Taffy Apple Salad

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18-ozcan crushed pineapple with juice
1beaten egg
1 1/2tspvinegar
4Cgranny smith apples, cut into bite-sized pieces
1Cspanish peanuts
18ozCool Whip
NOTE: This is a 2-day/overnight receipe

Cooked part:

Cook pineapple, marshmallow, sugar, flour and vinegar until melted and thick. QUICKLY whisk in the beaten egg, otherwise the egg will scramble in the mixture. Cool in the fridge overnight.


Dice apples. Mix pineapple mixture, apples, and peanuts, then fold in the Cool Whip.

This is an awesome summer barbeque dish and, if you make it, you'll be the talk of the get-together! Hope you all enjoy. Phins Up !!

Source: Gwen Menz
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