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This page contains links to activities and news from the campground. Links in 2004 and earlier will open in a new browser window. When you are finished looking at them, just close that window.

Starting in 2005, the pages are better formatted and they will open in this same browser.

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Campground Events 2011 Information 2011

Beach Cleanup

Golf Cart Parade


Campground Events 2010 Information 2010

Camp Courage boat rides

Golf Cart Parade

The Internet Project

The Cookbook is back. Enter your favorite recipes


Campground Events 2006 Information 2006

Boat Rides

Marcy's 50th


Campground Events 2005 Information 2005

The Waterline is Finished!

July 4th

Kid's Day

Memorial Day Weekend

Cleanup Day

The Derby

Some Moving Moments

Roof Geese

Opening Weekend

Getting Ready 4/10/2005

Campground Inspection Feb 12


Campground Events 2004 Information 2004
Merry Christmas

The Last Weekend

Italian Night

Labor Day Prep/Games

Labor Day Hog Roast

Labor Day Dance

Harold's Beach Party Photos

Beach Party

The Water Line continues

Water Line

Kids' Day (I finally got Harold's photos up)

Vegas Night

Storm Damage in May

Harold's Beach Cleanup

Peg's Beach Cleanup

May Meeting

Opening Day

Campground Inspection Feb 14

Yes! Cooler Cups are still available. See Trish

Campground Events 2003 Information 2003

Merry Christmas


Betty & Ty

Helicopter Visit

Sunday Brunch

Howard's Chili Supper

Los Vegas Night

Annual Hog Roast

Beach Party

Peg's Beach Party Pics

Orange Day Cookout 8/2/2003

Kid's Day 7/20/2003

4th of July Parade

John & Christine's Awning
(Several people asked for a link)

Cooler Cups Still Available

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Please Note

Since Starlite Campers is a private organization, please do not call about services that are available to the general public. There are none. There are no public camping facilities for rent on a weekly or daily basis.


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