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What is this?

Our Mail List

A mailing list for Starlite Campers. You can send an email to the list. Our server will then send that email to every member of the list.

This mailing list is Not for commercial use. The first time someone spams the list, they will be removed forever.

Getting on and off the list is easy.

To subscribe, send an email to

On the first line of your message, put the following text:
SUBSCRIBE Starlite Campers
Click Here to Subscribe.  

That will subscribe you. If you decide you want to be removed, just send an email to the same address with  
UNSUBSCRIBE Starlite Campers as the first line
Click Here to Un-Subscribe.  

Once you have subscribed, you can email everyone on the list by sending a single email to:
Email the whole list.  

That's all there is to it.

Please Note

Since Starlite Campers is a private organization, please do not call about services that are available to the general public. There are none. There are no public camping facilities for rent on a weekly or daily basis.


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