Stuffed shells & Sauce

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1large canWhole tomatoes
18 oz cantomato paste
1cantomato sauce (or rotel tomatoes)
1tspchili garlic sauce (korean) or chili powder
1tspitalian seasoning
3bay leaves
3tspgarlic (or so!)
2medtomatoes (if available)
1/4cuppine nuts
Saute onion and garlic in olive oil until onions are translucent. Lower heat to simmer and add bayleaves. Add canned tomatoes, squishing whole tomatoes by hand, along with juice. Add rotel tomatoes or sauce. Add two-3 large cans of water (two for rotel tomatoes, 3 for tomato sauce) And stir to incorporate. Add tomato paste (this is really neaded to thicken.. if your sauce is going to have less time to simmer, add anouther 4-8 ounces of tomato paste to thicken it quicker)

Toast pine nuts in ungreased pan, flipping often to avoid burning until you can smell the nutty aroma or until browned slightly on both sides. Add to sauce.

cook on high until mixture begins to boil.

Add seasonings and stir in, reduce heat to simmer.

Cook for as many hours as you can stand (usually about 5) on a low simmer, adding a sprinkle of sugar (just enough to cut acidity, usually about 2 table spoons) about half way through and stir often.

Place 1 large container of ricota cheese (you know, the big ones, about so high and wide) with 2 eggs, salt and pepper in bowl and mix (if you use non-fat or low fat ricota, you may only need one egg as it is not as thick)

Place mixture into ziplock bag with the corner snipped off (this actually works better than a pastry bag unless you add meat to your sauce because it can get into the closed up little shells) and squeaze into large shells.

Place shells into bottom of baking dish (1 layer) and pour sauce over the shells. Cover with 8 oz bag of cheese of your choice (mozerlla usually.. low fat works very well) and bake until your able to piece the shells with a fork stuck into it (about 45 minutes on 375) uncovered.

If you would like to add meat to the sauce, please do. A pound of italian sausage (not cased) and a pound of ground beef work very well. Additionally, a pound of ground beef (lean please, no more than 85-15 or it gets everything all greasy) into the ricota mixture can be nicely squeezed into the shells. This is always much better the next day (isnt everything?!) so feel free to make it the day before and warm up in the micro (on high about 10 minutes, covered) the next day to bring... well anywhere.

Source: Jennifer


Source: Jennifer Kelly
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