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Links not working?

Why won't the links work?

This web site, like many sites at, uses Javascript to open smaller windows. We do this so you don't have to keep hitting your Back key every time you want to return to the main page. For instance, in the calendar, clicking the little thing at the bottom of a date opens a little window. When you're finished, you just close that window. If we open a new, big window or use the same window, it can get confusing. Like this one. Do you hit Back when you're finished (yes, in this case), or do you close the window (is the back key disabled?).

Well, if your Javascript is disabled, you can't open these links. There might be a couple of reasons why you can't. Here's what to do.

Reason 1. Your browser has Javascript disabled. Check your browser's options. Be sure Javascript is enabled. If it is...

Reason 2. You're blocking Javascript. Nowdays, web sites have these stupid popups which we all hate. More and more of us are running "Ad Blockers" to stop them. Unfortunately, those annoying popups we detest use Javascript. The Ad Blockers block them by simply filtering out any Javascript. You can get around this. If your Ad Blocker allows you to customize a site (like Ad-Subtract), simply click on Filters and add to your filter. Uncheck everything so you don't block anything on our domain. It's safe since we have No Ads on any of our sites. If you can't customize, just stop your Ad Blocker when you're on a Spectrum site.

Try that, reload your main page and see if the links work. If not, please email me and I'll see what else we can do. Whatever you do, don't give up.

Remember: Javascript doesn't annoy people. People annoy people.
Please Note

Since Starlite Campers is a private organization, please do not call about services that are available to the general public. There are none. There are no public camping facilities for rent on a weekly or daily basis.


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