Pasta e Fagioli

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2lbGround Beef
1eaonion, chopped
3eacarrots, chopped
4stalkcelery, chopped
2cans28 oz diced tomatoes, undrained
1can16 oz red kidney beans, drained
1can16 oz white kidney beans, drained
3can10 oz beef stock
1tspTabasco Sauce
1jar20 oz spaghetti sauce
8ozpasta small shells
Brown and drain beef. Add to crock pot with everything else but pasta. Cook low 7-8 hour or high 4-5 hours. During last 20 min on high (1 hour low), add pasta.

This recipe took the big crock pot with some left over. For a normal crock pot, 1/2 everything. Just like Olive Garden.

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