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Our email list sends out important announcements and news. Some people continue to miss these emails. Our mail server has had no "bounces" at all. If your email provider rejects our mail, it'll "bounce" back with a message. None have. That tells us that your email went through. So. You didn't see it. Where did it go?

Probably to your Junk Folder. In an effort to curb the flood of Spam, many providers are installing email filters. These should be looking for keywords like "Buy Viagra" and messages in ALL CAPS. Of course, spammers will spell Viagra like V1agra, Vi-Ag-Ra etc to try to fool these filters. The result is that the providers make their filter tighter and tighter. Some of your email just ends up in the filter when it wasn't supposed to.

You have to let us through. All of the email that comes from Starlite will be from the domain That's where our system is hosted. Here's how to let Spectrum through. If this doesn't help, please contact John directly at

For Gmail:

  • Click the Create a filter link (next to the Search the Web button at the top of any Gmail page).
  • Type "" into the From field.
  • Click Next Step.
  • Check the box next to "Never send it to Spam". If you'd like to apply this filter to messages already in Gmail, select the box next to "Also apply filter to X conversations below".
  • Click Create Filter.

For Hotmail:

  • Click Options and then More Options.
  • Under Preventing junk email, click "Safe and blocked senders".
  • Click Safe senders.
  • Type "" and click Add to list.

For Outlook:

  • Click Actions, then click Junk E-mail, and then click Junk E-mail Options.
  • Click the Safe Senders tab.
  • Click Add and type "".
  • Click OK and then click Apply.

For Yahoo!Mail

  • Click the Options link in the upper right next to Help.
  • Click More Options.
  • Click Filters on the left and then click Add Filter.
  • Type "SpectrumData" as the Filter name.
  • Next to sender, select contains and enter "" in the second box.
  • Next to "Move to Folder", select Inbox.
  • Click Save Changes.



Please Note

Since Starlite Campers is a private organization, please do not call about services that are available to the general public. There are none. There are no public camping facilities for rent on a weekly or daily basis.


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