"City of Contentment"
Orange Park, Florida 32073
(904) 278-1210

Welcome to Moosehaven - The City of contentment for Senior Moose Members. We hope Moosehaven will be all you hoped it would be. Moosehaven was built throught hte efforts of the men and women of the Moose fraternity, to care for the needs of qualifying senior members in the latter years of life.

From Our Ritual - "Moosehaven is more than brick and mortar, more than food and clothing... yes... even more than security itself.... because Moosehaven is comkpanionship, health and happiness for our members who may spend the senior years of life together in a haven of contentment... a haven which hums with activity to keep the human spirit alive. Contentment comes when useful work is found for willing hands to perform according to the abiding strength and ability of those who have sought this refuge."

The primary purpose of this booklet is to familiarize the reader with life on Moosehaven campus. We hope this booklet will be used as a ready reference for all of our Moose members and their families and guests.

Any time you have questions not on this page, please feel free to call Moosehaven (904) 278-1210 and you will be able to speak to the superintendent or a staff member to answer your questions.

Moosehaven is a self-contained model communitiy, built on the banks of the beautify St. Johns River, located in the city of Orange Park, Florida approximately 12 miles south of Jacksonville. Moosehaven is owned and operated by the Loyal Order of Moose. With nearly 75 years of service, Moosehaven assumes full responsibility for total care, including food, clothing, housing, medical and dental care, and all possible assistance to aid in extending many happy years to the lives of our aged, qualified members and their wives.

Moosehaven has 11 resident halls, a 12th hall under construction, and the Paul P. Schmitz Health Center on over 65 acres of scenic grounds. Each hall has its own kitchen and dining room. Meals are served family style.

Modern facilities are provided for residents to participate in activities they enjoy most - pursuing favorite hobbies, or discovering new ones. Our goal is that residents coming to Moosehaven do not lose their zest for life, but actually renew the zest they once had.

Moosehaven's transportation system consisting of vans, golf carts and three-wheeled tri's provides mobility in getting around campus. The Moosehaven bus is uded for trips to nearby cities for a day on the town, and at various times throughout the year, for sightseeing tours, enabling residents to visit places of interest near and far.

Perhaps the most important feature of Moosehaven is the peace of mind afforded to residents. The state of well-being and sense of security exists for every member of the Moose brotherhood and his wife. "...There is a quality that comes with age. The fullness of years brings wisdom youth cannot know. Moosehaven is a safe harbor for the wisdom of our Fraternity. With it, the Defending Circle is complete."


Moosehaven is a full time year-round residential adult retirement facility for elibible Moose members and their spouse. Eligible applicants must be at least 65 years of age and have been a member of the Order continuously for at least 15 years, immediately preceding a requet for an application; be physically and mentally able to care for themselves and have need of the services of Moosehaven.

Moosehaven is companionship, health and happiness for our members who may spend the senior years of life together in a haven of contentment

Applications for married members are considered only on the basis fo the husband-and-wife unit. Generally the marriage should be 5 years or more.

Effective July 2, 1997, all members of the Women of the Moose enjoy full eligibility for Moosehaven admission on a basis equivalent to that of male members.

A Loyal Order of Moose member's widow is eligible to make application to Moosehaven if her deceased husbend was in good standing on the date of his death and had fifteen years or more of continuous Moose membership immediately preceeding the date of his death, providing she was a chapter member onthe date of his death, joined the Women of the Moose prior toher 50th birthday, remains a chpater member until she applies and is approved for admission to Moosehaven, and further providing she has not and is not remarried and all other Moosehaven qualifications have been met, or a widow is eligible if her husband (at the time of death) had 15 years of continuous membership and had reached or passed age 65. In either case, a widow must be age 65 and has not remarried at the time of application.

Moosehaven's transporation system, consisting of vans, golf carts and three-wheeled bicycles, provides mobility in getting around campus.

Pre-Admission Inquiry

The initial step in seeking application to Moosehaven is to contact the local Moose Lodge for further information or contact the Director of Admissions, Mooseheart, Illinois 60539 - Phone: (630) 859-2000 ext 484 for information on how to make application. The best way to learn about Moosehaven is to visit the campus and tour the entire facility. We are sure you will be impressed with the beauty and serenity of this fine community.

Tour Guides and Visiting Hours

Tours are available 7 days per week from our Michigan Recreation Building from 8:00 am - 11:00 am and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. (Our Moosehaven residents are Guides and should be able to answer any questions you may have). If you have questions that the Guides are unable to answer, the Superintendent or the Residential Services Coordinator are located in the Administration Building, and are always willing to make time to answer your question. (Administration Building is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

Smoking Policy

Cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking is not permitted in any Building on the Moosehaven Campus (Moosehaven Campus Residents are allowed to smoke in their room or outside - Health Center residents are permitted to smoke in the Lobby or Patio Areas only). Your cooperation is appreciated.

Please be sure to visit the following

Michigan Recreation Building

Gift Shop (items for sale are made by our residents). Coffee Shop, Beer Bar, Tobacco Shop, Library, Beauty and Barber Shops, Table Pool and Game Room.

Moosehaven Chapel

Built by the New York Moose Association.

Moosehaven Health Center

Named after Paul P. Schmitz, Director General 1953-1974

Florida Archives Building

Houses memorabilia from the Florida Moose Association

James McKeone Picnic Area

Named in memory of deceased Florida State Director, James McKeone.

Illinois General Store

Where residents get their clothes, supplies, etc. (at no cost to them). Tailor Shop and Know-So-New Shop.


Houses memorabilia of deceased residents, contains portraits of all the Moosehave Superintendents, original regalia of the Fraternity and other interesting artifacts.

Activities Building

Built by California/Nevada Moose Association. (items for sale, made by residents), Model Railroad, Oil Painting, Leather Crafts, Ceramics, Sewing and Crafts Room, Offices of Activities Director and Protestant and Catholic Cahplains.

Buckeye Hall

Our newest residence hall built by the Ohio Moose Association. Beautiful Dining room with river front view.

Academy Hall

Newly renovated residence hall paid for by the hard working W.O.T.M.

Florida/Bermuda Hall

A residence hall scheduled to be dedicated in June 1997.

New York Excercise Center

Opened in 1997, it houses a Bowling Alley, Swimming Pool, Shuffleboard, Aerobics Room, Table Games, Excercise machines, Juice Bar, and Beauty and Barber shops.

Activities Offered at Moosehaven

Weekly Activities
  • Protestant and Catholic Services
  • Oil Painting /Art Class
  • Leather Craft Class
  • Woodworking Craft Class
  • Local Lodge Trips
  • Area Restaurant Trips
  • Bingo (3 times a month)
  • Bowling and Golf (off campus)
  • Model Railroad Club Meeting
  • Dances with live music (8 times a year)
  • Special Picnics with cash prizes (8 or more times a year)
  • Excercise Class
  • Ceramics Classes
  • Sewing Class
  • Dance Class
  • Crafts of all kinds
  • Area Shopping Trips

Moosehaven means Opportunity

Retirement, whether forced or voluntary, all too often deprives seniors of a most important source of self expression, cuts off their feeling of belonging, ends their sense of recognition and introduces loneliness. They are thus exposed to a wide variety of physical and mental illnesses. Loss of the feeling of usefulness, of meaningful employment, of doing something worthwhile; these assail the confidence and the slef respect of the idle aging.

The Moose Fraternity, the founders of Moosehaven, the City of Contentment, realized from the beginning that human regard for the dignity, rights and self respect of an older person is fundamental to the operation of every facility for the aged; that a facility should protect and promote the independence of its residents to the fullest extent consistent with consideration for their safety and capabilities.

Moosehaven's occupational program (Sunshine Jobs) affords both opportunity and privilege for its residents participating in the community's operation and maintenance program. The therapeutic value to the participant as well as the contribution to the economy of the community is immeasurable.

There are over 50 different Sunshine Jobs available at Moosehave which require one to three hours of the residents' time each day. A few of these are: Instructors for arts and crafts, oil painting, dancing, ceramics helpers, machine maintenance, clerks, commissary helpers, carpenter helpers, snack bar and beverage bar attendants, van and bus drivers, dining room helpers, electrical equipment repairmen, bicycle repairmen, furniture refinishing, painters, grounds maintanence, guides, landscape gardeners, printers, receptionists, librarians, mail delivery, seamstress, security guards, razor cleaning, letter writers, pier caretakers, and many, many more.

These are all daily dutes to which the Moosehaven residents bring a wealth of experience, and in which they take much pride. Individuality and creativity are encouraged and expressed. Residents of the City of Contentment, who are able to do so, are happy and pleased with the opportunity to make a daily contribution to the operation and maintenance of their community.

Moosehaven's occupational program (Sunshine Jobs) affords both opportunity and privilege for its residents participating in the community's operational and maintenance program.

Each resident is given a nominal fee (Sunshine Pay) for his or her contribution to the campus. The amount depends on the type of work and the number of hours devoted to it each day. Payday is just as important and significant to Moosehaven residents as to the workers of any organization in America. They approach it with equal enthusiasm.

Fraternal Functions

All male residents of Moosehaven are automatically eligible for membership in "Opportunity Lodge" by virtue of their affiliation with the Order. Through Opportunity Lodge, committees are appointed to conduct recreation programs, tours, etc. This Lodge was Chartered in 1923. Lodge meetings are held twice a month. The annual dues are $1.00. The only fund raising activity permitted Opportunity Lodge is the "Honorary Membership Program". Any Moose member can join and any Chapter member can donate to the Honorary Membership Program. Annual Dues or Donations are $1.00. Life Membership or Life Donorships are $25.00. There are approximately 25,000 Honorary Members.

Thanks to your generous support, Moosehaven residents enjoy eight dances a year with live music, refreshments, decorations and modest cash prizes. There's free Bingo 3 times a month in our Auditorium and every Monday night for our Health Center Residents. Your funds have provided free lunches on bus trips to Florida attractions, battery-operated emergency lights for each resident hall, ice makers as well as milk and juice dispensers in each hall, a "Mini" van for our resident mail carriers, drapes, blinds and overhead fans for our auditorium, washers, dryers, water heaters for all halls and the Health Center, tools and equipment for the Bike Ship and the Grounds Maintenance, the needs of our "Moosehaven Ritual Staff" and the supplies to operate and maintain the "Honorary Membership Program". All funds received from this program are spent for the benefit of Moosehaven residents, and all major expenditures are pre-approved by the Moosehaven Superintendent.

If you are interested in this program please mail your name, address and lodge name with annual dues of $1.00 or $25.00 for Life Membership to
Opportunity Lodge Secretary
1701 Park Ave.
Orange Park, FL 32073
If you have additional questions, please feel free to call the Lodge Secretary at (904) 278-1223.

Our goal is that residents coming to Moosehaven do not lose their zest for life, but actually renew the zest they once had.

Chapter Activities

All femail residents are encouraged to join the "opportunity Chapter". The chapter holds regular scheduled meetings. This Cahpter gets 20% of the revenue from the sale of items sold in the Gift and Ceramic Shops. Most articles sold in the Gift Shops and Activities Buildings are hand made by our Moosehaven Residents. The Women of the Moose have an Activity fund set up to purchase supplies they need for crafts. Residents get their supplies at no cost to them, when an item they made sells, the resident gets 80% of the money the items is sold for. the remaining 20% goes to the Opportunity Chapter to support its projects. The Chapte funds are also used for the benefit of Moosehaven. They have purchased many items for the resident halls and the Health Center.

This page was created from a Moosehaven brochure and copyright is held by Moosehaven.