Parent Permission Form
for World Wide Web Publishing


Name of Child ____________________________________

Teacher/Classroom ___________________________________

As part of our internet program here at White Hall Elementary, we occasionally publish pictures of school events to our website located at In addition, pictures are sometimes published in the local newspaper. In the near future, we intend to encourage students to publish their own web pages.

To publish individual (not group) student artwork, writing or photos, we need to have parent or legal guardian permission. 

If you do NOT give permission for your childrens' photo to be published under group activities, it is your responsibility to make your child aware of this and instruct him or her to avoid the photographer at dances, etc. where a group photo might be taken.

These guidelines will be followed:

  • No individual photos of your child will be published without additional consent. 
  • No personal information about the students, such as home address or telephone number will be published.
  • All student work and/or photos will appear with a copyright notice prohibiting the copying of students work and/or photos without express written permission.
  • If anyone should requests such permission, those requests will be forwarded to the child and their parents/guardians.
  • The copyright of the individual work will still belong to the student.
  • A copy of all student work that is published to the internet will be printed and sent home for parents to see.

Please complete this section and return it to the school.

I understand that my child's artwork, writing and/or class photo will be considered for publication on the World Wide Web(WWW), a part of the Internet. 

Yes No I grant permission for the WWW publishing based on the guidelines listed above. 
Please check either Yes or No for all of the following: 
    My Child's artwork.
    My Child's writing.
    My child in a group or class photo.

Parent Name:     ____________________________

Parent Signature: ____________________________  Date __________

I, the student, also give my permission for such publishing.

Student Signature  _________________________________ Date __________