Process all files in the directory.No
Genealogical fileT:\web\kelly\John Kelly's Family History.ged
Display unknown tagsYes
Display/sort by dates in the first names listYes
Sort surnames alphabetically, ignoring particlesYes
All names with the same initials in the same pageNo
Show the surnames next to the given namesNo
Generate one individual per pageNo
Flash ListYes
Display nickname between given name and surnameYes
Descendancy TreeYes
Trees of AncestryYes
Display condensed individual informationNo
Display ages of events in the individual sheetsYes
Display Table of Birthdays horizontallyYes
Don't generate birthday tablesNo
Generate birth place listYes
Generate date statisticsYes
Generate search moduleYes
Generate chronological date indexYes
Display siblingsYes
Detailed ascendancy treeYes
Display timelinesYes
Display links between individualsYes
Detailed timelinesNo
Display only first given name in tablesNo
Display given name before surnameYes
Display place informations for brothers, sisters and childrenYes
Individuals : Pictures Height :
Display name in individual fileYes
Remove the accents in the file namesYes
Documents : Pictures Height :
Put documents in a sub-folderYes
Display documents at the bottom of each individual's descriptionYes
Display city names on mapsYes
Display pictures in family treesYes
downloadable GedComNo
Link to documents in the event listsNo
Show only acts in the page documentNo
Generate picture in thumb formatYes
Video type :
Notes :3
Sources (and independent information of the individual in the GEDCOM) :3
Display information for deceased peopleYes
Only birthsNo
Cutoff year for the century1916
Exclude persons with any events in the above century.No
Withhold all information on persons with events in the above century.No
Don't display any information from above century.No
Use only country for sortingNo
Interactive research for placesNo
Default country :
Display zones mapsYes
GoogleMap links use longitudes/latitudesYes
Find postal codes in the french place searchNo
Convert place namesYes
Show the result at the end of the generationYes
Transform names to uppercaseNo
Show SOSA's numbersYes
Add a prefix to the files namesNo
Display SOSA dialog box to choose SOSA number 1Yes
Display frequent surnames dialog boxNo
Crypt Email with JavaScriptYes
Insert META data in the headpageYes
Title:John Kelly's Family History
Author:John Kelly
Mail/URL :johnk@spectrumdata.com
Document to add : On right top
Document to add : On right bottom
Document to add : On left top (in menu)
Document to add : On left bottom (in menu)
Title and link sizes :Normal
Include XML generationYes
Generate framesYes
Generate full lists (big files)Yes
Display individuals with no places in the flash listNo
Gererate options reportYes
Background :#F5F3C5
<HEAD> to add :
to add in : <BODY>
Footer :
Encoding :iso-8859-1
Average size of pages :128000

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