Christine Kelly
Birth1991?Tayler Anderson Dorman
Marriage20 June 1992Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYMichael Lewis Spencer with Tammy Sue Baldwin
Marriage2 August 1992Santa Cruz, CAMichael Andrew Friebel with Stacey Susan Spencer
Death12 October 1992Port Orchard, Kitsap Co., WALawrence Freeman Standlea
BurialOctober 1992Port Orchard, Kitsap Co., WALawrence Freeman Standlea
Death8 December 1992Unadilla, Otsego County New York, USAWesley August Colyer
Residence1992Mechanicville, NYDavid George Bartholomew
Death28 January 1993Vernonia, Multnomah Co., ORRobert Lloyd Spencer
Death17 March 1993New Port Richey, Pasco, Florida, USAMildred Gertrude Gifford
Death19 May 1993Bakersfield, Kern Co., CAJames Edwin Poole
Death5 July 1993Rutland, Rutland, VermontLeo J. Bartholomew
Birth11 August 1993?Hunter Charles Ott
Residence1993Skaneateles, NYLorraine Evelyn (Becky) Emmick
Residence1993Sussex, NJWilliam Mark Oellrich
Residence1993Whitehall, NYWilliam Russell Carswell
Residence1993Vestal, NYBarry Phillip Messina
Residence1993Whitehall, NYDebra Lynne Prieur
Residence1993Johnson City, NYSusan Youngs Robinson
Residence1993Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara FallsElsie May Luch
Residence1993Milwaukee, WISandra Lee Rankin
Death1993?Sarah E Rankin
Residence1993Endicott, NYRobert Carroll Breidinger
Residence1993Niagara Falls, NYJoel Robert Paradise
Residence1993Mulberry, FLLaura E. Sherman
Residence1993Fairlawn, OHJohn Christopher Paradise
Residence1993Endicott, NYRobin Carroll Messina
Residence1993Ballston Spa, NYCarl Douglas Cooke
Residence1993Whitehall, NYCharles Frederick Carswell
Residence1993Avon, NYEdward J. Kelly
Residence1993Pittsford, NYPatric L Allen
Death12 April 1994Petaluma, Marin Co., CABen Morton Spencer
Death18 May 1994Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TXPaul Irving Evans
Death26 May 1994Unadilla, NYGerald Allison Gifford
Death1 August 1994Deposit, Broome, New York, USAWilliam Esmond Gifford
Birth1 November 1994Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYMitchell Allen Muir
Death16 December 1994Sayre, Bradford, Co, PAKeith Arnold Peck
Residence1994Rouses Point, NYCharles Frederick Carswell
Residence1994West Newbury, MAJames Howard Kelly
Residence1994Skaneateles, NYMerton William Allen
Death3 February 1995Greendale, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USAGertrude Victoria Kochevar
Death16 February 1995Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYWilliam Edward Muir
Burial20 February 1995Mt. View Cem., Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYWilliam Edward Muir
Birth21 February 1995Hastings, Adams Co., NEJustin Alex Schlegel
Marriage25 March 1995?Daniel Leroy Griffin with Peggy Ann Reed
Death23 April 1995Johnson City, Broome, NYMildred Messina
Death23 June 1995New Berlin, Chenango, New York, USARaymond Ivan Peck
Death13 July 1995Norwich, Chenango County, NYAlbert Edwin Rutenber
Burial16 July 1995Fairview Cemetery, New Berlin, NYAlbert Edwin Rutenber
Death22 July 1995Afton New York United States of America - ChenangoMary Louise Peck
Birth30 August 1995?Kendall Elizabeth Ott
DeathOctober 1995Summitville, Sullivan, New York, United States of AmericaHerbert Baxter
Residence1995Milwaukee, WIPatricia Jean Kochevar
Marriage9 February 1996Superior, Nuckolls Co., NETodd Sparing with Bobby Ann Clark
Burial29 March 1996?Rachel Noel Dawson
Death28 August 1996New York New Mexico United States of America - Fort AnnClaude Tucker
Burial2 September 1996?Lisa Rochelle Holzapfel
Burial2 September 1996?Nancy Kay Harbor Kvien
Burial2 September 1996?Luella Roedel ?
Marriage5 October 1996Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYStephen F. Cipot, Jr with Deborah Ann Kohl
Death8 October 1996Margaretville, Delaware County, New York, USARuth H. Sanford
Birth18 October 1996Santa Cruz, CASean Michael Friebel
Death4 December 1996?Mary M Moore
Marriage1996Santa Maria, CATerry Lee Sowder
Residence1996Northville, NYCharles William Severinghaus
Death1996?Helen M ?
Death8 January 1997Olean, Cattaragus Co., NYEllen E. Tyler
Burial11 January 1997Pleasant Valley, Cattaragus Co., Olean, NYEllen E. Tyler
Birth13 January 1997?Caleigh Dayle Sowder
Birth12 February 1997?Logan J. Rankin
Birth12 February 1997?Jacob Q. Rankin
Burial27 March 1997?Charles Younglove
Burial27 March 1997?Caleigh Dayle Sowder
Death8 May 1997Fairport Baptist Home, Fairport, NYHazel Flora Allen (5)
Marriage10 May 1997Milwaukee, WIGary Michael Szymanski with Catherine Christine Kelly
Burial12 May 1997Evergreen Cemetery, Otego, Otsego, NYHazel Flora Allen (5)
Death10 July 1997Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USACharles Frederick Carswell
Death22 August 1997?Eugene Rudolph Kochevar
Burial14 November 1997?Taylor Jordan Peterson
Burial14 November 1997?Lawrence Purcell (Pete) Peterson
Burial14 November 1997?Isaiah Justin Peterson
Marriage22 December 1997?Anthony Basile with Raena Deanne Haff
Birth29 December 1997?Cameron Rochelle Ott
Address1997?James Leslie Kelly
Burial10 February 1998?Kendall Elizabeth Ott
Burial10 February 1998?Shane Leland Sowder
Burial10 February 1998?Terry Lee Sowder
Burial10 February 1998?Hunter Charles Ott
Burial10 February 1998?Brandalyn Eve Younglove
Burial10 February 1998?Cameron Rochelle Ott
Death6 May 1998New York New Mexico United States of America - MasonvilleRex John Gifford
Death26 July 1998Greenfield, MAChaloner Porter Spencer
Death1 September 1998Jermyn, PAHelen Eastlake
Birth21 October 1998?Madison Rae Agans
Death2 March 1999Lewiston, NYJohn Peter Luch
Marriage2 April 1999White Hall, ILJohn Frederick Kelly (1) with Christine Ann Waltrip
Death29 June 1999Palm Harbor, Pinellas, FLFoster B Root
Death24 July 1999Chisholm, Saint Louis, MinnesotaJoseph Anthony Dren
Birth30 September 1999Milwaukee, WIEmily Marie Szymanski
Death10 November 1999FLLulu Alice Rutenber
Death16 March 2000Coral Gables, Dade, Florida, USARoyal Addison Gifford
Death27 March 2000Cobleskill, Schoharie, New York, USAGordon Henry Morse
Death27 March 2000Inverness, Citrus, Florida, USAGordon Henry Morse
Death31 March 2000Whitehall, NYWatson Francis Carswell
Death31 March 2000Glens Falls NYWatson Francis Carswell
Event for2 April 2000United StatesWatson Francis Carswell
Burial3 April 2000Bushnell, Sumter County, Florida, USAGordon Henry Morse
Death12 June 2000Vero Beach, Indian River, Florida, USAEsther Baxter
Event for1 August 2000?Joan Popham (122883)
Event for1 August 2000?John Sydenham (122882)
Event for1 August 2000?Richard Wikes (61442)
Event for1 August 2000?William Giffard (3840)
Birth28 August 2000?Sydney Jane Agans
Death29 August 2000Eveleth, Saint Louis, Minnesota, United States of AmericaWilliam Kochevar
Death7 February 2001Hibbing, Saint Louis, Minnesota, United States of AmericaAlice Gertrude Martin
Death30 March 2001Palm Harbor, Pinellas, FLGladys S
Death18 May 2001New York New Mexico United States of America - SidneyJoyce Elane Marjorie Peck
Death18 May 2001New York New Mexico United States of America - SidneyElizabeth "Betty" Jean Peck
Death22 June 2001Johnson City, Broome, New York, United States of AmericaSusan Youngs Robinson
Death24 August 2001Mulberry, Polk, Florida, USAAustin George Kelly
Event for1 October 2001?Amanda Melvina Bulle (55)
Death2 December 2001Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of AmericaJohanna Dren
Death2 December 2001Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of AmericaJohanna Dren
Death4 December 2001?Jules Wagner
Death6 January 2002Cicero, Onondaga, New York, United StatesHelen Sherman
Death4 February 2002Schenectady, Schenectady, New York, United States of AmericaHarriet Adelia Gifford
Death1 March 2002Portland, Multnomah, Oregon USAEthel Louise Sherwood
Death12 September 2002?Edith Mary Tedesco
Death12 September 2002?Edith Mary Tedesco
Deathabout 2002Morgan Hill CAJulia Paradiso
Death28 March 2003?Stella Vera Kapise
Death15 May 2003Afton New York United States of America - ChenangoClarence Arthur Gifford
Marriage12 July 2003?Gregory Michael Haff with Tracy Kathryn Barnett
Birth23 July 2003Milwaukee, WISamuel James Szymanski
Death6 August 2003Fellsmere, Indian River, Florida, United States of AmericaEthel Baxter
Death17 January 2004Folts Homes, 104 North Washington Street, Herkimer NYJames Leslie Kelly
Death26 June 2004Mechanicville, New York, USADavid George Bartholomew
Burial29 June 2004Saratoga New York United States of America - SchuylervilleDavid George Bartholomew
Death29 October 2004Sun City Center, Hillsborough, Florida, United StatesOlive Christabel DePuy (3)
Event for3 November 2004United StatesOlive Christabel DePuy (3)
Death31 December 2004Oneonta, Otsego Co., NYDorothy Louise Rutenber
Death20 April 2005?Saundra Diane Root
Death1 July 2005Glens Falls, Warren County, New York, USACarlton Arnold Tucker
Death3 July 2005Little Genesee, Allegany, New YorkEdgar Burton Sherman
Death2 August 2005Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara FallsGeorge R. Luch
Death20 August 2005Pharsalia, Chenango, New York, USAAustin Prentice Willis
Death22 November 2005Lake Panasoffkee, Sumter, FloridaMargaret Esther Youngs
Death2005Orlando, Brevard, Florida, United StatesMargaret Esther Youngs
Death2005Orlando, Brevard, Florida, United StatesMargaret Esther Youngs
Death2005Orlando, Brevard, Florida, United StatesMargaret Esther Youngs
Death24 February 2006Houston, Harris, Texas, United StatesAudrey Wilson Townsend
Death15 April 2006?David Ketcham Allen
Death2 August 2006Pickerington, Fairfield County, Ohio, USAJohn Harry Colyer
Death14 March 2007Augusta, GAKatherine Frances "Binkie" Maryott
Death6 July 2007Saratoga New York United States of America - EdinburgCharles William Severinghaus
Death1 October 2007?Clarence Rudolph Fischer
Death1 April 2008Greendale, Milwaukee, WisconsinAmelia Ann (Molly) Kochevar
Death1 December 2008Unadilla, Otsego, New York, USAKenneth Allen Peck
Death11 December 2008New York New Mexico United States of America - Sidney CenterSherburne A. Gifford
Death25 May 2009Skaneateles, Onondaga, New York, USALorraine Evelyn (Becky) Emmick
Death12 September 2009Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara FallsAngelo John Paradise
Death25 October 2009Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara FallsElsie May Luch
Death15 November 2009?Paul Ferdinand Rocque
Death2 April 2010Bolivar, Allegany, New YorkMarie Baker
Marriage27 June 2010?William C. Kelly with Donna Newhouse Bickford
Death5 November 2010Queensbury, Warren, New YorkKenneth Kingsley
Death20 August 2011New York New Mexico United States of America - MargaretvilleJames William Elliott
Death17 May 2012?Patric L Allen
Death7 July 2012?Ernest Donald Evans
Death26 February 2013Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont, USACharles Frederick Carswell
Death26 December 2013?Gordon E. White
Death31 January 2014Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USADerwood Eugene Rankin
Death3 May 2014?Ethel Louise Long
DeathOctober 2014GAEleanor Lucille Maryott
Death10 November 2014Rutland Regional Medical Center, Rutland, VTMargaret Ethel (Peg) Beeler
Death12 January 2015?Dorothy DePuy
Death14 March 2015Skaneateles, Onondaga, New York, USAMerton William Allen
Event for27 September 2016?John Frederick Kelly (1)
Event for27 September 2016?James Howard Kelly
Marriage16 November 2016Pigeon Forge, Sevier, Tennessee, USAWilliam Mark Oellrich with Jennifer Maegan Kelly
Death10 January 2017Johnson City, Broome, NYPhillip Thomas Messina
Marriage(17 JANVIER 1757)St-Jean Valais SwitzerlandAntoine Cote (146) with Marie Genevieve Beaumont
?DEC-JAN 1778-1779Massachusetts, USAGeorge Wood (470)
Event for23-FEB-1907New YorkOlney Andrews Gifford
Baptism26 FEB?Eleanor Ashfordby (783)
Birth25 MAR?Jonathan Lee Spencer
?17 APR 1777 ENLISTED?Ephraim Spencer
Death28 APRIL 1901,Richmond, Tioga, Pennsylvania, USAAnna Goodall
Birth(30 JUIL 1753)Lauzon Quebec Canada - 1654551Marie Genevieve Beaumont
Birth26 AUGBoise, IDJames R. Bruce
Birth07 OCT?Norvin Lyle Harms
Death20 DECDeRuyter, Cortland Co., NYIra Spencer, Dr.
Marriage23 DEC?Joseph Addison Long with Doris A. Judson
Death2-1-1876Plymouth, Grafton, New Hampshire, USASeth Spencer
Birth11-1-1800Bridgewater, New Hampshire, USASeth Spencer
Birth1805-02-11Rome, New York, USAGeorge Washington Sherman
Birth1759-04-29Stow, Middlesex, MAAsaph (Asa) Whitney
Birth1766-04-25Bristol Massachusetts United States of America - DartmouthMartha Gifford
Birth1768-05-08Harvard, Worcester, MAAbijah Whitney (162)
Birth11-5-1793?Lydia Spencer
Birth1805-06-06Locke,Cayuga,New York,USAArtemisia Mix
Death6-1808Trois-Rivieres Quebec CanadaJosephte Grenier
Birth1752-07-31Stow, Middlesex, MAAaron Whitney
Marriage1826-07-23Locke, Cayuga, New York, USAGeorge Washington Sherman with Artemisia Mix
Birth1755-08-25Stow, Middlesex, MAMiriam Whitney
Birth1754-08-22Stow, Middlesex, MAPersis Whitney
Death1850-08-28Ny Federal For Springfield,Otsego,New York,USAMartha Gifford
Death1716-09-12Braintree,Norfolk,Massachusetts,USAJohn Bass
Birth1630-09-18Roxbury,Suffolk,Massachusetts,USAJohn Bass
Death1754-10-02Stow, Middlesex, MAPersis Whitney
Birth2-11-1796?Charles Spencer
Death1889-11-17East Sharon, Pennsylvania, USAGeorge Washington Sherman
Death1880-11-02East Sharon,,Pennsylvania,USAArtemisia Mix
Marriage1670-12-17Dutch Collegiate Church, New York, USAWessel Wesselson TenBroeck (1570) with Maria Boele Ten Eyck (1571)
Birth4-19-1798?John Spencer
Birth7-30-1805Bridgewater, Grafton, New Hampshire, United StatesSimeon Spencer
Residence1917-1918Washington, New YorkJohn James Kelley
BurialUNKNOWNWhitehall, Washington County, New York, USAEvelyn Evangelist Kelly
BurialUNKNOWN?Madeleine LeGrand (2363)
Residence1917-1918Syracuse, Onondaga, New YorkJohn Marion Long
Residence1917-1918Summit Ohio United States of America - AkronJoseph Amos Rankin
MarriageUNKNOWN?Simon Terry with Helen "Nellie" Roselle
Residence1917-1918Saratoga New York United States of America - MechanicsvilleClaude B. Tucker
Residence1917-1918Washington, New YorkHenry Timothy Swinton
Event forN/A?Stanley Hudson Sprague
?1836-1848Albany, New York, USJabez Spencer
Residence1935-1993Voorheesville, NYCharles William Severinghaus
Marriage1806-1807Saratoga New York United States of America - Quaker SpringsAllen Smith with Judith Wait
DeathUNKNOWN?Arthur Reno Rutenber
Event forUNKN?Zeb Raymond
Residence1917-1918Niagara New York United States of America - Niagara FallsJoseph Paradiso
Residence1917-1918Augusta, Richmond, GeorgiaCarlton Howard Maryott
Probate1705-1706Hartford, Connecticut, USAJohn Meekins (3782)
Residence1935-1993Otego, NYMabel Esther Long
DeathUNKNOWNEnglandHoward Kelly
Residence1917-1918Delaware, New YorkAustin George Gifford
Residence1824-1826High Falls, New York, USAHelena Hardenburgh
Residence1917-1918Binghamton, Broome, New YorkJohnnie Harvey Gifford
Residence1917-1918Chenango, New YorkDr. Julius Ithal Gifford
Residence1917-1918Syracuse, Onondaga, New YorkGilbert Elmer DePuy (6)
Residence1824-1826High Falls, New York, USAMoses A. DePuy
Residence1917-1918Ellis, TexasGilbert Murray Depuy
Marriage1679-1798Quebec Quebec Canada - Ile-d`OrléansPierre Cote (292)
Residence1917-1918Framingham, Middlesex, MassachusettsDavid Justin Allen
Residence1917-1918Oneida, New YorkGeorge William Allen
Marriage1713-1755Quebec Quebec Canada - St-VallierMarie-Angelique Cote (73)
Residence1935-1993Boca Raton Georgia United States of AmericaMerton William Allen
Residence1904-1905Brown University, Providence, Rhode IslandAustin Ketcham Allen
Residence1904-1905Providence, Rhode IslandAustin Ketcham Allen
Residence1917-1918Seattle, King, WashingtonAustin Ketcham Allen

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